How To Force HTML5 Videos Instead of Flash in Chrome and Firefox


It’s no secret that Steve Jobs hated Flash; he was singlehandedly responsible for its downfall. His reasons, all valid, can be read in this excellent essay. On the web, yes, Flash lost. HTML, CSS, JavaScript won. The web was no longer filled with ugly and slow splashes of Flash based websites. The web is a […]

How to Get Pie Controls on Chrome on Android Like the Old Browser

Chrome Pie

I am not sure if you are aware, but before Chrome was made the default browser of Android on Jellybean there used to be an Android browser we all loved. The best part was a hidden feature under Labs with which you could enable Pie controls on the browser and use slide gestures to perform […]

GT Explains: How Useful Are Antivirus Apps On Android And Should You Be Using Them


Antivirus apps are supposed to prevent attacks, weed out the ones that get you and stop malware and spyware attacks. On PCs, especially on Windows, this is pretty useful. On Android though, it’s a whole different story. I’ve been using Android for years now and for the most part I haven’t used an antivirus app. Why […]

How to Launch Most Used Android Apps From Notification Drawer


Sure, since storage space is less of a concern nowadays, we can load a couple dozen apps on our Android device. However, when it comes to routine usage, we don’t really access each one of them on a regular basis. Truthfully speaking, we just have a handful of apps we use daily. Wouldn’t it be […]

How To Change The System Font In Yosemite To Something More Readable

Yosemite Fonts

Along with the flamboyant looks, OS X Yosemite saw a major change in the system font. OS X switched from Lucida Grande to Helvetica Neue, the same font that’s on iOS. While Helvetica looks great on my Retina MacBook, it really wasn’t made for low-res screens. And in small type, anything less than 12 points […]

BitTorrent Sync vs Infinit: The Battle Of The Personal P2P Syncing Services


BitTorrent gets a bad rap. The word torrent is usually associated with pirating content and sharing something illegally. No matter how the internet chooses to use it, the BitTorrent technology underlying the whole thing is kind of amazing. Creating a peer-to-peer network to share content between two machines directly. Without dealing with the hassles of […]

How To Find Awesome Wallpapers For iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iphone wallpaper

If you’re one of the millions of people who got the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you might have noticed that your old wallpapers don’t look great on the new screens. That’s because the iPhone 6’s bigger 4.7 inch screen has a resolution of 750×1334 instead of the iPhone 5/5s’ 640×1136. And The 6 […]

How To Download Torrents Right In Firefox With Torrent Tornado

Torrent Torpedo

BitTorrent is such a simple concept. Transferring files from one user to another directly without interference from any server. But the process of downloading torrents is anything but. You need special torrent clients and have to monitor things like peers, seeds, trackers, and a lot more. For someone just getting started, all of this can […]

How To Stream Media From iPhone And iPad To Windows PC Using AirPlay


Today, your phone is the center of your life. You use it for communication, listening to music or podcasts, and watching videos. Or maybe you use awesome apps to track expenses, fitness and if you’re smart, you actually use your smartphone to make your life better. But smartphones have teeny tiny speakers. And teeny tiny […]

How to Make Mac’s Spotlight a True Powerhouse With Flashlight

Flashlight For Spotlight Search

Spotlight Search in Yosemite got a big update. It went from a small search utility that lived in the corner of the desktop to a floating window smack in the middle of the screen with rich previews. It was clearly inspired from keyboard launchers like Alfred, Quicksilver and Launchbar. But while Spotlight Search looks like […]

Easily Create GIFs Using Video or YouTube On Android


When compared to video and flash animations, GIF files have quite an advantage. They don’t require any additional plugins to play on a device, are comparatively very small in size, and can be easily transmitted to other devices without worrying about the data transfer rate. And though these GIF images don’t provide extremely smooth transition effects, they […]

How To Get World Clock, Calculator, Social And Package Tracking Widgets In Yosemite

Notification Center Widgets

So long and farewell Mr. Dashboard, we loved you. Well, we still kind of do, and you’re still kind of here but it’s increasingly becoming clear that the word widget in OS X land will soon default to Notification Center widgets and not Dashboard widgets. To help along with what is clearly going to be a […]

Beautifully Informative – See Our Ultimate Guides and Ebooks Section

GT Ultimate Guides and Ebooks

Yes, beautifully informative is the apt phrase to describe our new Ultimate Guides and Ebooks section. Top notch content packed in a superb design! We’ve been working hard on this for the past few months, and it has turned out quite well I’d say. The idea behind this new section is to showcase stellar content on a particular […]

How to Get an Adaptive Color-Changing Status Bar on Android


Ever since I installed Xposed on my Android, I started loving it even more. Now I no longer regret my locked Xperia Z bootloader, and the fact that I cannot install a custom ROM with added functionality. With just root access and Xposed modules, I can get all the awesomeness of some of the best custom […]