Gmail 2.0 for iOS In-Depth Review: An Almost Good Enough Email App

Gmail iOS Review

Google just updated its Gmail app to provide a series of much-requested features, like the ability to sign into multiple Gmail accounts and a better integration with other Google services, all while giving it a completely revamped look that is cleaner and more minimal than ever. Let’s dive deep into the new Gmail iOS app […]

How to Apply Amazing Overlay Effects and Quick Fixes to Your Photos in Android


Have a look at these photos… Would you believe me when I say that all the editing and effects related job on the above photos was done on a 4” Android phone? If you believe it, I appreciate your optimism but for those of you who don’t, hang on. Wait till I talk about Pixlr […]

How to Set Up One or More Gmail Accounts on iPhone

Setting up Gmail iOS

Of all the online services that most of us have come to rely on for our digital lives, there is no doubt that Google and its several platforms are the most important ones. I personally don’t know about anyone who doesn’t use at least one or two Google products, including Google Drive, Google Reader and […]

How to Print First Row or Column on Every Excel Page


Whenever you are working with an Excel sheet, I am sure that the contents in it runs into multiple pages (when you print it that is). Now, since most such documents have a header row (which is the first row) it is always good to make it non-scrollable. That way the header row would always […]

10 Quick Ways to Access Chrome Settings (chrome:// URLs) to Work Faster


You’ll probably agree that there is nothing better than keyboard shortcuts to help you work quickly and efficiently with any application or tool. And when the tool is a browser, shortcuts work really great in managing and working with tabs. Not just that, there are more when it comes to browser settings and page shortcuts, […]

Mail vs Sparrow: The Two Best iOS Email Clients Face to Face

Mail Vs Sparrow 2

There is absolutely no doubt that Mail is one of the most important applications on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Yet, due to Apple’s strict policies regarding app submissions and to the difficulty that creating an email app implies, there were no worthy alternatives to the native email app for a while. Thankfully, with […]

Fotor: A Fresh, Picture-Perfect Online Photo Editor That Offers Unique Effects


There has been a renewed interest in photography lately. It could be because of advancements in digital cameras and camera-phones. It is definitely because of the social media revolution. Facebook is turning more into a photo-sharing medium, rather than a spot to plonk your latest whereabouts. Reflecting this popularity is the gut of photo-editing apps […]

Backup and Share App and Games’ Saved Data Online With Dropboxifier


Backing up and restoring files to and from a cloud service is something we know of and most of us are probably doing that as a part of their daily routine. A simple backup and restore is good enough for almost all the tasks, but today I will talk about a better way using which […]

3 Ways of Syncing Multiple Google Account Contacts With iPhone

Sync Google Contacts

If there is one aspect of our digital lives that has been around for as long as we have, it is our contact lists. In the past, with analog cell phones and old-style PDAs and address books, keeping our contacts updated and copying them from one place to another was a real pain. SIM cards […]

A Comparison of Google Docs (Drive) and Office Web Apps: Which One to Choose?


A comparison of Google Docs (Drive) and Microsoft Office Web Apps is a lot like comparing two different flavors of cupcakes. While both essentially fall in the same category of tools and can do the basic tasks quite efficiently, both have features unique to themselves. Also, just like you’d have your own reasons for liking […]

How to Watch and Download Movies and TV Shows on Android

TV Remote Control

With the advent of high definition, large screen smartphones and tablets, most of us are getting into the habit of watching movies and videos on the move. I personally believe that it’s a great way to utilize the spare time we have during a commute. I always download and transfer videos to my Android SD […]

How to Share Large Files on Gmail Using Google Drive


Recently, Gmail made a change in its message compose and reply/forward interface. When we showed you how to get it activated and use it, we also said that the change could be a trailer to something bigger that Google may have in store. Bang on target, there is one more change – Google Drive’s integration […]

How to Use the iPhone ( iOS 6 ) When the Hardware Buttons Don’t Work

Important Accessibility Features

One aspect of iOS that has quietly been improved over time but that has had a tremendous impact on the lives of several users with disabilities are its accessibility features. As the name states, these are features that make it much easier for users who might suffer from some kind of disability to use their […]

How to Get Mac Like Mission Control in Windows


I really appreciate the graphics and ease of accessibility on all the products from Apple and therefore I always look for ways to get similar features on my Windows PC. We have already covered articles on how to get Mac like Touchpad gestures and Launch Pad for Windows and today we will see how we […]