How to Reset Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE to Their Factory Defaults


If too many problems are occurring in a browser, the best fix may be to just reset all the settings. Resetting browser settings will usually clear any modifications that were made since the first install. This may include anything from disabling add-ons or toolbars to simply clearing temporary data and cookies. If troubles are inflicting […]

DeskConnect: A Better Airdrop Alternative to Transfer Files Between Macs and iOS Devices


One of the nicest features of the newly-released iOS 7 is AirDrop, which allows you to transfer files wirelessly across iOS devices. However, as is sadly the case with other Apple services, AirDrop is somewhat limited, and it doesn’t support Macs and devices running other versions of iOS, like iOS 6 for example and not […]

How to Add Custom Tabs and Groups to MS Office Ribbon


Most tools these days, have adapted to the concept of toolbars and ribbons. Now, why do you think they have done so? The simplest reason is that it enables users to work more comfortably with the mouse and perform activities quickly. The best example of the ribbon in the one that comes with all the […]

4 Cool IFTTT Recipes That Use the iOS Photos App

IFTTT-Recipes-That-Use-the-iOS-Photos-App is a web service for automating different tasks. There are numerous functions called channels, and when two channels are connected to each other it’s called a recipe. You can create recipes for free to automate all sorts of things. What we’ll look at today is automating things that involve the built-in iOS Photos app. […]

How To Enable Remote Desktop or RDP in VMware


There are multiple methods of connecting to a virtual machine in VMware. You could do it manually, through the VMware Workstation program, or install TeamViewer, LogMeIn, or any other remote access software. If you just need access within a local network, and you don’t want to access the host machine every time, it’s really easy […]

Evomail and Molto: 2 Nice Alternatives to iPhone’s Mail App


If there is one kind of app that the iPhone (and iOS devices in general) lack, it is mail clients. Not that this is a bad thing, especially since Apple’s native Mail app does a great job managing various email accounts. In fact, in a past entry we already compared it to Sparrow, a great […]

4 Methods For Listening to the Same iTunes Library On Multiple Computers


If you have multiple computers with iTunes installed then chances are that the music on them isn’t in sync, and you’ve separate songs on each of them. Maintaining separate music collections doesn’t make sense if you listen to music on these different computers frequently. Why not either combine the iTunes libraries or maybe sync/share them […]

3 Cool New Features of System Preferences in OS X Mavericks on Mac


As we showed you in this past entry about the Finder, OS X Mavericks brings a lot of changes and new features to Mac owners. These start from the moment you install it (which is a lot more streamlined process than before) and range to small, yet important details like increasing the battery life of […]

How to Track Changes Across Different Document Apps in Mac


Working with word processors or text editors with any frequency usually entails a lot of corrections and rewriting, especially if you want your work to be perfect. Getting your writing to that level, though, is not the easiest task even after several corrections. And if you also happen to work on the same document with […]

How To Translate Email Text in Thunderbird, Outlook, Chrome, and Firefox

How-To -Email-Text-in-Thunderbird,-Outlook,-Chrome,-and-Firefox

If you have a friend or work associate that speaks in a tongue different than your own, it’s likely you don’t understand not only their spoken language, but also their written or typed text. One way you could circumvent is this is to open Google Translate and paste the email contents into the form to […]

Improve Your Mac’s Battery Life Using These OS X Mavericks Tools


For Apple as a company, one of the advantages of creating your own hardware and software is that you can fine tune and optimize your operating systems to perfectly fit the hardware you create. This is plain obvious the moment you come in contact with an iPhone, an iPad or a Mac, but it hasn’t […]

Use Switch Control on iOS 7 To Control Your iPhone Using Head Gestures


In past entries, we have already mentioned a few, very useful features that iOS devices offer for users with disabilities. However, with iOS 7 Apple is making its iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch more accessible than ever with some nifty features that just about anyone can use. Here, we’ll take a look at how to […]

3 Free, Fun and Spooky iPhone Games to Enjoy Halloween


Halloween draws near, and that usually means tricks, treats and lots of candy. But that’s not all, it also means you can watch a horror movie or even better, enjoy some great Halloween games on your iPhone that can be just as scary and fun. Here are three different iPhones games that are completely free, […]

How To Change Windows 8.1 Lock Screen’s Appearance or Remove it Completely


The lock screen for Windows 8 appears before you log in. You must click or drag the first screen away before you can choose a user to sign on with. This screen can sometimes just be in the way altogether and you’d rather have it appear better or remove it completely. Let us look at […]