How To Customize Your Google Forms With Themes

Google Forms

Google Forms are a great way to collect information from others, but the problem until now was that forms looked pretty plain and unattractive. That’s about to change, as Google has introduced themes for the service. Here’s how to use them. Google Forms Themes Using Google Forms to collect your friends’ or coworkers’ input is […]

How To Speed Up a Slow Mac

macBook speed up

A Mac usually takes care of itself. But once its been used for one too many years, it starts getting slow, just like any computer. It can be anything; hard drive overload, corrupted system files, a rogue app or just an outdated OS. There could be a lot wrong under the hood, and hunting for the […]

5 Important Apple Watch Features That Are Little Known


On its recent September keynote, Apple finally announced its entrance to the wearable/fashion market with the Apple Watch. However, while we got a good look at this new wrist accessory from Cupertino, Apple left many questions unanswered about this new product. Thankfully, different reporters got answers to a few of these questions, finding out some […]

How To Install Greasemonkey And Userscripts In Firefox And Chrome


Tinkerers always find their way. When you’re looking from far above, browsers like Chrome and websites like YouTube and Facebook look impenetrable. But it’s all built on the same code. Some basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript to shape what you see and server side programming to keep it running. And a lot of it is open […]

Month: An Amazing Calendar Widget for your Android


Most of us might be using a calendar app to easily organize our day-to-day meetings, meetups, and events. All Android devices already have a comprehensive built-in stock app from Google that covers all the aspects necessary for a calendar app. However, most of the time users forgo opening the entire app, and instead just look at […]

2 Automated Lifelogging Journal Apps For Android And iOS

lifelogging header

There are some amazing journal apps available for Android. Journey is the latest addition. But the problem with most journal apps is that you still need to write stuff manually. You need to open the app, specify the places you went, import the pictures you took, the music you played, etc. Sounds like a lot of work […]

4 Great Tricks To Work Faster and Better With Pages for Mac

Pages Advanced Tricks

If you use Pages on your Mac on a constant basis, then you must have learned a thing or two from our different entries on the basics of Pages or our useful tips about this app. However, if you really want to take your Pages documents to a whole new level, then you’ll have to […]

How To Quickly and Easily Encrypt Data On Android


Our phones are our lives. We use it to talk to people close to us, write about our personal lives, sign important documents, and even use it to take not-so-suitable for work selfies. All important data should be protected and encrypted. Now there’s an Android app to do this easily and effectively. What Is Secrecy? […]

How To Only Show Selected Photos To Friends On Android and iOS

overswipe header

No matter how much you trust your friends, I bet your heart skips a beat when you hand over your phone to someone else. Your phone is personal, and we’ve told you many ways to password protect apps and encrypt files. But there’s a simple way to stop your friends from swiping way too far […]

All-In-One Toolbox is a Great All-Around Maintenance App for Android


So far on Guiding Tech we have talked about Android apps with which you can batch uninstall apps, optimize CPU usage, or clean up junk from the device. These apps usually specialize in one thing to help you better manage your Android smartphone. But today I am going to talk about an amazing Android app that combines all […]

3 Awesome Ways To Integrate Dropbox In Chrome

dropbox chrome

Dropbox is awesome. It’s the thing that got me to “the cloud” and I’ve never climbed down since. Before I try a new productivity app, the first thing I check is if it has Dropbox integration. While virtually every good app plugs into Dropbox, the app itself remains fairly primitive. It’s just a collection of […]

How to Control Android Remotely Using TeamViewer QuickSupport


Remote assistance is a great way for you to aid others with their day-to-day tech problems. It’s way better than directing someone over the phone. Because of the visual assistance, the user at the other end can learn what’s going on easily. Considering my area of expertise, I am the go-to guy in my family […]

Halftone 2 Review: Simple and Intuitive Comic Book Creation For iPad


  Who of us haven’t enjoyed comics at some point of our lives? In fact, I remain a big fan of a few series that I constantly read. However, I’ve always considered creating them difficult and have admired the people who create them if only because of the sheer amount of work and talent it […]

How To Sync Ebook Read Positions Between Devices

ebook syncing

The last decade has been kind to us. Households went from one desktop that used to sit in the living room to multiple laptops/tablets/cell phones. These days, it’s not odd to find 3–4 devices to one name. All that access to technology is great but it brings up a big issue of syncing data. Today […]