How to Enable Guest Browsing Mode With Shortcut in Google Chrome


The Chrome browser has a way to add different user profiles. This enables an easy switch between one set of history records, cookies, and bookmarks to another. One pre-made user account is for guests in specific. The guest account keeps no record of history or other personal data. Whether you’re looking for a completely incognito […]

2 Useful OneNote Integration Extensions For Better Productivity


Microsoft’s OneNote is an interesting and feature-rich note-taking application from the Redmond giant. You can draw on the page, insert images and files, and paste text and links among other things. While it’s very robust, it can still take up useful time if you’re not automating some of these tasks. We’ll be looking at two methods […]

Time Planner & Begin: 2 Unique and Effective Free Task Managers for iPhone


Task managers used to be something pretty straightforward in the past. However, since smartphones and tablets became a thing, you can find a simply astounding variety of them, each with its own unique approach to how you should manage your everyday tasks. In past entries we have already mentioned a couple of them, including Apple’s […]

3 Mac Spotlight Tips to Use it More Easily and Efficiently

Spotlight Tips

For Mac users Spotlight is easily one of the most useful tools that we can have at our disposal. Ever since its inclusion in 2005, this blend of search and launcher has become indispensable. So much so in fact, that there are other apps for the Mac that try to replace it, and it is […]

How To Upgrade Router Firmware (DD-WRT)


Firmware upgrades can provide tons of new features and improvements to a router’s default setup. Whether it be scheduled reboots, MAC filtering, URL blocking, or port forwarding, some routers don’t provide some of these seemingly basic features. Other times, advanced features are only available with a third party firmware upgrade. We’re going to look at […]

3 Very Useful Tips for the Maps App in OS X Mavericks

Mac Maps Tips

While we have been enjoying different maps applications on smartphones for a while now, Apple only recently integrated it own Maps app on OS X Mavericks allowing users to have native-level access to maps right on their Macs. But there’s a lot more that you can use Maps for in Mavericks than just looking up directions. […]

SwiftSearch vs Everything vs FileSeek – Which is the Best Windows File Search Tool?


The default Windows search, to me, is slow and not usually perfect. We’ve gathered three great programs that can be used as a replacement, each offering their own set of unique features. We’ll begin with SwiftSearch, which is undoubtedly faster than any other search program I’ve used – it’s great if you need to find […]

Onyx: Learn the Basic Operations Of This Excellent Mac Maintenance Tool


Keeping a Mac tuned up tends to be a fairly easy task. However, even though Macs are far more reliable in this respect than Windows PCs, they still tend to start behaving weirdly from time to time. Some common symptoms of your Mac not performing OK are: – Weird occasional error messages. – Some apps […]

Sphere: Quickly Create and Share Location Panoramas on iOS


One of the nicest aspects of the iPhone’s camera (and every other smartphone’s for that matter) is that it is there with you whenever you need it. Because of this, we have seen the iPhone’s camera improve substantially with every iteration, and as a result, the amount and variety of camera apps available on the […]

How to Make the Most of Reminders On Your Mac


In past entries, we have shown you a few interesting options for managing your tasks on your iPhone or other iOS device. However, the Mac has its own application to do that, called Reminders which, depending on your usage, can be a tremendously capable application. So if you use Reminders on your Mac regularly, read […]

How To Send and Receive Bitmessage Email From a Web Client


We recently posted a guide to using Bitmessage as a Windows or Mac application to send secure, anonymous text to any other Bitmessage address. While simple text can be sent with that method, is an online email client that utilizes the same anonymous address, but can be used from any browser to send formatted […]

2 Driver Update Programs For Windows That Actually Work


Drivers are needed for hardware and software to communicate. If you’ve installed new hardware recently, but your computer hasn’t “found” it, it’s likely due to a missing driver. Maybe you already have a driver but it’s causing system lockups, blue screen errors, and other performance issues. To save yourself from possible loss of work, and […]

How to Create Custom Mac Touchpad Gestures With Better Touch Tools


There are certain utilities that make you wonder after you’ve first used them that how you could have lived without them for so long. In past entries we have discussed a few of them, like Clip Menu or DeskConnect for example. This time we take a look at another one of these indispensable tools if […]

SlideStory: Create Gorgeous Half-Minute Slideshow Movies On Your iPhone


Slideshows are always a great way to present projects and ideas. In fact, with applications like Keynote (of which we wrote in this entry and this one) you are able to create the best slideshows with relative ease. There are many other uses for slideshows though, and with SlideStory for iPhone, the app’s developers bring […]