How to See Who Is Stalking Your Facebook Profile

You know what they say: “Once it’s on the Internet, it’s there forever.” Digital technologies and social media have made it easy for third parties to access data about virtually everyone. Facebook, in particular, is a great place to go if you want to spy on someone digitally. But how do you see who is stalking your Facebook profile?


Detecting digital paparazzi is not that simple, especially if they keep a low profile. This quick guide will list the most common tell-tale signs indicating someone is stalking you on Facebook.

What Is Facebook Stalking

Facebook Stalking basically means that someone is keeping a close eye on your social media activities. The person checks all your posts, videos, photos, and other activities on the platform.

There are two types of stalking on Facebook. If you have met someone recently, the person may glance over your profile to check your posts and interests. However, sometimes someone regularly tracks your visited places and other media.

For example, maybe your neighbor knows too many things about you. The problem is that you’re not close friends and rarely interact with them in real life. One possible explanation for how they learned so much information about you is that they’re stalking you on Facebook.

Signs That Someone’s Stalking You on Facebook

Facebook doesn’t let you track who views your profile and posts. This means that you cannot extract a list of the people who checked your profile or posts over a given period. You can notice clues indicating someone is suspiciously interested in your Facebook activity.

Check Who Views Your Stories Regularly

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Facebook Stories can only be viewed within 24 hours after you publish them. The good news is that you can track who views them. Run an experiment, and post a new story every day for two weeks. Then, list all the users who regularly checked your stories out. Most likely, your stalker is one of them.

Check What You Have in Common

Stalkers generally follow you everywhere. If they notice you joined a new Facebook group, they might join the same group shortly after. Check who keeps popping up in the groups you’re a member of.

The good news is that you can quickly check that information out. Facebook lets you see who’s in the same group. Simply click on Members to list all the group members. Check if someone’s in all or nearly all of the groups you’re a member of.

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Some stalkers may even send friend requests to the people you often interact with on Facebook. Check if your Facebook friends have recently become friends with the same people.

Getting Friend Requests

Did you reject someone’s friend request and yet receive the same from the person? Someone is definitely interested in knowing more about you.

Getting Likes and Comments on Old Posts

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Stalkers often go through your timeline to learn more about your online activities. Sometimes, they may like your old posts and even comment on them. If you notice that someone suddenly started liking or commenting on posts from months or years ago, that’s a good indication they might be your stalker.

Find Your Top Viewers Using Your Profile’s Source Code

You can use your Facebook profile’s source code to check the top viewers. However, the method isn’t foolproof, as it may simply display the people you have interacted with the most on Facebook.

Step 1: Visit Facebook on the web and sign in with your account. Go to your profile.

Step 2: Right-click on the page and select ‘View Source Code’.

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Step 3: Press Ctrl + F or Command + F on your keyboard and search for ‘buddy_id’.

Step 4: Check the list of names that appear under the code.

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How to Prevent Stalking on Facebook

If you’re 100 percent convinced you’ve successfully identified the stalker, the first step is to restrict or block them. Then, enable stricter privacy settings. For example, allow close friends only to see your posts and list of Facebook friends. The idea is to limit who can see your Facebook activities and interact with you on the platform.


Additionally, you can also report their profile to Facebook. Explain what made you fill out the report form. If your stalker becomes aggressive and you feel they could potentially harm you or the people you know, don’t hesitate to contact your local law enforcement.

Do Profiles in “People You May Know” Stalking Your Facebook Profile

The straight answer is no. Facebook shows such suggestions based on your mutual friends, location, education, workplace, and other factors. The same profiles aren’t stalking your Facebook account.

Keep Prying Eyes Away

There are two main categories of stalkers on Facebook: quiet stalkers who keep a low profile and not-so-quiet stalkers. Stalkers often like and comment on posts you published months ago. The quickest and safest way to deal with stalkers is to block them and enable stricter privacy settings.

Have you ever been stalked on Facebook? What did you do to solve the problem? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Last updated on 04 October, 2023

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