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5 Tips to Discover New Music in Apple Music

Apple Music Discovery

Apple Music is the most feature rich music streaming service available right now. It’s the sum total of every other service out there, plus more. There’s 30 million songs, plus human curated playlists, live and genre-based stations and I can go on and on and on. But before you get scared, let me tell you […]

Bittorrent Shoot vs SHAREit: Which is Better for File Transfers?

Shoot vs SHAREit

For the past couple of months, we have seen a lot of apps that make the transfer of files between smartphones a breeze. Apps like SHAREit and Feem save an iPhone user like me from embarrassment when a friend on Android asks for a couple of photos from their camera roll. Shoot from Bittorrent, an […]

Differences Between Beats 1 Radio and Apple Music Radio: Explained


So, you downloaded iOS 8.4 on your iPhone or iPad and there it is, Apple Music. It’s hiding behind that new white Music icon on your home screen. You tap the Radio tab to see what’s changed and there isn’t a whole lot new, but Apple is heavily shoving this Beats 1 radio station in your face. Furthermore, […]

How to Use the New Music App in iOS 8.4 (Along With Apple Music)

apple Music iOS

When you updated your iPhone to iOS 8.4, you were greeted with a new Music app with a brand new colorful icon. It was intriguing. You clicked it. It asked you to try out Apple Music streaming service. 30 million songs for 3 months, all for free. So you signed up. But now there’s all this new […]

4 Unique and Helpful iOS Apps for People With Accessibility Needs


Every person in this world faces challenges of different kinds, and in special situations, some people need assistance in order to be able to overcome what they are facing. Apple also has the accessibility needs of its users in mind, which is why there are plenty of native accessibility options available, which in turn has motivated […]

How to Get Started With Apple Music on iOS and iTunes

Apple Music

Apple Music is not just another music streaming service. It’s a total overhaul of the Music app on iOS devices and everything related to music in the Apple ecosystem. It’s a new app that includes 30 million songs for streaming, your current music collection, a 24/7 radio station, human-curated and algorithmically generated stations plus a […]

Top 4 Apps for Taking Handwritten Notes on an iPad Using a Stylus

iPad Handwriting Apps

It’s been around 5 years since the iPad came out and now there’s no doubt the iPad is more than just a consumption machine. It’s great for doing everything from editing videos, email, task management, writing and taking notes. Yes, the iPad doesn’t have a digitizer. Yes, there’s no underlying technology that makes for a […]

How to Create a Cinematic Movie on Your iPhone with Cameo


Every so often we all want to be able to shoot a video on our phones that has a little bit more pizzazz than a 10-second pixelated mess on Snapchat. But Snapchat’s convenience and ease of use is what makes it the popular choice for video these days, despite being impermanent and of low quality. […]

5 Excellent iOS Games Based on Popular Console Franchises


One of the great aspects of gaming on consoles such as the latest PlayStation or Xbox is that those systems carry games with established franchises and deep storylines that can be incredible immersing. Now, with all the progress being made on the gaming side of smartphones, some of the most popular franchises in gaming are […]

How to Upload All Your Photos from Everywhere to Google Photos

How to Upload Your Entire Photo

Google Photos is free and awesome. As we’ve decided before, it’s not going to hurt you to try it out. But trying it out means uploading hundreds or thousands of your pictures to Google Photos. And because Google Photos didn’t exist till now, your photo collection is messed up. Your iPhone photos might be in […]

How to Use Different Calendars in One App on iOS with Timepage


Moleskine is known more for its notebooks and less for its iOS apps, but that could be changing. It launched a new calendar app called Timepage with a unique design that fuses together a comprehensive look at the weather and your calendars to help you make better scheduling choices. If you’re like many calendar users […]

Top 2 iPhone Apps to Bulk Delete and Merge Duplicate Contacts


Even after eight generations of evolution, one thing I am still not happy about when it comes to the iPhone is the Contacts and Dialer app. Sure the buttons are round and the design nice and minimalistic, but feature-wise it’s quite a lackluster default app. A dialer without the support of T9 input that lacks the option to […]

5 Alternatives to Apple News App in iOS 9


With the release of iOS 9 comes an Apple-branded News app that aggregates news from a number of sources based on your interests and provides you with a collection to scan through. Apple is even recruiting journalists to constantly curate the news behind the scenes and make tailored recommendations. However, if you’re a longtime iPhone […]

4 New Commands You Can Tell Siri in iOS 9


iOS 9 comes with a wealth of new features with Siri as a common core. While the proactive features were the star of the show, Siri as we know it gained some new functionality as well. In particular, you can have Siri answer to new commands related to photos, reminders, and even the content you’re currently […]