Start for Android: A Cool Custom Lockscreen App for Android


The Play Store has tons of custom lockscreen apps, and yet I haven’t taken up any of them so far in my articles here at Guiding Tech. The reason isn’t neglect; there are hardly any good ones among them that are worth replacing your default lockscreen with. ¬†However, the same can’t be said for Start. […]

Storehouse And Exposure: Create Beautiful Photo Stories With These 2 Apps


Flickr was the service that revolutionized the way we shared photos over the web. It allowed photographers to share their creativity across the internet without compromising the quality. Since then many other services have tried to get a piece of the photography pie, be it 500px or VSCOCam. And lately more and more casual users […]

The Best Ways to Customize Your Mac’s Menu bar

obstanion menu

Compared to Windows, the theming scope in Mac is really limited. Apple’s walled garden does not provide you the same level of freedom as Windows does. That of course comes with its own set of benefits. Your Mac is far less likely to get infected with viruses and a lot of Mac apps are superior […]

Threes: A Simple and Addictive Grid-based Math Puzzle for iOS


Let’s be honest. One of the most dangerous things about trying new games every now and then on the iPhone or other iOS devices is that you risk finding something cheap and addictive that can seriously take away from your free time. And the fact that in most cases these games can be played using […]

How to Create Your Own Media Server on Mac or iOS With Plex


On the web there are plenty of services for organizing your media, but every now and then one pops up that really goes the extra mile to provide a better experience. This is the case with Plex, which allows you to create your own ‘server’ using your Mac or iOS device to stream your media […]

How to Change Your Android Lock PIN Automatically With TimePIN


Android offers a number of security options for the user, like pattern, pin, password and even the worthless¬†face unlock. However, once we set these passwords, we rarely change them. But according to experts, the safest practice is to keep changing your passwords regularly. The often you change your password, the more secured your account is. […]

Want Flappy Bird Back? Here are Alternatives and Tips to Keep the Magic Alive

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird was a rare phenomenon in the modern mobile app world. It shot to fame 7 months after its release, thanks to angry people on the internet venting about this frustratingly difficult game. And just like that everyone was part of it. But the popularity was a bit too much for the indie developer […]

PrinterShare Review: Probably the Best Printing App for Android


Setting up an iPhone to print wirelessly from my computer which doesn’t have Google Cloud Print support, was a cakewalk. The iPhone has a built-in support for wireless printing (see the screenshots below) and one can directly share a document with the installed printer plugin to move over a print command to the home wireless […]

Top 10 Apps, Plugins and Tricks To Save Anything In Evernote


Evernote is one of the biggest note taking tools available for any platform you might be using. It’s probably the most popular too. Evernote is used by a variety of people in different professions. Be it writers, researchers, lawyers or doctors. Adding and managing content are the two biggest parts of using Evernote. In this […]

GT Explains: What is the Difference Between LED, LCD and Plasma TVs and Which One to Buy?


There was a time when buying a TV was easy. Your favorite brand just sold one kind of TV and all you had to do was walk into a store and empty your pockets. Those times only make for good anecdotes now. Today, buying a TV means choosing from a plethora of brands and, more […]

Sunrise and Uptime: 2 Free iPhone Calendar Alternatives for Basic Users


Calendars for the iPhone come in all shapes and forms. There are elegant ones, unique ones and even multipurpose ones. But you don’t have to go for one of these extremes, especially if all you want is a simple calendar that gets the job done without costing much. That’s why in this entry we take […]

How to Print from Android Using Wi-Fi or the Internet


Last week my brother-in-law bought a new Cannon Pixima Wireless printer for his home use and I was the guy he called up to help him do the setup. That’s what happens when you have someone in the family who writes for a popular tech blog and charges only a cup of coffee for al […]

Turn Chrome into a Fully Loaded YouTube Music Player with Streamus


Few days ago we discussed two Android apps using which you can directly stream the audio bit of YouTube videos on your Android device. The apps discard the videos and only stream the audio files from the server, thus saving the bandwidth if it’s just the music the user is interested in. But why should […]

The Best Android Xposed Framework Modules (GravityBox and Others)

Pie Controls

Previously we talked about what Xposed Framework is and how you can install Modules to enhance your Android phone’s functionality. Well, today we are going to recommend you the best Modules you should try and cover all the amazing changes you can make with it. It’s mainly about GravityBox and the things it is capable […]