How to Connect and Transfer Files to iOS Device Over Wi-Fi as a Root User


In the past we have seen various tricks using which a user can transfer files to iPod as a root user. Using these tricks one can copy music, videos and other files without even using iTunes. However, to make the initial connection between the devices, one had to use USB cable. Improving the trick today, […]

3 Finder Tips to Improve (or Restrict) Search on Your Mac


Sometimes, there are tasks on our Macs that we take for granted just because they are relatively easy to perform. However, in many cases even the simplest of tasks can be simplified even further. Searching for files and folders on our Macs is the perfect example of this, since it usually takes just a few […]

Automagic is a Great Alternative to Tasker for Android


People say that Tasker is one the best apps ever built for Android, and I always wanted to review it for my readers on Guiding Tech. For those who don’t know, Tasker is an app for Android that is used to automate various events based on user-created triggers and conditions. However, it seemed too complex […]

2 Android Apps to Automatically Lower or Increase Ringtone Volume


Few things are more irritating (and embarrassing) than the loud ringtone of your phone breaking the silence or interrupting the seriousness of places or situations that demand that such a disturbance doesn’t occur. The easy solution is to put your phone on silent when needed. The hard part is remembering to do that. As a […]

3 Useful Tips For a Better iMessage Experience


Without a doubt, iMessage is one of the most convenient services that we have on our iPhone, iPod or iPod Touch. However, the app and some of its default settings are not perfect and can even be annoying at times. Being alerted more than once for the same message, not being able to send more […]

3 Best iOS Alarm Clock Apps (Both Free and Paid)

Alarm clock apps

As we have mentioned before, if there’s one aspect where Apple’s App Store excels, it is in its variety. So it should come as no surprise that when it comes to alarm clock apps for your iPhone or other iOS device, the number of these that you can find is just staggering. Of course, while […]

How To Use an Android Tablet as Extended Desktop for a Windows PC


According to a study, people who use extended desktop are 44% more productive than other users. Two displays better than one is what it says. I thought why not try it out on my Samsung tab and see if there’s any ounce of truth in the research. So, with the mindset to increase my productivity […]

How To Manually Backup or Relocate Your iTunes Library on Mac


At some point in time during the life of any Mac (or Windows PC) user, we are faced with one of these scenarios: Running out of space in our hard drives. Adding a second hard drive to our Macs. Changing Macs altogether. Wanting to backup all our important media. For any of these, changing the […]

SnapPea Review: An Android Management Tool for Windows


There are many Android management tools that are available to use these days but not all come with the qualities of being feature-rich as well as easy to use. Today we are going to have a look at yet another Windows Android management app called SnapPea, and see if it has the potential to stand […]

Sooner for iOS Review: A Different Approach to Task Management

Sooner review

If you are a frequent reader of the site, you will know that one of the kind of apps that I tend to rely a lot on are task managers. In fact, here I’ve covered some of which I consider the best that Apple’s App Store has to offer, as well as comparing others with […]

3 Small Menu Bar Apps That Can Make a Huge Difference on Your Mac

Mac Utilities Apps

While Macs (and all computers for that matter) share countless similarities in the way they work, each of us likes to use ours in our own, unique way, whether that means that we tweak little bits of it or completely personalize our computing experience. In any case, in order to get our Macs to perform […]

How to Run Multiple Instances of Skype on Windows


Many of us maintain different email accounts to cater to different setups; you might want one for personal and one for work. The same could apply to Skype, if that’s your main communication tool. You might want to keep one for family and other for business. And that would require you to run multiple instances […]

How to Backup and Read Your iPhone’s Messages on Windows and Mac

Backup Messages

Since the debut of iOS 5, iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad owners have been able to enjoy encrypted, free messages between them thanks to iMessage. However, being such an essential aspect of everyone’s lives (as much as email in some cases), it is important to know how to keep your messages safe and protected in […]

Create Your Own Free iPhone Ringtones With iTunes on Your Mac

Ringtones Post

One of the defining characteristics of the iPhone and other iOS devices is their ease use and how simple it is to manage your media on them. However, what Apple doesn’t tell you (although it is fairly easy to guess) is that the easiest media to manage right from your iPhone is the one you […]