How to Use Filters and Other Tools In Numbers On Mac to Manage Data


Just as with any other spreadsheet application, Apple Numbers offers users different ways to manage and sort your data so it becomes easier to handle, especially when there’s a lot of it. For this, Numbers sports filtering and sorting features that have taken a simpler, more straightforward approach in the latest versions of the app, […]

5 Cool Extensions To Beautify Your Chrome Start Page

beautiful start page

Every part of software and UI design seeks to be beautiful these days. Beauty is how you define it. It can be something that looks good, feels nice or you can find beauty in something that just works well. This trend of beauty can be seen in Windows 8 (the Metro side), iOS 7, Android […]

3 Clever Ways to Use PS Vita to Edit Images and Read Emails


While the PS Vita is, more than anything else, a gaming console, its powerful processor and its quite advanced operating system allow for different tasks that take it beyond just simple gaming. For example, if you happen to not own a tablet or a smartphone, or don’t¬†have one at hand, the PS Vita is quite […]

How To Mirror Your Windows Phone 8.1 Screen On a Windows PC

Windows Phone Header

If Windows Phone is your main device, then you surely use it for all sorts of things. One of the best things about using a Windows Phone is the native on-the-go Office availability and the phone’s ability to play nice with Windows 8 PCs. If you carry around a lot of Office documents or presentations […]

Convert Everything Is The Most Powerful Android Conversion App

Convert Everything 2

We live in a global economy. We trade in encrypted currencies. We live in bytes. Online, we are one. Before this turns into a Fight Club sequel, let me dial down. The online world is great, but the problem is that rest of the world has not been able to progress at the same rate […]

GT Explains: What is the Systemstats Process in OS X and How to Stop it From Hogging CPU

systemstats header

If your MacBook is overheating or the fan just won’t stop buzzing, it’s time to check the Activity Monitor. Because the systemstats process might be unnecessarily eating up your CPU processes. What Is Systemstats? Systemstats is a root process in OS X that keeps account of everything that’s going on in your Mac on a […]

How To Quickly Launch Android Apps and Actions Using the Volume Buttons


There’s a faster, better way of doing everything out there. But not all of it is worth the effort. This is especially true when it comes to Android. The amount of awesome tweaks, mods, custom ROMs, apps and customizations ¬†available are frankly mind boggling. A major part of Android users rarely get their hands dirty […]

The Best Ways to Enjoy YouTube on Windows Phone 8.1

MyTube Windows Phone

Google has a Microsoft problem. Nobody is sure when it started or whether it is about silly patent battles or a personal feud but Google apps have been absent from Windows Phone since WP 7 came out. And for no logical reason I can think of. Some of the top free downloads on Apple App […]

How To Wake Up Your Android Phone Just By Picking It Up

WakeUp Header

With Google Now, you can talk to your phone. If you’re using a Nexus 5, Moto X or have Google Now Launcher installed, you don’t even have to tap any buttons to start the chat. It’s the small part of the future that we carry inside our pockets. We’re far away from the Minority Report […]

3 Cool Tips to Use Your Mac’s Dock More Productively


For Mac users, the Dock can be either a tool that you hide and never use or something that you rely on several times a day. If you are a part of the latter group, then here are a few tips that will allow you to turn your Mac’s Dock into a much more productive […]

How To Get Gmail, Google Maps and Gtalk (Hangouts) On Windows Phone 8.1


There aren’t many (online) people in this world who can escape Google. It is everywhere. Or at least that’s what everyone says. Google is your gateway to all things Android and some of the top downloads on Apple App Store are Google apps. One place Google is unceremoniously absent is Windows Phone. Of course, we […]

5 Great, Free iPhone Apps To Aid the Disabled


While us iPhone users know we can find just about every kind of apps for our devices, rarely we stop to consider just how broad the range of apps are and how useful they can really be. One of the best examples of this are applications that are targeted towards the disabled, allowing iPhone owners […]

How To Speed Read Ebooks And Articles On Android

Speed Reader

Speed reading isn’t a new phenomenon but the method used to be different. You had to read a big book about the technique, understand how it worked and then spend days and days training your brain to read faster than your inner voice would let you. That was before the apps. Since last year, there’s […]

How To Run Mobile Versions of Websites In Their Own Windows On Mac


Some things work better on smaller screens. Twitter is better on phone than it is on the desktop site (it’s just so buggy), there are less ads on mobile websites and not to mention, a lot less clutter. If you’re visiting a responsive website, you can just narrow down the browser window to access the […]