The Best Way To Download Any Kind Of File in iOS


iOS is a closed system. Every app runs in its own silo’d environment. Apps can’t access file management features. You’ve heard it all before. While all that makes iOS more secure and faster than platforms like Android, it also makes it limited in certain peculiar ways. Take downloading a file for instance. You’d go to […]

How to Take Smarter Photos on Android With Camera51


Thanks to smartphones, almost all of us have turned photographers these days. Wherever we go, we just don’t miss out on taking a photo. Be it a selfie or a portrait, everything looks good with the powerful lenses we have on our phones. Still, that’s not enough; we have apps like Instagram and Snapseed that can do […]

Top 4 Weather Widgets For iOS 8 (and How to Enable Them)


Notification Center widgets on iOS 8 are mighty useful (the same goes for extensions). They allow you to quickly jump to a section of an app or provide information at a glance that you’d normally have to open the app for. Weather makes for a great Notification Center widget. In fact, Apple provides you with weather […]

How to Set Swipe Gesture Actions for External Links on Android


A few days back we talked about an amazing Android application called Flynx, with which we could open any external link on a floating pop-up browser. The app is awesome and I would really recommend it for everyone out there. However, while opening a link yesterday, I realized that I didn’t want to open it […]

How To Create App-Specific Passwords For Your Apple ID


Some time ago, Apple decided to enhance its security measures to provide users with a safer experience, especially if your Apple device gets stolen and/or someone wants to use your Apple ID. For this, they created the two-step verification process that requires an additional check every time you or someone needs to access your Apple ID account […]

7 Cool Airdroid Features That Make it a Must-Have App


Android doesn’t have a default desktop management app like iTunes for iOS. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. Looking at what iTunes has become, I’m sure leaning towards the former. Android is open and free. There are many ways to sync files between PC and Android. You can even do it natively […]

10 Changes in Windows 10 Every PC User Should Know About

Windows 10

Windows 10 is available as a Technical Preview for anyone bold enough to install it. Strictly speaking, it’s in the early stages of a beta release but if it strikes your fancy, try installing it on a separate partition or as a virtual machine. Before you do that, let’s talk about what Windows 10 is […]

How To Export Your LinkedIn Account Data

Archive LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn is an important tool in many people’s professional life, having a backup of the data in that account for safekeeping is a must. Fortunately, you don’t have to work too hard to get the archive of all of your LinkedIn data; the social network now provides the service and it’s quite easy to […]

How to Stream Movies And TV Shows From PC or Mac To iPad


iPad makes for a great productivity tool once you add a keyboard, but the iPad’s form factor makes it a great media consumption machine as well. This can mean YouTube videos, Netflix, video discovery apps, or streaming the hundreds or thousands of movies and TV shows from your PC/Mac. When we come to the last […]

How to Sync Files and Folders in Real-Time between Android and Windows


Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could sync all your important files from your computer to your Android and vice versa in real-time without any limitations? Well, it certainly would be awesome, and perhaps it’s even possible. We have already seen a dedicated app for Android called Cheetha Sync, which could help, but there were many […]

How to Transfer Games To Your Hacked PS Vita Even If It Runs Older Firmware Versions

PS Vita Tranfer Games Main

If you own a PS Vita and have it hacked in order to run other games and emulators, then you know that the moment you update your Vita’s firmware, all the hacks and emulators you have on it will be lost. Related: If you’d like to know more, make sure you check out this great guide […]

How to Host a Folder as an FTP Server on Windows


We use shared systems in my office and there’s no guarantee where one might have to log in at the beginning of the day. While it’s not every day when one might have to use a different computer, once it happens, transferring all the data from one computer to another is a deal breaker, and using […]

How To Delete Images And Manage Storage In iOS 8 Messages


iOS 8’s Messages app saw a big overhaul. It integrated features from many third party apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat. Group chats are now easier to deal with. There’s a do not disturb button, and sharing images or your location is finally easy. But if you’re a heavy iMessages user, you can fill up your […]

How To Hide Photos And Files On iPhone


We’ve featured many apps for hiding, protecting, and encrypting data on Android. But it’s different when it comes to the iPhone. iOS doesn’t allow users access to the file system. This means apps can’t modify the files to hide or encrypt them. On the flip side, iOS has app specific storage. That means files stored in one […]