Is Carousel By Dropbox Better Than Your Default iOS Photo Gallery App?

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I’m sure you are familiar with the cloud. It’s the place we trust to save some of our most valuable data and pictures. Dropbox, being the trendsetter, has always been in the front of the pack but now Google Drive is offering storage for less than 5 times than that of Dropbox, with the same […]

How to Pick a Random Name from a List Using MS Excel

Pick a random one

Generating a random number using MS Excel is very easy. It has two built-in functions called rand and ranbetween to help you through. rand is used to generate a number between 0 and 1 randbetween generates a whole number within a given range However, have you ever thought of selecting a random name or a random […]

What is EXIF Data of an Image and the Best Online Tools to Find It


If you are a photography beginner, you might not know what EXIF is. But when you get deeper into this field, EXIF knowledge becomes a must. You might think photography is an art but with state of the art modern hardware it’s just as much about the specs and numbers. Admiration of photos is highly […]

6 Killer Kindle Paperwhite Features You Should Be Using

Kindle Vocabulary

Many ebook reader enthusiasts label Kindle as a “consumer” product. I would know, I was one of them. Two years ago, when you looked at Kindle, what you saw was a tightly controlled closed ecosystem tied with hardware that wasn’t much better than the competition. Now though, things are different. Kindle offers best in class […]

How to Get Customized Notifications On Android Lockscreen


With two different smartphones in your pocket (I own both an Android and an iPhone), you can’t help but compare the features between the two. There are some features of Android I miss on my iPhone, and some iOS features I’d love to get on Android. Let’s stick to getting iOS features on Android for this post. […]

Dragdis: A Useful Drag and Drop Online Bookmarking Tool


Bookmarking tools are nothing new on the web, and you certainly have tried one or another, especially if you browse the web with any frequency. The problem with most of these services, though, is that while they accomplish their purpose, they also tend to be tedious and even complicated sometimes, which completely defeats their purpose. […]

The Best Markdown Writing Apps For Windows

Markdown Windows

Previously we’ve talked about how Markdown is a must-know language for anyone who writes for the web. We’ve also shown you which are the best Markdown editors for Mac, and now it’s time for Windows. When it comes to Markdown editors, Windows might not have as many options as Mac, but the ones that are available […]

4 Features That Make MX Player The Best Video Player for Android


While reviewing KMPLayer for Android, which was launched just a month back, I realized that I compared it to MX Player frequently. That resulted in me taking a fresh look at MX Player, one of my favorite video player apps. I compared it with other players in the market and concluded that it brings in some useful […]

How to Create a Booklet in Word 2013 and Print it the Right Way

Booklet Word 2013

A booklet can always come in handy and, since it’s so easy to create one in Word 2013, why not have one for your event or presentation? In this post, we’ll talk about how to create it but first a word about why you might need them. What Do You Need Booklets For? If you […]

Top 10 Ways To Legally Download Free Music Online


Ah, legally downloaded music. Ever since Napster, that phrase has a stigma attached to it that should actually belong to illegally downloaded music. If you lived through the mid 2000s, you know how downloading music illegally was the cool thing to do, especially among the teen geeks. The excitement of evading paywalls and using loopholes […]

Everything You Need to Know About Archiving Emails in Outlook 2010


Most of us who use popular web based email services like Gmail and probably never worry about archiving, considering we have GBs of cloud storage at our disposal. However, if you are working in an organization, or you have an educational email account where you only have limited server space to store emails, it’s necessary […]

Puzzle and Dragons: A Deceptively Complex, Multi-Genre Game for iOS

Puzzle and Dragons Main

For iPhone gamers, popular entries in the App Store are always something to be excited about, since there’s always the possibility to find a game in their favorite genre that can keep them hooked for hours. This is exactly the case with Puzzle and Dragons. However, this Japanese mega hit is far more than just […]

Swell for iOS Review: The Best News Radio App For The iPhone

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You know what sucks? Watching news on TV. It’s either the depressing this-is-the-worst-thing-ever stories or a discussion on a harmless quote by a nobody taken entirely out of context. This goes on for 24×7. I’ve given up on TV. I haven’t switched it on for 3 years. But as someone who writes on the web […]

Top 3 Android Scanner Apps for Scanning Receipts and Documents

Important Documents

Need to keep a log of your receipts on the go? Convert important documents from paper to virtual storage? Or even capture a whiteboard, save a signature, or upload handwritten notes? Keeping track of all those papers can be stressful and time consuming. Fortunately, with a simple app on your mobile device, you can scan, […]

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