How to Access Android Widgets on Any Screen


I don’t like restrictions; that’s the reason I prefer Android over iOS. While using an Android, there’s no hard and fast rule that the apps can only be accessed from the app drawer of your default launcher. We have talked about ways that allow us to launch apps on Android while working on other apps. […]

StatusDuck Review: A Flawed But Convenient Dock Replacement For Mac


If you rely heavily on your Mac to get any serious amount of work done, then most likely the Dock is one of the tools you end up using the most. However, there are some of us out there who just can’t stand having the Dock in view. Be it for the fact that it […]

GT Explains: What Are Sleep Tracking Apps, How They Work and the Best Ones

Sleep as Android

When we sleep, we alternate between deep sleep and light sleep cycles. These phases generally last 30 minutes. At least that’s what science tells us, but sleeping patterns are different for each of us. Some go to sleep as soon as they hit the bed, some take hours. Which is why mentally calculating when you’ll […]

Top 4 Relaxing Sounds Apps for iOS and Android


While some of us fall asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillow, for others it may take hours of staring blankly at the ceiling. It might be insomnia, anxiety or just years of accumulated bad habits. In times like these, relaxing your mind and body and focusing on your breath helps a lot. […]

Top 2 Free Digital Signature Apps For Android And iOS

digital signature

In this digital age, with passwords and 2-step verifications, your signature might not seem as relevant. But for a lot of places it still is. Whether it’s an invoice for your monthly checkup or a contract with a new client, you need to seal the deal with a physical signature. Or something that looks like a […]

How to Make the Most Out of Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper is one of the best tools around if your job involves browsing the web all the time – for example, you’re a news or article writer (or you just like to keep well-informed). Here’s how to make the most of this great tool. Evernote Web Clipper First of all, why is it […]

Top 5 iOS And Android Apps For Sending Greeting Cards On Any Ocassion

greetings card

Like handwritten notes have been replaced by Facebook wall posts, greeting cards have been replaced by… well, ecards or nothing at all. Just like fashion, the vintage in tech always makes a comeback. I used to wish my friends Happy Birthday on Facebook. But then I saw that so were the other 150 or so people, […]

6 Best Budgeting and Personal Finance Apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone


For me, keeping track of my money used to seem like the most Herculean feat in this world. Daunting tasks such as bill payments, due dates, and maintaining a monthly budget gave me goosebumps. Excel sheets, financial journals, and the additional math were like monsters to be defeated. But now, times have changed and we […]

Top 4 Free Android Apps For Listening To SoundCloud and Grooveshark


When it comes to streaming songs, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Or is there? Sure, streaming services like Spotify have free tiers now but they are laden with frequent ads and the mobile apps are limited to a point where you can’t even manage your now playing queue. On the desktop, […]

How To Add Data Sliders and Pop-ups To Save Time On Numbers for iPad


While Apple has done an amazing job bringing their productivity suite of apps to both the iPhone and the iPad, they’ve done less than stellar when it comes to showing users how to make the most out of those apps. Of these, Numbers for iPad is perhaps the most underutilized, as many users simply don’t know about […]

7 Reasons to Use Google Keep As Your Note Taking Tool


Keep is Google’s official foray into the world of note taking. It’s a standalone app only available for Android, Chrome and the web. It’s not as feature rich as Google Drive, but it makes for a really great minimal note taking tool. In the article about minimal note taking apps I told you how I […]

Terminology 3 Review: The Must-Have Extensible Dictionary App for iOS


There are a plethora of dictionary apps on the App Store, most of them free. iOS, unlike Android, has a system-wide dictionary accessible just by choosing the define option after highlighting a word. So why do you need to pay two dollars for a dedicated dictionary app? Because a more powerful dictionary app will improve your vocabulary […]

The Best Apps For Improving Wikipedia Experience On Web, iOS And Android


Wikipedia started out in 2001 and it still looks like a site developed in 2001. On the desktop, it’s helpful, sure. And you’re used to it. But on mobile, it’s a whole different story. Wikipedia pages are quite long. And you find yourself jumping from one link to another as you plunge deeper and deeper into […]

7 Handy Trackpad Gestures for Mac Users


One aspect of Apple products that has always been one of their staples is gestures. They initially became popularized with iOS devices of course, but now gestures are also an important facet of the Mac experience. Surprisingly though, several of them are not well known among Mac users. This is definitely something we plan to […]