How to Install Custom Recovery and ROM on Android

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So you’ve decided to root your device, and now you’re ready to leave your device’s default ROM behind and discover a great custom ROM for your handset or tablet instead. You have certainly come to the right place! When it comes to rooting, flashing and installing custom ROMs, no two devices are the exact same. […]

Documents to Go: A Great iOS App to View, Create and Edit MS Office Documents


One of the very few aspects where the iPhone and other iOS devices sometimes seem to fall short, is in the lack of options when it comes to view, edit and create office documents. Of course, you can always create and edit some of these types of documents using Apple’s own iWork suite of apps […]

15 Killer Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts You Probably Didn’t Know About


Windows 8, just like Windows 7, has its own set of keyboard shortcuts. These are used to navigate around more quickly without always having to pick up the mouse to perform simple tasks. With the onset of the Windows 8 apps, many new shortcuts deal with these. We’ve put together some really helpful shortcut keys […]

How to Root Your ICS or Jelly Bean Android Device Using Bin4ry Universal Method


Whether you are looking to install custom ROMs or special software packages, many folks in the Android world end up rooting their devices. Unfortunately for newbies to rooting, it’s a difficult process and one that is best avoided – right? Never! Using a traditional method, rooting requires a bunch of steps and plenty of know-how, […]

How to Use BitTorrent Sync to Sync Files Between iPhone and Mac/Windows


Up until now, we have relied mostly on third party services for all our file-syncing needs. Services like Dropbox and Google Drive are all excellent choices for syncing files across devices, but they come with a couple of downsides. To start, they all have limited storage and you have to pay if you want more. […]

2 Ways to Upload Files to Google Docs (or Drive) By Email


Google Docs is not only a great place to work on all your word processing needs, but you can also use Google Drive to save and backup your files. Unfortunately, though, it doesn’t allow you to upload files via email attachments. It used to at one point when Google Docs users had a secret email […]

How to Easily Remove Bloatware from Your Android Device

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You buy that brand new smartphone or tablet that advertises X amount of storage space only to find it really only has about one-third of that space remaining. The problem? While a little bit of room is naturally lost to formatting and system files, bloatware can also take up extra space on your device. What […]

Whitespace Review: A Simple Notes and Project Management iPhone App


For those of us who work on small projects on our iPhone, plain notes or to-do apps to keep track of the details simply won’t cut it. However, in most cases a full-blown project manager can be overkill. This is exactly what makes the free Whitespace app for iPhone such an interesting entry into the […]

3 Tips to Organize Events in Your iPhoto Library


One of the nicest aspects of OS X, is that it uses self-contained applications to keep your media organized without you having to worry about it. iTunes and the iWork suite of apps are great examples of this, as is iPhoto, Apple’s photo management app. However, in most cases we tend to have countless photos […]

Top 3 Free Fitness Apps for Android Phones and Tablets


Working out is a necessary part of life if you want to lose weight, stay fit and – most importantly – maintain your health! Of course, staying motivated or finding tools to keep track of the job isn’t always easy. That’s where we come in. Let’s take a look at just three of the best free […]

3 QuickTime Tips to Easily Perform Advanced Video Editing Tasks


If you have a Mac, chances are you are familiar with QuickTime, Apple’s excellent video player that comes pre-installed on OS X. However, what you might not know, is that beneath that video player lies one of the easiest to use video editors that, while extremely limited in variety, does what little it can do […]

How to Create a GIF From a Video Easily


GIF refers to an image in the Graphics Interchange Format. Images are compiled to make a video-like file with frames loading every so often to convey an animation. Many popular videos are turned into GIFs and sometimes go wildly viral due to that. But how do you make these video GIFs? We’ve looked at structuring […]

Windows 8 Lacking the Apps You Desire? Here’s How to Add Android Apps to Your Device


With every passing day, the number of apps found through the Windows Store continues to grow. That said, when it comes to certain games, social and productivity apps, you’ll find that you often have to settle for 3rd party versions or clones at this stage. Microsoft is dedicated to attracting big name developers to Windows […]

How to Track Expenses and Budget From Phone Using a Published Google Docs Form


Keeping track of expenses and sticking to a budget can be a tedious ordeal. We usually collect receipts and sit down with hundreds before going through them. Maybe you’ve gotten tired of it and eventually quit keeping them. This isn’t a good practice but is normally what results from the physical hassle and confusion of […]