How to Stop Struggling With New Habits and Master Them With This Brilliant Tool

lift cover

Lift started as a humble little app for iPhone to track what you do each day. It was a great accountability tool and you could see exactly how many days you went to the gym last month or ate healthy. But at the time, the scope and scale of Lift was really limited. It was […]

The Best Tech, Comedy and Dev Podcasts You Should Subscribe To


Podcasts (apart from Audiobooks) are a great way to kill some time while learning something during your commute or while working out. I usually listen to an episode during my bike ride and so far it has been an amazing experience. If you were thinking of diving into the podcast world, we’ve got you covered. […]

2 Ways to Switch Between Android Apps Using Swipe Gestures


One of the best things about Android is the ability to switch between running tasks and do multiple jobs without wasting time. The smartphones that come with dedicated soft key task switcher can easily switch between any running task in the background. However, the ones like Samsung Galaxy series, that come with hardware buttons, don’t have […]

How to Make Fonts and Objects Larger and More Readable on Mac (OS X Mavericks)


For modern Mac users, there are several scenarios in which having a font larger in size on their Macs can be a great advantage. For example: Having a Retina Display Macbook: These Macs boast high density displays that, while allowing for more screen real estate, can also suffer from readability issues due to smaller fonts. […]

A Review of the Awesome Flick Kick Football Legends Game for iPhone


When it comes to games like shooters, platformers and sports titles, it is hard to find worthy entries on the iPhone mainly due to the lack of accurate physical controls. However, sometimes developers come up with great ideas that provide a fresh focus to known genres. This is the case of Flick Kick Football Legends […]

How to Make the Most Out of Snapseed for Android: Part 1


When it comes to a photo editing tool for a smartphone, it’s tough to stand out of the crowd. The competition is huge, with apps like Instagram and  Hipstamatic offering one-touch image enhancements using different filters. That means the photo editing app should be a cut above the rest to lure the user. We have […]

Some Little-Known Productivity Tips For Finder and Dock in OS X Mavericks

fix os x mavericks issues

If you are a Mac user, you know that OS X makes life a lot easier thanks to the small details that make the system so much more reliable and efficient. With every new version of the system though, Apple always introduces a series of new features that make it even better. OS X Mavericks […]

Get Better Email Interface for Outlook and Yahoo on Android with myMail


A few months ago, I migrated from Gmail to Outlook. Gmail fans might wonder why I’d move to a less feature-rich (supposedly) tool. Well the answer is simple. As Outlook was new in the market, I was able to pick up my favourite email alias, which was not available on Gmail. Plus I wanted to […]

Top 3 Speed Reading Apps for iPhone and iPad

Speed Reading Illustration

The content available on the Internet is ever increasing, but our attention spans and capacity to consume are not. Speed reading is not a new concept, Tim Ferris has written about this several times but until now you had to develop the art of speed reading by practising for hours. But not any more. A […]

Software Data Cable App: All-in-One File Transfer Solution for Android


Time and again we have seen ways in which we can transfer files from Android to Windows using Wi-Fi, send files and app between two Android devices and also how we can sync files and folders between Android and Windows automatically. The only problem was, a different app was required for each of these tasks. […]

OpenEmu for Mac: The iTunes Of Old-School Games


In other entries, we have shown you how your Mac can be a very capable gaming machine that allows you to enjoy your older catalogue of both handheld and console Nintendo games via emulation apps. As it turns out,  OpenEmu for Mac, a new application, was released sometime back that takes an entirely new approach […]

How to Use Google Location History, Enable or Disable It


The next time you are asked to prove your alibi, don’t rely on your memory or call in for favors. Just open Google Location History and voila, it knows where you were at that precise time! This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone though. As long as your phone’s GPS is on, the apps […]

How to Make iOS Reminders a Better Task Manager With GoodTask App


If one of your main uses for your iPhone is to help you keep track of your tasks and organize them, then surely you must have seen plenty of to-do apps on the App Store. Here at Guiding Tech we have covered some of the most notable of them, like Any.Do and Clear. This time, […]

3 Cool New Safari Features and Changes on iOS 7


With the move from iOS 6 to iOS 7, Apple brought a series of changes to its mobile operating system, including all its native apps. Safari in particular was one of the apps that underwent the most drastic changes, some of which we outlined in this post. There are quite a few more, though, as […]