MediaMonkey App for Windows 8 Review: Awesome Media Player For Windows 8 RT


As you might know, MediaMonkey is one of the best media managers available for desktop and a few days back its developers rolled out an app for the Windows 8 modern interface. Windows 8 RT community really needed a media player which is feature-rich and at the same time not complicated in accessibility. The default […]

4 Ways to Vastly Improve Internet Browsing On Your PS3

PS3 Browser

While the PS3 is designed mainly as a gaming machine, it doesn’t mean that it can’t perform other tasks quite capably as well, with web browsing being one of the most interesting of them. That said, without knowing much about how your PS3 web browser works, your browsing experience on your gaming machine can end […]

How to Instantly Launch Apps and Settings on Android Using Gestures


Laptops with touchpads and phones with touch-screens have been around for many years, even before iPhone triggered the smartphone revolution. But they lacked gestures; using more than just your index finger on the screen/touchpad, and using them for more than just a left or right-click is what gestures are all about. It’s almost like drawing […]

21 Important Keyboard Shortcuts for Text on Mac

Keyboard Shortcuts for Text

Work a lot with text on your Mac? If so, you must have found our previous post about keyboard shortcuts useful for your day-to-day workflow. This time though, instead of showing you general shortcuts, we’ll focus specifically on those that come in very handy when working with text files. Although some of these are elementary, […]

3 Best Launchers for Android Tablets

Android tablet launchers

There is no dearth of custom app launchers for Android and each has its set of merits and demerits. Like the TouchWiz launcher I was using on my Samsung Note 10.1, which was otherwise pretty cool, kept troubling me with app sorting. If you have used TouchWiz you might have noticed that there is no […]

Search, Create and Edit Notes With Siri on Your iOS Device

Notes and Siri

By now everybody knows Siri can be a very funny, interesting and helpful way to interact with their iPhones and other iOS devices. However, despite knowing this, very few people actually use Siri to its full potential. We’ve already shown you a few tips about how to use Siri in various ways and how to […]

9 Must-Know About Pages For Firefox Users


Among all browsers, I love using Mozilla Firefox the most. The reason is straightforward – it gives me a lot of flexibility to customize things the way I like them. Of course, it being not as bad a resource hog as Chrome (in my experience of using both) also helps. If you are a power […]

How to Remove DRM on Kindle eBooks Using Calibre


DRM (Digital Rights Management) is a usually polarizing topic. Some call it a necessary evil because it protects the rights of the copyright holder, while others term it a big hassle for the consumer who doesn’t deserve that when he has already paid for the product. The downside of DRM hit me when I bought […]

2 Best Physics-based iOS Games You Have Never Heard About

iPhone Physics Games

There is no doubt that physics-based games are all the rage on iOS. However, not everything out there is Angry Birds or Cut the Rope. There are many excellent games in the App Store that make great use of physics but that are (sadly) underrated and overlooked by most gamers. Here we take a look […]

How to Download Android APK files to Windows PC Directly


As an Android user, you might have wondered if there was any way you could download the APK files from the Google Play Store on your computer rather than installing them directly on the device. Well if you did wish for it, today is your lucky day. We are going to check out a simple […]

How to Convert PDFs to Excel, Word or Office Files to PDF on iOS

Office and PDF

If there is any proof that tablets and smartphones are really starting to replace computers in our lives, it can be found in the many tasks that we used to consider complicated before and that can now be done with relative ease and from almost every device. The iPhone (or iOS) is no exception of […]

How to Disable App Switch List Hot Corner on Windows 8


Some people love the concept of hot corners on Windows 8. It is indeed a quick way to switch between running apps, open the power menu or the charm bar. While it is quick and promising, when we say “some” people, we mean that it’s not a favorite of every Windows 8 user. Myself included. […]

Getting Rid of Duplicate Contacts (and Merging Them) on iPhone

Duplicate Contacts iPhone

Duplicate contacts are not that much of an issue if you own an iPhone for the first time and you enter your contacts one by one. However, if you are migrating from other smartphones (even from another iPhone) or just recently switched from syncing via iTunes to doing it via iCloud, then you might be […]

SS-TheftSpy is the Best Anti-Theft App for Android Ever


If by any chance you’ve been under the impression that mobile phone thefts are a rarity, let me tell you that around $7 million worth of smartphones are lost every day. Yes, “every day.” There are many anti-theft apps available for Android to reduce the toll and we have already covered one of them – […]