Top 5 Sports Games for Android


I am not a sports person when it comes to the real world. But when it comes to virtual gaming, I bet you can’t beat me in the sports I like to play. There must be many like me who can’t make it to the fields. So why not bring the fields to you while […]

Office 2013: How to Run a Program from a PowerPoint Presentation Directly


In the past we have shown you few tricks that can help you deliver presentations smartly. A few among them were how to integrate a website to a slide, how to insert YouTube videos and how to zoom in and out of slides in presentation mode. Today we are set to discover yet another trick […]

11 Excellent Little-Known Online Tools For College Students

iTunes U

If you are in college right now, then you know that few things can be as valuable as knowing about a great website that can make your upcoming tasks and assignments easier. However, the problem with these online tools is that they are all well too known and don’t bring anything new or original to […]

An Amazing App to Manage Files and Documents on iPhone and iPad


When the iPhone was first released, a lot of tech pundits dismissed it as a mere communications device with some internet capabilities that would never allow for “real” productivity. However, as the smartphone market exploded, mobile operating systems also grew in features and capabilities, and several tasks that just a couple of years ago would […]

How to Record the Screen Activity on iPhone or iPod as a Lag-free Video


There’s this cool Cydia tweak using which one can make a Harlem Shake video using the iOS app icons on the Springbaord. Yes, you read it right, using the “icons.” Here’s a video in which you can see how it looks. While getting the Harlem Shake on the device was a pretty easy task, none […]

Learn iOS Game Center Basics to Vastly Improve Your Gaming Experience

Game Center Basics

In the past few years, few things have truly exploded as much on the iPhone and other smartphones as gaming has. Casual gaming in particular has gained tremendous momentum, with games like games like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope leading the charge. There are also many genres within gaming that we have already covered, […]

3 Awesome Free iPhone Apps for Scanning Receipts and Documents


Let’s face it, whether we like it or not, an increasing number of aspects of our lives are becoming digital-only. Games, movies, music, books: All of those are available online and can be easily stored on most of our devices. So it only makes sense to also be able to have all of our physical […]

How to Transfer All Contacts from Android to iPhone and Vice Versa


When switching between one smartphone to another, almost all the data can be copied from one device to another by simply mounting them as mass storage device on a computer. However when it comes to contacts (the most important of all the data on your phone), things become a little tricky. Few days back, one […]

Clever Clues Review: A Challenging iPhone Vocabulary Builder


Personally, gaming on the iPhone is not an activity I put a lot of time into. For that, I use dedicated consoles or handhelds, since they offer far deeper, more involving experiences. That doesn’t mean that I don’t game on the iPhone occasionally, since this allows me to discover excellent games, like action RPGs and […]

2 Advanced File Search Techniques for Your Mac


Just a few days ago, we reviewed some very useful basic tips for improving file searching on your Mac using the Finder. This time, we’ll take a look at more advanced file searching tips that will allow you to harness the real power of your Mac’s searching capabilities through filters and the many ways in […]

3 Apps That Help You Learn How to Use Windows 8


Windows 8 is still a new thing. Though it has been in the market for a while, not everyone has had a feel of it. However, if you didn’t think it through and have already bought it only to find that the new UI experience isn’t turning out to be such a good experience after […]

3 Colorful and Stylish Weather Apps for iPhone


Depending on where you live, having accurate information about the weather can be absolutely essential. However, if you take a look at the App Store, you will find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of weather apps available there. Not only that, but you will also be hard pressed to find the best among them, […]

DaisyDisk: The Best, Most Intuitive App to Find Large Files on Your Mac’s Hard Drive


Without a doubt, one of the most important aspects to consider when it comes to keeping your Mac healthy and running smoothly is to give it proper maintenance. However, one of the chief maintenance tasks that our Macs require depend entirely on us, the owners: Keeping the space in your Macs’ hard drives organized and […]

5 Best Windows 8 Photo Editing Apps


Photography is one art. Photo editing is another. People possessing any one of those skills can come up with images you can’t look away from. Why do you think that model looks ten times more beautiful on the billboard? Great photo editing doesn’t always need an advanced tool like Photoshop. Photo editing tools have come […]