Top 3 Cleaner Apps For Android Phones and Tablets


Our computers and smartphones are nothing but machines at the end of the day. And a machine needs to be maintained properly if you intend to get the most out of it and prolong its life. That involves caring for and protecting the hardware, and cleaning up the operating system from time to time to […]

How To Create An Animated GIF Using Photoshop


Animated GIFs are perhaps some of the most entertaining and used files across the web. They can be used equally to have fun or to drive a point home in a fast and didactic way without taking much space on a website. However, while seemingly complex, GIFs are actually not that hard to create. In […]

3 Online Classroom Tools for Creating Infographics and Charts


One of the most interesting elements to become popular lately, especially in education, are infographics. Their main strength, naturally, is that they can condense a huge amount of information and turn it into visuals that are easy to understand and to remember, since they are mostly symbols, shapes, and images. Character-based data like concrete numbers, […]

How To Adjust Your Privacy Settings on Chrome, Firefox and Safari


There is no doubt that privacy is one of the most delicate aspects of browsing the web. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that browsing has become increasingly risky, with most websites storing and pulling important user information without users even knowing. Because of this, it is essential that you know how to protect […]

How To Overlay Transparent Text Over Any Image Background in Photoshop


When browsing the internet, most of us stumble across a series of neat effects and finishing touches that websites tend to add to enhance their presentation. Now, while the nice finish of some of these elements might lead you to think they are hard to accomplish, some of them are in fact quite easy to […]

How to Use Preview to Combine Multiple Images, Batch Resize, Rotate and More


A lot of us who have Macs and don’t rely entirely on smartphones (yes, there’s still a few of us left) like to do at least some basic image editing from time to time. However, sometimes we tend to believe that only advanced programs will suit our needs to do so. Nothing could be further […]

How to Create a Screen Saver Using Windows Photo Gallery


We still use screen savers, don’t we? Well, the question is, what purpose it serves and what content do you like to display. My main reason is to have my photo collection on display when I am away – a little entertainment for the people staring on my screen. So, do you know how to […]

2 Apps to Password Lock WhatsApp on Android


It probably won’t be an exaggeration to call WhatsApp one of the top 3 social networks in the world. It recently hit a record of 27 billion messages in one day (yes, that’s billion with a ‘b’) so that should remove any doubts you might have about its popularity. WhatsApp has actually become the de […]

2 Excellent Tools for Teachers to Engage and Test Students Online

Online Assessment Tools

With the increasingly important presence of the Internet in every field of learning, it is understandable that teachers all over are looking for ways to make the learning experience richer and more engaging for their students. One of the best ways to accomplish this, of course, is to get students more involved with the subjects […]

3 Brilliant Tips to Get The Most Out Your Mac’s Dock


While the Dock has gained a lot of popularity in the last couple of years as an interface element, it has been an integral part of Mac OS almost since its inception decades ago. It is easy to customize, very useful and, most importantly, provides easy access to any app that you consider important. With […]

How To Remote Download Games To PS3 and PS Vita


In previous articles, we have discussed several tips that can greatly improve your experience using your PS3, your PS Vita and your PSP. Sometime ago, Sony introduced an online store for users to buy digital games directly from it. However, it is just recently that it has allowed gamers to not only buy games and […]

5 Hidden Features of iOS 7 Beta You Probably Don’t Know About


Not long long ago, Apple unveiled iOS 7, its new and completely redesigned mobile operating system. Here at Guiding Tech, we have already shown you some of the most interesting features of iOS 7. However, there are many other very useful features of iOS 7 that not only Apple never mentioned, but that you might […]

Get our eBook: The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide

Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide

Guiding Tech readers would be happy to know that we’ve launched our first ebook: The Ultimate Chrome Productivity Guide. As the name indicates, it explores various methods and tips to make Chrome work faster and better for you. Chrome is a powerful and feature-rich browser but unless you know how to customize it properly and […]

3 Great Online Language Learning Websites With a Unique Approach


Learning a language is perhaps one of the most sought-after learning activities on the web. This is clearly demonstrated by famous paid services like Rosetta Stone for example, that have expanded their offers to the web. However, with time, several free language learning websites have appeared that offer some great tools to learn your favorite […]