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Why You Should Ditch Google Authenticator for Authy (for Two-Factor Authentication)

Authenticator vs Authy

Google is pushing two-factor authentication really hard. And that’s great news. The problem is that Google Authenticator for Android is an abomination (and I’m not even using hyperbole here). It’s still using Holo interface. That’s now 2 generations old. What hurts even more is the fact that Google Authenticator for iPhone was upgraded recently with […]

Top 5 Tools That Help You Watch Products Online for Price Drops


The really annoying part of an online sale is that you’re not quite sure if it’s really a sale or not. There’s one every week, and the price is never the same, ever so fluctuating. How are you supposed to make sense of it all. And more importantly, how do you make sure you’re not […]

How to Edit a Location on Google Maps and Improve it

White House on Google Maps

It won’t be a stretch to call Google Maps one of the most significant innovations that Google has build. I certainly use it a whole lot, even though I’ve lived in the same city throughout my years. In a new city that I’m visiting, it’s indispensable. With a few new updates, you can also edit […]

Piktures: A Great Photo Management Android App with Loads of Features


If you are an Android user, you must be aware of the fact that there are not many gallery app alternatives you can choose from. Out of those few, only a handful are worth installing. Focus and QuickPic were the two apps worth mentioning as an alternative to the Gallery apps with added features and among the […]

Finger Gesture Launcher: Easily launch Android Apps and Perform System Tasks using Gestures


I have always liked the idea of getting things done using simple gestures, even if it’s just swipe to go back a screen. Really useful than pressing buttons. Many devices these days are coming out with the ability to launch apps using the on screen gestures. OPPO is one of such Android device in which […]

2 Ways to Create Flashable Zip Files to Install Apps and Packages Using Custom Recovery


The most amazing thing about Android that none of the other mobile operating systems provide, is the ability to install custom ROMs. There is a plethora of ROMs available for Android devices. One is free to choose among them as long as the device is rooted and the person has the will to go an […]

How to Get Remote Assistance for Your Android Using Chrome


We have covered quite a lot of apps so far using which, you can control your Android device from your computer. There were some dedicated tools for Windows and some which simply run on your browser. We also covered an app called TeamViewer remote using which one can allow others on the web to take […]

2 Fastest Ways to Join Images Horizontally and Vertically on Android and iOS

Join Images

As a citizen of the internet, you come across joined images all the time. Two or three screenshots merged into one images. A long conversation thread joined horizontally (9gag anyone?). Maybe a collection of memes. Joined images are everywhere. We’ve already told you how to create them on OS X and on the web. Now […]

How to Easily and Securely Send Money with Square Cash


A dilemma many people face is owing someone money and having no means to get it to the person in a timely manner. The truth is there are a number of solutions available online for quickly and securely sending money to friends or family. But that brings us to another dilemma. There are still skeptics […]

Limit Your Android Phone Gallery for Friends Who Snoop Around (Trolling Additional)


Photo sharing has changed drastically in the past few years and we can now instantly share them with friends and family easily and comfortably. However, there are times when a friend of yours cannot wait for you to share the photo on a social network, or let’s say, you are in a group where someone wants to […]

How to Overcome Lack of Guest Mode on the 3rd Gen Moto G


I was very happy with the fact that finally we had a Guest Mode on Android devices. As a reviewer, I’ve had to set up my account on dozens of phones in a year and naturally friends and family liked to have a look at it by snatching away the phone from me and having a look themselves. […]

How to Download Entire Web Pages for Offline Use on iOS and Android

Offline Browser

Sure, you’ve got Wi-Fi everywhere, the 3G/LTE connection is also pretty reliable. Until it’s not. And when it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work at all. Let’s face it, the internet is our lifeline. So many of us get stuck in limbo when we can’t access the internet. Now you can do things like use Pocket […]

How to Save 50% Bandwidth Watching YouTube and Browsing on Android Using Opera Max

Opera Max

Let’s just face it, not all of us live in areas where the internet connection is stable and you’ve got plenty of data needs for everything you want to do. Yeah, it’s a problem if you’re living in rural areas but it’s not like the urban cities are that much better. Thanks to congestion, you […]

Metal is a Memory Friendly, Material Design Facebook Alternative for Android


So let’s talk about the Facebook app for Android today. The app gets regular updates in every two weeks and I must say that they have come a far way and have managed to provide a streamlined experience to the users. But the app is resource hungry and take a lot of internal storage and RAM. […]