5 Useful Tips for Saving Space On Your iCloud Backups

Reduce iCloud backup Thumb

There is no doubt that the arrival of iCloud has made life a lot easier for many iPhone, iPad and iPod owners out there, allowing us to have our most important information synced in real-time across all our devices and, most importantly, live completely unplugged from any of our Macs or Windows PCs, not needing […]

How to Install and Use Flash on Android Jelly Bean Devices


A few months back, Adobe stopped the development of Flash for Android devices starting from the Jelly Bean version. According to them, Flash had security issues and made devices more vulnerable to hackers. The Flash has now being replaced by something more stable and is what we all call HTML 5. Many websites have moved […]

How to Disable the Backspace Key Action on Firefox


If you are a Firefox user you must have noticed the browser response to a Backspace stroke on the keyboard. If you have, you would know that the action takes you to the previous page on that tab i.e. the action is equivalent to clicking on the browser back button. Now, the feature can be […]

MoMA: The Free (and Awesome) iPhone App For The Art Lover

MoMA review

Of all the types of apps that are available in the App Store, art apps are perhaps some of the most understated. There are great offerings available but most of the best ones are paid and usually deal with very specific topics, such as one artist or one art genre. However, what if you would […]

How to Make the Most of Your iPhone’s Social Integration

Integrations Tips

We’ve already shown you in past articles how well Facebook and Twitter integrate into iOS in its latest version, making their setup extremely easy and then allowing you to post and tweet from just about any screen on your iPhone or other iOS device. Besides the simple setup and posting, there are a few other […]

How to Share Files of Any Size Online by Creating Private Torrent File in uTorrent


Nowadays, transferring a file from one computer to another through the internet is hardly uncommon. Cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive have bumped the few MBs of file size limit associated with emails to a few GBs. But then, there are always caveats. Though these services make gigabytes of file transfer possible, they come […]

3 Ways to Zoom a PowerPoint Slide in Presentation Mode


Sometimes you have to address huge crowds when you are presenting things. And when the number is really big, it becomes difficult for the audience at the back or the corners to follow the slide contents. Besides, if a detailed picture or some dense stuff is packed in, it gets too difficult for the presenter […]

How to Share and Send Any File on Android via WhatsApp and SMS


WhatsApp is one of the best ways to transfer files between two smartphones over the internet. However it has certain limitations which could be frustrating at times. Only audio, image or a video files can be transferred to the recipient. There is no provision to share any other file from the Android file system like […]

How to Transfer App Data From One iPhone or iOS Device to Another

Copy Apps Data

When it comes to apps, many of them increasingly rely on iCloud or iTunes to sync data and/or progress across devices. However, if you don’t want to use either of these or if perhaps you would like to share all your data from one app or your progress in let’s say, a game with someone […]

How to Hide or Disable Spotify Updates on Facebook


When you make an account on Spotify using Facebook, each song you listen on it is published on your Facebook Wall by default. Most of us don’t give a second look to Facebook app permissions and Spotify takes advantage of it to publicize itself on your Wall. Off late I was regularly getting complaints from […]

How to Share Save Files For PSone Classics Between a PS3 and a PSP

Share Save Files

We’ve already shown you how to transfer and install PSP games and PSone Classics that you downloaded with your PS3. We also told you how, in the case of PSone Classics, these can be played on both the PS3 and on Sony’s old portable. Well, the great thing about this is that not only can […]

The Complete Guide to Fixing Windows 7 Search Indexing Issues


You know how the index of a book helps you look for contents in it. Similarly, Windows has an indexing mechanism that speeds up searching of files in the system. Instead of going through each drive and directory, Windows simply searches for the associated index and maps the real location of the file. However, the […]

How to Give Access to Your Gmail Account Without Sharing Password


Suppose you are a high official in a company and you want to grant your personal secretary access over your Gmail account so that he or she can reply to some emails and fix appointments on your behalf. One straightforward thing to do is hand over your Gmail password and make things work but that’s […]

Evernote Food for iOS Review: Never Forget That Amazing Meal or Restaurant Again

Evernote Food Review

Have you ever thought that your life revolves around the meals you eat? Have you ever had a day of which you can’t remember anything clearly except the great food you had? If this reads like you and if you ever wanted to organize your life by foods or simply would like to remember those […]