How to Change the Computer Name for a Local or Remote PC


A computer name is normally valued for the purposes of identifying who uses the computer or where it’s located. One may use the name Laptop to differentiate between another on a network called Desktop. Similarly, if an entire family or company is on the same network, using their name or department is a common practice. […]

How to Securely Delete Mac’s Free Hard Drive Space


After reading that title, you must be asking yourself: How will I delete hard drive space that is already ‘free’? Well, you might not know this, but once you delete any file from your Mac the usual way, the file actually remains there, only that it is no longer usable by your Mac. Then, when […]

How To Do Batch Image Processing In Photoshop


In past entries, we have shown you how useful Photoshop can be when working with image files. However, this image editing application offers much more. For example, did you know that by using a feature called ‘batch image processing’ you can edit several images at once? Batch image processing in Photoshop is based on recording […]

How to Completely Remove Private Data With Privazer


We’re all worried about privacy. Be it while surfing the web on browsers, when using Facebook, or when we’re on our mobile phones. Traces of private information can linger around indefinitely if it’s not manually removed. There are many tools out there that clear passwords and other private data but another issue arises apart from […]

How to Use As a Free Mail Server for Your Domain

Every website needs an email address. Whether for contact purposes or just as a professional and “official” address associated with the domain. Or maybe you have contributors to your site that would like to have a personal contact address. No matter what the intent, offers a free solution. You can make many email accounts […]

How To Create Nested Folders and Place Apps Within Them on iOS 7


Imagine being able to have all your hundreds (or thousands in some cases) of iPhone apps well organized and hidden without taking any space on your home screens at all. iOS 7 allows this to some degree, but you still have to have separate folders for all the groups of apps. With iOS 7, though, […]

How To Automatically Extract ZIP Files After Downloading


ZIP files are necessary for combining multiple files together into one downloadable file. You can get many files in one lump while also compressing the file to allow for a quicker download. This has become a necessary method of downloading portable files for USB or other uses. While it’s necessary to unzip these files with […]

How to Put Your Mac To Sleep With an Email and Disable Mail Previews

Mail Tricks

There is no denying that on OS X, Mail is easily one of the most useful apps for downloading, reading and working with your email on a day-to-day basis. However, as useful as you might consider the native mail application, there is actually a lot more that you can do with it by only knowing […]

5 Free Sites to Send Large Files Easily, No Sign Up Needed


File transfer services are necessary when email can no longer serve as as a sharing medium. Most email servers limit attachment sizes to under 10 or 20 MB, making transferring lots of files at once impossible. Fortunately, there are plenty of services available as a substitute. Some of these services are only available for paid […]

How to Import, Export and Backup MS Outlook Email Rules


Those who use MS Outlook as their desktop email client must have also learned that Rules and Alerts play an important role in structuring and organizing your inboxes. The feature lets you create actions that are applied to incoming messages. And, based on matching conditions they can be moved to specified folders, replied to automatically […]

3 Useful New Features Of iTunes 11.1 (Including iTunes Radio)


We all know how it goes: New version of iOS, new version of iTunes to go with it. Usually, these new versions of iTunes bring nothing of note. However, this time iTunes 11.1 comes packed with a series of unique features that can finally change your mind if you haven’t been using it as your […]

2 Ways to Prevent Writing Data to USB Drives


It’s important to protect ourselves from viruses and other harmful software exploits. A common pipeline malware uses is USB drives. We may plug these in day after day, moving from computer to computer without knowing a worm is also travelling with us. An easy way to avoid this would be to scan your drive every […]

How to Create Rules Based on Email Subjects in Outlook 2013


Do you use MS Outlook as a desktop email client? And, do you use it only for the purpose of sending and receiving emails? Did you know you could put it to other uses like organizing to-do lists and reminder for tasks? Well, I do a lot more with mine. I use it as an […]

5 Awesome and Relatively Unknown iOS 7 Settings


With the release of iOS 7, Apple introduced several major changes to their mobile operating system (some of which are detailed here). However, along with these, there are also several new settings and features that never make it to Apple’s website or release notes and that can be very useful. In this post, we’ll discuss […]