iOS Music App vs Track 8: Two Radically Different Music Players for iPhone Compared


Music is, for a lot of users, perhaps one of the most important aspects of their smartphones. On the iPhone this is no exception, and in fact, the iPod aspect of the iPhone was the very first feature to be demoed by Steve Jobs when the iPhone was revealed in 2007. Since then, the native […]

How to Manage Family Safety Settings for Windows 8 Online


If you are a parent, let us begin by mentioning that we’ve already covered the steps to enable parental controls on Windows 7 and Windows 8. It’s easy to set it up, and change the settings whenever you need to. But the latter requires you to do it on the same computer. What if you […]

Useful Tips and Some Basics About Notification Center On Mountain Lion


Perhaps one of the smartest choices that Apple could have made with the latest version of OS X was to bring the much-lauded Notification Center feature to it from iOS. In OS X Mountain Lion, Notification Center works as a panel on the right side of the screen that displays multiple notifications for different services, […]

iCab vs Chrome for iOS: Can the Best Paid iOS Browser Compete Against Google’s Free Offering?


Ever since Chrome was released for iOS devices, it has gained a lot of popularity and has been adopted by a huge number of iPhone, iPod and iPad owners who also use it on their desktop or laptop computers. This fast adoption though, has taken the spotlight away from other very capable web browsers out […]

How To Enable, Use and Make the Most of Dictation on OS X


One of the least-known features in the most recent release of OS X, Mountain Lion, is without a doubt the newly-revamped dictation tool. Of course, nowadays there is an abundance of dictation apps for the iPhone and other smartphones, and even for the Mac there have always been a couple of solid third-party applications. Still, […]

YouTube and Jasmine: iPhone YouTube Apps Compared


As you surely know, YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing website out there, with its popularity only increasing even more with the arrival of mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad. Naturally, after Apple excised the native YouTube app from iOS, the healthy app ecosystem of the App Store started brimming […]

How to Integrate Dropbox With Yahoo Mail to Send Large Files as Attachments


We have already seen how Google integrated Google Drive with Gmail and Microsoft integrated SkyDrive with Outlook Mail to help you send out attachments that have sizes beyond what email services can send by default (usually 25 MB). Yahoo Mail, though continues to be the biggest free email service, has always been somewhat of a […]

2 Great iOS Apps for Sending Cards That You Can Use This Mother’s Day


Mother’s day is on this Sunday, which means most of us will have to make some preparations to make sure she has the best day possible. Sometimes though, all it takes is a tiny little detail to light up her day. So, if for some reason you are not able to make any preparations or […]

Top 3 Free Camera Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)


As the cameras on the iPhone (and iOS devices like iPad) and other smartphones have improved substantially over the years, a lot of people have started to use them as they main point and shoot (here are a few tips for some great shots if you phone camera is your main one as well). Apple […]

How to Start, Stop and Analyze Services Using Windows 8 Task Manager


When we introduced you to Windows 8 task manager we showed how it is more than just a task manager and is more powerful than the ones we have used on previous versions of Windows. It was then that we also mentioned you could manage Services using the same. The task manager in Windows 7 […]

Twitter vs Tweetbot: Two Popular iOS Twitter Apps Compared

Tweetbot vs Twitter

There is no doubt that Twitter in itself is a phenomenon. However, with the ease of access that mobile devices bring, it has truly exploded to become an entirely new way of communicating. As a result of this, Apple decided to embed Twitter in iOS, making it an essential part of the mobile operating system […]

How to Quickly Do Calculations Using Paste Special on MS Excel


MS Excel isn’t just about maintaining data in an organized row and column fashion. It’s real power lies in data manipulation. Let me share an example. I stay in a rented apartment with 4 other friends. We maintain certain monthly expenses on an Excel sheet so that we can divide an equal share at the […]

2 Little-Known iTunes Tips to Make it Work Better For You

iTunes Tips

For most Mac owners, iTunes is their de-facto music player and syncing hub. However, it is quite surprising that a lot of Mac users don’t know how to make the most of Apple’s media player, something that didn’t change much after the anticipated release of iTunes 11. Today, let’s take a look at a couple […]

Choose What Starts Automatically on Windows 8 Skype App


We recently told you about Windows 8 Skype app permissions while detailing out the process to manage them. Well, today it is time to understand and make yourself aware of another layer of settings. We are going to talk about the application’s behavior to automatically receive incoming calls or activate incoming screen and video share. […]