How To Become A Touchpad Ninja With BetterTouchTool for Mac

Windows 7

BetterTouchTool (BTT) is a great tool to customize touchpad gestures for specific tasks and shortcuts. If you don’t know what it is, we have a guide to help you get up and running with BetterTouchTool. Once you’ve done that, come back here to get to the next level of using this awesome tool. So, let’s get […]

4 Cool Mac Terminal Tips to Make You More Productive


For Mac users, OS X Mavericks packs a ton of cool features that were not available before, like Maps, App Nap and Notification Center to name just a few of them. Despite how capable Mavericks is though, it still lacks some functionalities that some would consider essential. Considering that, let’s use this entry to find […]

Vuze for Android: A Simple and Efficient Torrent Downloader App


Downloading torrents on a computer is usually a cakewalk. There are plenty of applications to choose from when it comes to doing it on your PC. However, when it comes to Android, the options are scarce. One of my friends came to me the other day with this problem. He recently bought an Android tablet […]

The Best Ways To Customize Your Mavericks (Mac) Dock

customize mac's dock

Previously we talked about customizing the OS X menu bar. Now let’s tweak that Dock of yours. This article has to do more with how your dock looks rather than how it behaves. If you want to dig deep into the Mavericks world and get your hands dirty, check out this guide. 1. Change Icons […]

NoRoot Firewall: An Excellent Android Firewall App for Non-Rooted Devices


Each app that connects to the internet on your Android has a special permission called Network Access that you need to approve before you install it from the Play Store. But what does it do after you install the app? The app is free to connect to the internet whenever it wants (even in the […]

How to Transcribe Audio Notes Easily Using YouTube Auto Captions


You might sometimes need a quick transcription of some audio notes and you might not feel like rewinding back and forth. Luckily, there is a very easy way to do it using YouTube’s auto-captioning system. The results aren’t always perfectly accurate. However, all you need to do is go through the text a little and […]

GT Explains: What is SSL Security Bug in iOS and Mac And How To Patch It


It all started with an error in code, just like so many other vulnerabilities. The SSL/TLS vulnerability we are talking about is serious. The Verge has even gone so far to say that this flaw has existed since 18 months and it might be used by the NSA to gain access to Apple devices. This […]

Top 5 Chrome Add-ons That Make Web Browsing More Secure

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a great browser (it even has some features you may have not known) and, while Google does a pretty good job at making sure your web browsing experience is a secure one, you can do your part too. What I’m talking about is installing some add-ons which will improve your security even […]

How To Fix 2 Common Issues of iCloud Keychain on Both iPhone and Mac


Perhaps you didn’t notice, but if you have OS X Mavericks on your Mac, chances are you enabled iCloud Keychain the moment you installed it. This convenient tool allows you to keep your passwords and accounts synchronized across all your Apple devices, like your Mac and your iPhone. If you are not sure you have […]

GT Explains: What is NFC and How You Can Use it On Your NFC Enabled Android Device


NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication, comes built into many new devices these days. These devices can be cameras, your smart TVs, but going with the current trend, you are most likely to find this technology in your Android phones. Most of the high end Android smartphones come as NFC-enabled and the phone manufacturers emphasize […]

10 Best New Websites For Free High Quality Stock Images


We are all well versed with the usual suspects of online stock image curators, the big players being Flickr, iStockphoto and Creative Commons search. But when it comes to high quality stock images from one of the big sites, things get complicated very fast. There’s the issue of legality and price. And many websites don’t even […]

How to Access Shared Windows Folders On iPhone (iOS) Over Wi-Fi


In the past, we have seen how to can access shared Windows folder on Android and stream media directly on the device. However, after I bought an iPhone recently, I realized that the feature was needed in the iOS device more than anything else. The reasons being: As iOS comes with non-expandable memory, and the […]

Nokia X Family: Is Nokia’s First Android Phone Worth Your Money?

Nokia Fastlane

The dream of many Android and Nokia fans has come true. After the news of Microsoft buying Nokia, it almost seemed impossible. It might not exactly be what we all hoped for, but it’s still an Android phone from Nokia. That warrants your attention. But is it worth your money? Let’s find out.   At […]

VSCO Cam Review: The Best Photo Editing App for iPhone


Taking and sharing photos is a big thing on the iPhone, mainly because it’s just so convenient to have a very capable camera with you at all times that also happens to have instant access to the internet. But, while sharing photos as they are right on the camera roll is what most people do, […]