How to Transfer Photos from PC to iPhone Camera Roll without iTunes and Cables

iphone camera

So before I dive into the topic, let me tell you a brief history about why it was important for me to transfer my photos to the camera roll on the iPhone. My parents came over to our place last weekend and the entire family went for a weekend trip. As usual, we took plenty […]

11 Great PopClip Extensions to Help Increase Your Productivity


If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you’re familiar with the bubble that pops up when you select some text. Here you find contextual options like copy, paste, define, and highlight. If you’re a heavy user, you can get pretty fond of this interaction. Just having contextual options pop up over the selected text without […]

How To Take Low Res Screenshots on a Retina MacBook


The Retina MacBook’s screen is a beauty. After looking at this 2560×1600 screen, I don’t even like my 1080p monitor so much. Images and videos, even the low-res ones look great on the Retina display (thanks to OS X’s brilliant scaling features). But by far the best thing about it is the text. It’s just […]

How To Apply Date and Time Stamps to Photos on iPhone and Android


Remember those old disposable Kodak cameras your family used to take on vacations? And how each of them had a time stamp at the bottom right corner of the printed image? Good times, huh? Not really. For the most part, those time stamps were ugly. While the data, especially the date was helpful, the presentation […]

How to Correctly Set up Google+ Photo Auto Backup on Android

Young couple taking a selfie

Ever since I lost more than a thousand photographs the day my HTC One went numb, I have been using Dropbox’s auto upload feature just to make sure that all my captured moments are preserved forever. However, with Google+ coming out with features like auto awesome and stories, it was a bit tough to ignore […]

How To Encrypt Zip Files with AES for Better Security


If you frequently exchange zipped files, you’re aware that they can be password protected. But there’s a lot more you can do to make sure your file isn’t exploited by the wrong people. And the best part is, it doesn’t take very long. Today we’ll tell you how (and why) to use a stronger AES […]

How To Easily Create GIFs from Video Files on Mac


There are lots of ways to make a GIF these days. You can use something as complicated as Photoshop or as simple as a web app. And of course, there are iPhone and Android apps for it. But what about Mac? What if you have a video file of a screen recording or of your niece […]

Soulver for iOS Review: Visual Calculation is a Thing

I come from an Accounting background. I did my Bachelor’s in Commerce. I currently write about technology on the web. Yet somehow, I suck at math. Fortunately, calculators are always there to help you. But here’s the thing – you need to tell this to the education system. Just handing out calculators doesn’t help. You […]

How to Add TextExpander Snippets and Sync with Dropbox


TextExpander is a utility that expands snippets of text to phrases or sentences on the fly. Think of it like shortcuts for your text. If your work requires you to type the same thing over and over again, TextExpander snippets will make things a lot easier. Yes, you can simply copy and paste, but that way […]

GT Explains: Difference between WEP, WPA and WPA2 and Which is Most Secure

WiFi Security

The first rule of Wi-Fi networking is you don’t leave your network unprotected. The second rule of Wi-Fi networking is you don’t connect to unprotected Wi-Fi (not without a VPN at least). And yes, feel free to talk about this one. WEP, WPA, and WPA2 are three different kinds of security protocols. When you set […]

3 Useful Ways to Access Google Keep on iOS


I frequently change between Android and iOS to maintain familiarity with both platforms (and because my job requires me to). Last time I was using Android, I started using Google Keep as a minimalistic alternative to Evernote. All I wanted was an easy, free interface with unlimited note taking and Keep fulfilled my requirements. However, when […]

How To Back Up Android App Data Using Helium via Mac (Without Root)


It used to be that you needed to be rooted to back up your precious app data. This could be for a high score in a game or the thousands of SMS you’ve sent and received during the past year. But those days are long gone. We’ve been able to take app data backups via a […]

How to Make Facebook on Android Open Links in Chrome or Javelin


The recently updated Facebook app added an in-app browser. All the links clicked from Facebook will now open inside the app instead of Chrome. Yay, more personal tracking data for Facebook. Who do they think you are? An iOS user? Blatant egotism aside, this move by Facebook has some pros and cons. The good thing […]

Top 5 System and Data Monitoring Widgets for iOS 8


Android embraces the data nerd in you with open arms. iOS though, not so much. You don’t know how much free RAM the phone has, how long till the phone’s battery runs out, how much data your phone has used since your last billing cycle, nothing. Of course, there have been apps that solve these […]