What Happens When You Block Someone on Facebook

Gone are the days when you fought with someone, you could simply stop talking to them and move on. Now, with social media being such a big deal in our lives, fights are incomplete if we don’t take action online too.

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Facebook users will either unfriend the person or block them. While unfriending someone is simple and only removes them from your list, blocking someone is complicated.

You may wonder — what happens when you block a person on Facebook? Well, luck is on your side for you have landed on the correct page. Here we will tell you everything that happens after blocking someone on that social networking site.

Let’s start.

What Happens to Old Posts, Comments, Likes, Etc.

When you block someone, your old posts and comments are hidden from their view — be it on their timeline or anywhere else. Similarly, their posts, comments, likes, etc. will vanish from your feed. Everything between you and the blocked person will disappear from your point of view. However, all those things will still be visible to others.

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What About New Posts, Comments, Likes

Blocking someone practically hides your profile from each other. You aren’t able to access their Facebook profile page at all. So neither you nor the blocked person will be able to create a new post on each other’s timeline.

Similarly, both of you won’t be able to see each other’s posts and comments on mutual pages.

Can Blocked Person Search for Your Profile on Facebook

No. When you block someone on Facebook and if they search for your profile on Facebook, you will not appear in Facebook search results. Similarly, if you search for the blocked person, they will not appear in your search results.

Sometimes, the blocked person might appear but clicking on the profile will result in a blank page.

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Can Blocked Person Access Your Profile Through Google Search

Facebook profiles are available through Google search results too, unless you have changed the privacy settings and hidden your profile from search results.

So if you have blocked the person and they search your name in Google or some other search engine, they will be able to see your profile link (URL) but if they are logged in, they won’t be able to see your profile. If they log out from their profile, they will be able to see your public profile or whatever is public on your profile.

Pro Tip:

What Happens to Shared Photo or Post by Mutual Friends

Once you block someone, you won’t be able to read each other’s comments even though both of you will be able to comment on a mutual friend’s post or photo. That’s because after blocking Facebook hides your profile from each other.

If your mutual friend posts a photo of you or the person you have blocked (with or without tag), both of you will be able to see the picture since the content belongs to the mutual friend.

Now if a mutual friend shares a post or photo from your wall on his/her wall, what happens then? In that case, the blocked person won’t see the content of the shared post.

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Are Tags Visible

You cannot tag the blocked person nor can they. And if a mutual friend does tag any of you, the other person will not see the tag or their name.

What Happens to Stories

Once you have blocked someone, they will not see your ephemeral Facebook or Messenger stories — even if you haven’t blocked them on Messenger. Same goes for your side too.

What About Common Groups

Things are slightly different for groups. While you or the blocked person won’t be able to add the other person to a new group, you will still remain part of common groups. And strangely, the blocked person can see your comments and posts in common groups, but you cannot view anything related to them (posts, comments, likes, etc.). Those things are hidden.

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Can You Message and Call on Facebook Messenger

Nope. When you block someone on Facebook, both of you lose the power to converse (call and message) with each other on Messenger in private chats. You can still communicate and see messages on group chats though. When you enter a group where the blocked person is a member, you will be notified about it.

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However, if you block them on Messenger only, you can still view their Facebook profile and interact with them on Facebook. That’s because blocking on Messenger is different from blocking on Facebook.

What Happens to Old Messages on Facebook Messenger

Blocking someone on Facebook won’t automatically delete the old messages on Messenger. However, you won’t be able to interact further except in common group conversations as mentioned above.

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Why Can I See Someone on Messenger but Not Facebook

It means that the person has deactivated their Facebook profile. Since Messenger can be used without a Facebook profile too, they still appear in the Messenger.

Other reason could be they have blocked you on Facebook. You can only see the message thread on Messenger and not actually chat with them.

Are People Notified When You Block Them

No. Facebook doesn’t send a notification when you block someone.

Does Blocking Unfriend You

Yes. Blocking someone removes them from your friend list.

Can You Block on Facebook Without Unfriending Them

I wish it was possible, but it isn’t unless you block them on Messenger only. That way you still remain friends on Facebook.

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What Happens When You Unblock Someone on Facebook

When you unblock, you will be able to view other’s public profile, new comments, likes, tags, and other things. You will even see the old comments, posts, tags, etc. that were hidden when you blocked the person.

You can continue interacting again. However, since blocking unfriends them, unblocking them will not restore the connection. You will have to send them a friend request.

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Any Exceptions to Block

Yes, you might see the person whom you have blocked in some games and apps for third-party developers create them, and the Facebook block doesn’t apply there.

Is Blocking Permanent on Facebook

No. You can always unblock a person as shown below.

How to Block on Facebook

Here’s how to go about it:

Block on Mobile Apps

Step 1: Open the Facebook app and tap on the three-bar icon at the top.

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Step 2: Select Settings & Privacy from the menu followed by Settings.

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Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Blocking. Then tap on Add to blocked list and search for the person that you want to block.

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Block on Website

Step 1: Open the Facebook website and tap on the small down arrow at the top. Select Settings from the menu.

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Step 2: Select Blocking from the left sidebar. Then, search for the person that you want to block in the Block Users section.

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Alternatively, open the Facebook profile of the person that you want to block and tap/click on the three-dot icon present near the cover photo. Select Block from the menu.

How to Unblock on Facebook

To unblock, repeat the steps mentioned above and tap on Unblock.

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Goodbye, Friend!

Blocking someone on Facebook disconnects them from you, in a virtual way. That is, you no longer exist to them and vice versa. It has other downsides too. I would suggest either unfriending the person or restricting your profile to them before taking the harsh step of block.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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