How To Transfer Your Playlists from iTunes to Your PS3

Transfer Playlist to PS3

Contrary to other consoles on the market, the PS3 is known for being a true media center, with anyone who has one being able to play not only games, but also HD movies, songs and more on it. But what about playlists? Well, the truth is, while something relatively basic as playing songs and creating […]

A Detailed Review of VLC Media Player Beta for Android


I am not so sure about the music side but when it comes to playing video, VLC is one of the best players for both Windows and Linux operating systems. I can’t even remember for how long I have been using it as the default video player on my computer. A few days back when […]

Cobook is a Simpler and Better Replacement for iPhone Contacts App

Cobook Review

One of my greatest gripes with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, is how little Apple’s set of native apps have evolved over time. There are exceptions to this of course, like Mail, Photos and Safari, which have changed and improved to some degree, but overall, most of the core Apple set of native apps […]

How to Find or Recover Windows 8 Product Key and Other Installed Software


There are probably two reasons why you might end up on this page. The first may be that you have accidently deleted the Windows 8 product key email you got after upgrading and you are now looking for a way to recover it. The second reason could be that you never got the product key […]

Automatically Transfer Photos Between Google Drive, Facebook, Picasa, Dropbox


Few days back, I discussed a cool Picasa trick showing you how to collaborate photos from of an event or a trip shot on different cameras. However, to be frank, 1 GB storage limitation on the free account made me switch to Google Drive which provides 5 GB of space. The concept is pretty similar […]

How to Download and Change Your PS3′s Wallpaper Without a Computer

PS3 Change Wallpaper

Customizing your PS3′s home screen appearance is definitely one of the best things about the system, allowing you to truly express your taste and personality with it. However, even for a simple a task as changing the PS3′s wallpaper, we tend to rely on our computers when in fact our PS3s are perfectly capable of […]

How To Know If You Are Blocked On Gtalk


All instant messaging tools and services have some feature that allows you to appear offline to or block a contact totally. It is infact an essential feature by virtue of which you can get rid of annoying contacts i.e. even while you are online, the given contacts will not be able to reach you. Same […]

How to Backup Apps with Their Data and Settings on a Non-Rooted Android Phone


Previously, I have shared many backup methods for Android which also help you backup the apps data and settings. However, while talking about these tricks, the one thing that I always insisted on was that the Android phone you want to make the backup from must be rooted, especially when it came to backing up […]

4 Useful Websites To Help You Pronounce Names Correctly


As a blogger I have to answer many questions to readers from across the world. Luckily, I converse with them either via emails or on post threads. Lucky because, if you are talking to someone from a different country you might not be able to pronounce names correctly. Indeed, it is not the easiest thing […]

The Best iOS Music Playlists Guide: Info, Differences and Cool Tips

Playlists info tips

Playlists have existed long before digital music players of course, mainly in the form of mix-tapes and custom CDs. Regardless of the time period though, these custom collections of songs are without a doubt one of the main elements of any modern audio player. The iPhone and other iOS devices of course are no exception […]

5 Ways to Use Android for House Repair and Improvement Tasks


Over the past few weeks, most of the items in my house needed a little fixing. A table needed alignment, a wall painting and the wind-chime that I recently got as a gift was to be hanged along with a few small fixes here and there. However when I checked the store room, I realized […]

How to Enable the Secret Smooth Scrolling Feature on Google Chrome


You must have noticed while browsing the internet that web pages scroll up or down usually three lines at a time. This scrolling behavior can be observed when you use one notch of the mouse wheel or a single key stroke on the keyboard. While it’s not a serious problem, there is always a chance […]

How To Block Unwanted Content and Enable Other Restrictions on Your iPhone

iPhone Restrict Content

If there is one downside to the popularity of the iPhone, it is that almost everyone you know who doesn’t have one will want to borrow yours at least for a couple of minutes. That is of course, without even considering if you have children, in which case you might hand it to them not […]

4 Cool New Features of Gmail 4.2 App for Android


Few days back, both the Android and the iOS apps for Gmail got a major update. We have already seen an in-depth review of the iOS version of the app by Alvaro, our iOS writer. However, I haven’t yet talked about the Android side of the update. Well, better late than never as they say. […]