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How to Use the Moto Assist App on the 3rd Gen Moto G


I’m still in the process of testing out the 3rd Gen Moto G, but so far everything is working pretty smooth. The battery life seems impressive, the front-facing stereo speakers are great and the clean UI is pretty snappy. There is also a handy Moto Assist app that not a lot of people know about, […]

How to Safely Install the Updated APK File for Your Android Apps Manually

Android APKs Manual Upgrade

This is a classic Android geek problem. An awesome update to your favorite app arrives, you read about it on Android Police because of course you’re subscribed to their RSS feed. This update, though, man, this update is just really good. You go to the Play Store, search for the app and bummer! There’s no […]

3rd Gen Moto G: Why Should You Buy One?


With every passing year, Motorola releases its series of X, G and E Android phones. The G is in the middle, targeting markets where carriers don’t subsidize the rates and price sensitivity is paramount. 2015 was no different with the company already announcing various Moto X models and made the Moto G already available to […]

Here’s Why You Should Switch From CyanogenMod 12.1 to Exodus (On OnePlus One)

Exodus ROM

When I got my OnePlus One, it didn’t take me long to root it and flash a custom ROM. I went with CM 12.1 because what better to use on the OnePlus One than a Cyanogen ROM itself? And I was really happy with it. Until I wasn’t. Once the rapid battery drain, random reboots, […]

Getting Started With Zooper Widget on Android


One thing I like about Android that I always miss on other mobile operating systems is the support for home screen widgets. Every morning I dedicate 15 minutes to my widgets to get information like weather, news and my upcoming events and meetings right on the home screen. The second thing that’s great about them […]

Quick Look at Microsoft Arrow Launcher for Android


Microsoft is on fire. Right before the release of Windows 10 for computers and smartphones, and Office 2016, they have released an all new launcher for Android, called the Arrow Launcher. It has been a while since I’ve tried a new launcher especially since I was convinced by Khamosh that EverythingMe is the ultimate launcher one would want. Therefore, […]

8 Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Samsung Galaxy S6


There are polarizing opinions about the sales figures of the Samsung Galaxy S6. Some are speaking of them being disastrous, while others are singing to a happier tune. Whatever the case, there are more than 10 million of these smartphones out there, mine being one of them. Much like any geeky user, I am inclined […]

4 Great Android Apps to Get Household Chores Done Without a Groan


Chores. UGH! I remember when I was much younger and my mom tried to get me helping her with the household chores. I found the most innovative ways to escape them day after day. Nowadays I have a hard time remembering all of the chores I need to do, while spending most hours doing this. […]

How to Get Desktop Class Downloading Features on any Android

Advanced Download Manager

Android’s downloader is the most basic part of the OS. Yes, there’s an app where you can view the progress of the download and stop it. Yes, the notification shows the progress of the download but nothing much. The download features we take for granted on the desktop – the basic ability to see the […]

The Complete Guide to Flashing or Switching to a Different ROM Using TWRP

Flashing ROM header

It’s awesome that you decided to finally root your Android phone. It’s going to unlock so many super powers. While you don’t need to, the biggest motivation for rooting a phone is, of course, to flash a custom ROM. This can be either CyanogenMod or just the stock AOSP ROM for your device. Of course, […]

How to Improve Lock Screen Notification Experience in Android Lollipop

lockscreen lock

Android Lollipop brought us Material Design, smooth scrolling and generally a prettier UI. But it took away some things as well. The most visible changes were to the lock screen. Notifications came to the lock screen – finally. But we had to say goodbye to lock screen widgets. Apps like DashClock and others made widgets in […]

How to Install and Run Any App Without Worrying About Detection of Root Access


We have always talked good things when it comes to rooting of an Android phone. Without any second thoughts, I can say that an Android user with a rooted phone gets more done from his device when compared to the same phone without root access. However, with the power of complete control over your device, there’s […]

How to Plan Social Events with Microsoft’s New App Tossup


Microsoft released an app recently called Tossup, which aims to simplify the process of making plans with friends. It’s free and only takes a few taps to sign up and get going, but whether it’s worth your time still remains a question. How exactly does Tossup go about helping you to make plans? Is it […]

Control Music Playback Using Hardware Buttons on Android


If you have been following my articles, you must be aware about how biased I am towards Android when compared to the iPhone. I would always prefer Android as my default smartphone over the iPhone any day. But today, I am favoring the iPhone and that is because of its compatibility towards different headsets we […]