2 Easy Ways to Whiten Teeth in Photoshop CS6


Nothing seems to be a more prevalent request than to whiten one’s teeth in photographs. Be it wedding images, everyday shots, or anything in between – it’s very easy to make the necessary changes to the teeth in Photoshop CS6 to make them shine bright and stand out. We’ll look at two different methods to […]

How to Quickly Toggle Input Languages and Customize Spell Checker On Your Mac


One of the coolest aspects of the Mac is that it comes with a huge number of languages included by default. That means that you can run your Mac in almost every language out there. However, the advantages of having several languages on your Mac is not limited to that. In fact, this variety also […]

Vox: A Small but Powerful Free Music Player for Mac


While iTunes is definitely a great music player, a lot of Mac users simply can’t deal with it due to one or another reason. Be it its interface or its lack of certain features, there is no denying that iTunes is far from perfect. So, when a capable Mac music player hits the market that […]

Top 3 Free Android Video Player Apps


Just about every Android phone, tablet or set-top box comes with a pre-packaged media player that can handle basic music and video needs. So why ever bother with a 3rd party video player app? While generic players handle the most common formats, they often don’t support XVID, DIVX, and other formats that many of us […]

Create Full HTML Signatures in Gmail with Blank Canvas Signatures


Email signatures generally serve as a way to end a conversation with a nice greeting or closure. If you are sending out many emails throughout the day, it’s best to set up a signature to automatically provide this snippet of a message to save time and keep uniformity. Most email clients, however, only provide plain […]

Splyce Review: A Unique iPhone Music Mixing App To Light Up Your Party


Nowadays, with the widespread adoption of the iPhone and other smartphones, it is not uncommon to see speakers and sound systems completely centered around iOS devices. You just plug your iPhone to any of them, hit the play button and your phone can provide music to your entire home. This is nothing new of course, […]

Top 10 Things About Moto X, Google’s New Flagship Android Phone


Earlier this week, Motorola (read Google) finally took the wraps off the much-hyped Moto X, with plans to release the device solely in Latin America, Canada and the United States. For those in the States, the phone is expected to hit stores later this month. Before you rush out to get the Moto X, I’m […]

EagleGet: Fast, Free Download Accelerator and File Grabber for Every Browser


If you use multiple browsers, and use them to download stuff often, then you’d agree that you could be better off using a centralized download manager that, while accelerating your downloads, would also help you organize the downloaded files more efficiently. The tool we’re going to talk about today is called EagleGet and it can […]

The Basics of iWork Keynote for MS PowerPoint Users


Of all the productivity applications that Apple provides with its iWork suite of apps, Keynote is by far the best one. Not because it is offers more than Pages or Numbers, but mostly because, while Pages and Numbers still lack in some respects when compared to Word and Excel respectively, Keynote easily surpasses MS PowerPoint […]

3 Tips to Master Numbers On Mac With a Few Clicks


If you follow Guiding Tech regularly, you might have stumbled upon a few tutorials dedicated to Apple’s iWork applications, like our Pages’ basics article or our introduction to Numbers, Apple’s excellent alternative to Excel. This time, we keep taking a look at the Numbers spreadsheet app and explore a few great tips for it that […]

How to Easily Get Back Closed Tabs (Manually or Otherwise) on Chrome


The advent of tabbed browsing a few years ago made research on the internet simpler, and yet, cumbersome. Simpler because you can have multiple browser tabs open in the same window. Cumbersome because they hog memory (especially in Chrome) and if you were to lose them accidentally (hardly uncommon), frustration awaits you. If you find […]

2 Foolproof Ways to Back Up Data from Your Digital PS Vita Games


Perhaps one of the most confusing aspects of the PS Vita for new owners that own several games digitally is that when they delete those digital copies of their games, they can also lose all their progress if they are not careful. Thankfully, there are a couple ways to back up your save game data […]

How To Improve the Security On Your Apple Devices


One of the greatest advantages of being the owner of an Apple device is how secure they can be. However, despite the low incidence of security issues on Apple devices, there are always additional precautions we can take to safeguard the information we have on them. Here are a few tips on how to do […]

4 Interesting (and Free) Online Tools for Writers


If you have ever done more than just a bit of writing in front of your computer, then you know how valuable it can be to use the best writing tools. However, oftentimes these tools can be either hard to find or too expensive, which is why we are here today with a pretty interesting […]