How to Install Swype Keyboard on iPhone and Other iOS Devices


One thing about Android that I always used to miss on my iPod was lack of Swype keyboard. For those of you who don’t know what Swype keyboard is, here’s a little detail before we begin: Swype is a keyboard for smartphone devices that works on gesture and pattern recognition. So instead of conventional touch […]

How to Change the Default Email Account for Microsoft Notifications in Windows 8


Lately, Microsoft has made it a point that you register to a Microsoft or Outlook account if you are using any of its services or products. You are compelled to do that in the latest releases like Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, MS Office 2013, Office 365 and many more. Now, you must have noticed […]

Doo for Mac Review: A Simple, Powerful Approach to Document Management

Doo Review

Document management continues to be one of the the holy grails of the modern tech world, and every major tech company seems to have a different solution for it. Apple’s iCloud, with its simple yet inaccessible approach completely forgoes the file structure. Then we have Google with Google Drive and its “share with everyone” approach […]

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android


It baffles me that even in this smartphone era with powerful mobile operating systems, managing contacts (and their safety) on a phone remains almost as cumbersome as it was back in the days when they were stored in SIM cards. I sometimes think having a phonebook like you see in the picture here was so […]

How to Control Sync and Notifications for Email Accounts on Windows 8 Mail App


Using multiple email accounts is far from uncommon these days. Not all of them are necessarily important but you still need to check them now and then, and deal with the incoming mails. The phrase to note here is ‘now and then.’ Right, not all the time. May be only the main one all the […]

12 Must-Know Tricks for Windows Phone 8 Users


Windows Phone 8 is good. It is clean and simple, and has most of what a smartphone user wants. Of course, there are few things that need to improve and we are sure Microsoft will only make it better with time. Continuing our series of posts on the software, we are going to put forth […]

How to Browse Web and Watch YouTube Videos on Floating Windows on Android


Android smartphones and tablets are now staggeringly powerful and can easily cope up with multi-tasking. Samsung has used the potential of these devices and introduced various floating apps on its new range of Android devices. On these devices one can seamlessly use these floating apps in parallel on top of other apps to increase workflow. […]

15 Most Unique Sites to Find the Best Free Kindle Ebooks

Free Kindle Ebooks

The Kindle is without a doubt one of the most original and innovative devices to hit tech in the past years. Of course, it might not be as advanced or as capable as current smartphones or tablets, but it doesn’t have to be. The only thing it needs to be successful is to make it […]

How to Merge or Link Contacts on Windows 8 People App


Till date I have always relied on my desktop email client, MS Outlook, to manage my contact information on my computer. But with Windows 8 I got a chance to switch to the People app. Besides being able to manage contacts, I found few more advantages in the form of staying connected to my social […]

Organize Your Online Backup and Social Accounts at One Place Using CloudKafe


I keep most of my data in online backup services and I am sure many of you do the same. And so many quality options being available means I have my data distributed among them. For the documents I use Google Drive, for photos it’s either Instagram or Facebook, for notes it’s Evernote and for […]

Mailbox Review: A Great (Although Limited) iOS Mail App for Gmail Users

Mailbox Review

A few weeks ago, Mailbox, a free iPhone email app was released to the hype of many tech journalists and users alike. I felt curious, so I downloaded the app, registered for my spot on the line (the developers don’t want to overload their server all at once) and waited.   A couple of weeks […]

How to Increase Money, Score and Game Speed on Rooted Android Devices


Indeed cheating in games is a bad habit, but sometimes it might be the only option left. Let’s take Need for Speed: Most Wanted as an example which I purchased from the play store a few months back while researching for the article top 5 Android racing games. The game went on smoothly for a […]

How to Backup and Restore Data on Windows Phone 8


The progress of internet and related technologies has brought along one awesome thing: easy and effortless data backup. Well, you could still lose all your data on a bad day but that would have caused partly by your carelessness. I mean, there are so many ways to backup your data these days. If you still […]

Top 3 Free iPhone Shopping Apps to Find Great Bargains

iPhone Shopping Apps

Everyone likes a good bargain. That’s a universal truth as tangible as gravity and as certain as the sun rising every day. However, most of us tend to look only at nearby shops and settle with buying something from among the first two or three choices that are presented to us. What is even worse, […]