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How to Quickly Add Notes to the Lockscreen in Android

Notes in Android Notification

How many times does this happen to you? You go someplace, to a friend’s and you need to remember to pick something up when you leave. You try really hard to remember it and ultimately hours later when it’s go time, you forget. This happens way too often. When you’re leaving for work, working or a […]

Ready Contact List: A Worthy Alternative to Android’s Stock Dialer


Phone dialers, messaging, contacts, and picture galleries are some of the apps that we bother least about. We’re least bothered in the sense that we tend to stick to the default apps and never think to try something different. Take the phone dialer as an example; the app that comes preinstalled in the stock versions of Android is […]

How to Use Your Android Safely on the Street Using Iris


Just like air, water, and food, the smartphone has become a vital entity in our lives. We just can’t help but stay glued to its screen from dawn to dusk, or sometimes even till midnight. While commuting, having lunch, at a boring party or an entertaining night out with friends, we always fall back to our smartphones […]

How to Get Word Meanings Quickly with a Cool iOS-style Dictionary on Android

Word Snitch Android Popup Dictionary

iOS has a built-in dictionary. It’s not the best, but it’s always there. Just highlight the word, hit Define, and you get the definition. You can even search the word in Wikipedia if you like. But as it’s a default function in iOS, it doesn’t do much more. For instance, you can’t retrieve a list […]

How to Bookmark Apps and Tasks as Bubbles to Ease Multitasking on Android


Multitasking is an over-used word, especially when it comes to smartphones. We always say that we love to run multiple apps on our Android and work on them in parallel. But if you take notice, most of the time that we think we’re multitasking, it’s basically just two apps that we switch between while working. It’s only once in […]

How to Root Yureka on CM12 using an All-in-One Tool


Since its release in last December in India, YU’s Yureka has sent waves across the budget phone segment. With specs that are comparable to the ones offered in high end phones (I am looking at you HTC Desire 820), Yureka has been selling out in seconds at every flash sale. One of the highlights of Yureka is […]

5 Awesome Tips for a Better Music Listening Experience on Android


Much like Android itself, the music listening experience on Android is fragmented. Every manufacturer has a different music player and bundles their own, often weird sounding headphones. On top of that, everyone’s music library is unique. While this might seem like a recipe for chaos, it’s also an opportunity to fine tune your music experience […]

How to Batch Download Song Lyrics for Offline Use on Android

Batch Download Lyrics Android

Musixmatch is a great companion to your music library. It has a floating lyrics player that magically shows up whenever you start playing a song in a supported music player. The lyrics will sync with song position and everything. It’s awesome. The only problem? There’s no offline mode. You can’t download lyrics for offline use. […]

How to Change APK File Names and Icons Quickly and Easily


A few days back I wrote an article on how Android users can clone an app on their phone and run two independent instances of that app. As the cloned app had the same APK name and icon, it became difficult for the user to launch the correct app when needed. Therefore, to make things smoother, […]

How to Customize and Get Acquainted with CyanogenMod 12 and 12S

OnePlus One Lollipop Upgrade

CyanogenMod is great at adding little things that end up improving the overall Android experience immensely. They did it in the ICS era and with Lollipop, they’re still at it. In CM 12, 12.1 and CM 12S (the commercial version for OnePlus One, Yu Yureka and the like), CM had to update a lot of its […]

How to Turn Any Screen into a Floating Window on Android


Carrying a large screen phone is cool and useful when you are taking photos, watching videos, or playing games. Phones with bigger screens are like a style statement these days and everyone loves to flaunt their screens wherever they go. However, all it takes is a grocery bag in one hand to kill the practicality of large […]

Easily Stream Media from Cloud Storage and Local Computers on Android


Mobile means access on the go. Be it data, files or media. But this ‘on the go’ part works well for stuff like documents and spreadsheets. Even Dropbox will soon let you create and manage office docs. That’s good, but when it comes to music and video, the story is slightly different, especially when you are […]

2 Video Resizers for Android that Actually Work


Moments are meant to be shared – be it photos or videos, they bring happiness without a price tag. I can bet, nothing brings a bigger smile to our parents far away from us than a video of their grandchild blowing out the candles of his/her first birthday cake. Online social networks like Facebook and YouTube have literally no limits […]

8 Cool (and Useful) Ways to Use Google Now Voice Search

Google Voice Search Text

Google Now’s voice search engine might not be as cheeky as Siri or Cortana. It doesn’t have their personality or charm. You’re not going to get funny replies, it won’t tell you jokes. But there are a lot of useful things you can do with it. And the list keeps growing with time. If you’ve […]