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How to Use BitTorrent Sync 2.0 to Sync Photos and Files: A Detailed Guide


We’ve already spoken about DAEMON Sync using which a user can sync media and personal files to and from a computer and smartphone. The only reason to introduce the app was because of the version 2.0 update to BitTorrent Sync. Heck! It took me hours to figure out everything there is to the app and things […]

How to Send an SMS or MMS From Your iPad

Just because you're on an iPad doesn't mean you can't chat with friends over SMS - Photo by Robert S. Donovan -

Even with a cellular data plan, iPads can’t natively send an SMS. That doesn’t mean you can’t chat with others by SMS. It requires a little configuration on your iPhone or a third-party app. Your Best Bet: Continuity With Your iPhone If you have both an iPhone and iPad running at least iOS 8.1, that’s […]

DAEMON Sync: Easier Alternative to BitTorrent Sync to Sync Mobile Media and Files


How cool would it be for you to come from vacation or a road trip and just as you freshen up after coming home, all your photos gets synced to your computer? I have always hated the idea of connecting the phone to a computer using a data cable. I feel everything should be wireless, clutter […]

How to Search Directly Within Apps on iOS 9

iOS 9 Spotlight Search Header

I have more than a hundred and fifty apps on my iPhone. While the first screen is neatly organized with my favorite apps, the next 4 pages are abysmal. But it doesn’t matter because most of the time, I just use Spotlight to search for apps. It’s only a down-swipe gesture away on the homescreen […]

How to Send Live Photos to Other Devices from Your iPhone 6s


You got your iPhone 6s with 3D Touch and you’ve been experimenting with your shiny new device like I have. Live Photos in particular are pretty cool. When the feature is enabled, your iPhone will capture 1.5 seconds before and 1.5 seconds after every photo you take. Then when you go back into your Photos […]

How to Get the Old 4-Digit Passcode Back in iOS 9


If you upgraded to iOS 9, you may or may not have noticed depending on the way you upgraded that your iPhone now requires a six-digit passcode to unlock your device. This is two digits more than the previous four necessary. From the moment I upgraded to the iOS 9 beta months before the public […]

How to Link Smartphones and Tablets to Create a Unified Surround Speaker


At some point or the other, we all have tried various hacks in order to get louder sound from our phone or tablet’s speakers. The glass or the bowl trick works all the time and gives you a louder sound when you don’t have a portable speaker at your disposal. But what if I told you […]

How to Customize Your iPhone 6s’ Sensitivity to 3D Touch


3D Touch is an incredible new way to interact with your iPhone’s display. Because it’s a hardware feature, it’s only available on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus and presumably new iPhones in the future. It enables you to perform different actions in iOS based on how firmly you’re pressing on the screen while […]

GT Explains: Low Power Mode of iOS 9 and How to Use it Effectively

low power mode

When compared to iOS 8 and previous versions, iOS 9 not a major upgrade which changes the platform significantly. But the nifty changes that have been incorporated in the latest version really make a significant difference. We have already covered 9 new things to check out in the latest iOS 9 you must check out. Things […]

How To Block Ads and Tracking on iPhone and iPad in iOS 9

iOS 9 Ad Blocking

Recently, web ads have become a hot topic of debate on the internet. They’re poorly designed and poorly coded. They invade your privacy by tracking your every move on the web. This means that web pages for the top news sites on the internet are a lot heavier and take longer to load. On desktops, […]

How to Import Screenshots from Android, iOS to Snagit Editor and Batch Convert Them


One task that I do on a daily basis as a part of my job is to take screenshots on smartphones and then process them on the computer. If you have been following my articles, you must have noticed how I always find easier ways to transfer files and photos from phone to computer. You might say, […]

3 Ways to Privately Share Photos with Instagram Users


Instagram is a great way to share photos with all of your followers and even occasionally extend reach beyond them, but that may not always suit every purpose. What if you wanted to share your own photos or perhaps another account’s photo with someone else in private? It turns out, not only is this possible, […]

How to Solve Comcast Xfinity Problems Right from Your Smartphone


Many of us here in the U.S. are subscribed to Comcast Xfinity for cable, Wi-Fi and or home phone service. Unfortunately, since Comcast has an unavoidable monopoly in many areas, many of us also have to deal with Xfinity problems. The good news is you don’t need to always call up Comcast customer support every […]

9 iOS 9 Features You Must Check Out Today


It’s September and like every year,  the month is all about Apple, iPhone and the all new iOS. iOS 9 was recently launched and more than 50% of the iOS devices are already updated. That’s the fastest adoption rate we have seen till date. For those of you who have already upgraded must be wondering […]