The Basics of iWork Pages for MS Word Users


For new Mac users, coming from Windows means that most likely their word processor of choice was the powerful MS Word. However, while Word is definitely the most popular and widely used word processor out there, Apple’s own Pages (part of the iWork suite of applications) is a great alternative that has a few, distinct […]

3 Useful Tips to Work With iCloud Efficiently on Mac


As many long-time Mac users can attest, one of the most drastic changes to Mac OS X in recent times was the introduction of iCloud and its incorporation into several core functions of some native Mac applications. Now, while this inclusion of iCloud into Mac OS X comes with a few pros and cons, the […]

4 Little Known PS Vita Tips That Will Improve Your Gaming in Seconds


As almost every PS Vita owner can attest, Sony’s portable is a beautiful gaming machine. However, while all owners enjoy gaming on it, the vast majority of them don’t know that the PS Vita can perform a series of neat tricks to make our gaming experience even better. Let’s take a look at a few […]

How to Find the Password of Your Wi-Fi Network in Mac OS X


One of the best things about being an internet entrepreneur and running a blog (the one you’re reading) for a living is that I can work from almost any place that has internet, or more precisely, a Wi-Fi network I can connect to. This liberty has had me hopping from one coffee shop to another, […]

3 Great Mac Calendar Tips For a Better Experience


If you have a Mac, then the Calendar app might be one of your most-used applications. However, most users (like me for example) don’t know that there are a few more things that you can do with it to make your event scheduling a lot easier. Here are some of them. 1. Open Files for […]

How to Choose the Disk Format While Formatting an External Drive on Mac


For Mac owners, one of the most annoying/inconvenient aspects of owning a Mac is the external drive compatibility. In many cases, we learn that the native format of external drives that work seamlessly with our Macs simply won’t work (or will just work in some limited form) with Windows PCs and other devices (like your […]

IFTTT for iPhone Lets You Automate App-based Tasks on iOS


Of the several great online services to be found on the web, few are as useful as IFTTT. The service (which uses the “if this, then that” premise, hence its name) is based on creating “recipes”, which in turn are collections of “trigger” actions that help you perform tasks that are usually long or complex […]

How to Easily Download Facebook Videos On Android


In my usual aimless Facebook browsing session the other day I came across an extremely funny video that almost had me in fits of laughter. Now, this isn’t the first such shared video I was watching on Facebook. I come across many of these now and then. However, this particular video made me think about […] Review: Discover Relevant Information Through Context


Not too long ago, there was a saying that stated “Money makes the world go round”. However, with the advent of the web and breakthrough modern devices like smartphones, there has been a shift of relevance towards information as the most important thing that we can have access to instead. As a result of this […]

2 Mac Disk Utility Tips for Beginners and Advanced Users


In past entries, we have already mentioned some of the important things that the Disk Utility application can do for your Mac. This native Mac utility does not just serve for basic disk maintenance, though, it can also perform far more advanced tasks and improve your Mac’s performance as well. Let’s take a closer look […]

Top 3 Parenting Websites and Tools to Help New Parents

Online Tools for Parents

For most couples, parenting can be one of the most joyful times of their lives. However, this unique experience doesn’t come without its very own, unique challenges that parents are sometimes not ready for. Because of this, here we have gathered a list with some of the best, and most importantly free, online resources for […]

Top 3 Zip File Management Apps for iPhone


With the iPhone being the most portable computer some of us carry, it has become a convenient device to carry our most important files and documents too. Now, thanks to a series of third-party apps, it is also a great tool to view and store those files. That’s why in this entry, we will take […]

Top 3 Cleaner Apps For Android Phones and Tablets


Our computers and smartphones are nothing but machines at the end of the day. And a machine needs to be maintained properly if you intend to get the most out of it and prolong its life. That involves caring for and protecting the hardware, and cleaning up the operating system from time to time to […]

How To Create An Animated GIF Using Photoshop


Animated GIFs are perhaps some of the most entertaining and used files across the web. They can be used equally to have fun or to drive a point home in a fast and didactic way without taking much space on a website. However, while seemingly complex, GIFs are actually not that hard to create. In […]