What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram

Are you wondering, “Can you block someone on Instagram?” Yes, you can. But what happens when you block a user on Instagram? In simple words, the blocked profile won’t be able to see your posts and stories. But is that it? What happens to everything else such as comments, likes, messages, bio, and other things? We shall answer all such queries in this post where we help you understand what happens after blocking someone on Instagram.

what happens when you block someone on instagram

In the past few years, Instagram aka Insta has taken the world by storm, and now most people worship it. From rekindling old friendships to getting irritated by someone spamming your inbox, everything happens daily. But when it gets too much, thankfully, Instagram provides measures like blocking to control it. Let’s learn the aftereffects of blocking someone on Instagram.

Can Someone Still See You If You Block Them on Instagram

Not really. The blocked person will not be able to see anything on your profile. It’s like your profile doesn’t exist on Instagram. However, sometimes, due to a cache issue, the blocked person might be able to view your profile name through search, but that will stop after a few days.

Also, the blocked person can tap on your profile from previous messages but that will also show No Posts yet screen. But please keep in mind that the blocked user can see your profile from a web browser by logging out from their own profile.

Instagram Profile Blocked User

Can the Blocked Person See Changes in the Profile Picture and Bio

The blocked person can see changes in your profile picture if the previous message thread is present in their inbox. That’s because the profile picture will change in the message thread. However, the blocked user cannot track changes in your bio as your profile doesn’t open for them. Talking about bio, check some of the cool bio tricks and hacks.

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If You Block Someone on Instagram, Can You Still See Their Profile

Yes. You can see the profile of the person that you block on Instagram via the blocked list, through search, or messages. However, you will only be able to see the profile picture, number of posts, and bio. So you can see changes in the bio and profile picture of the person that you block.

You will have to unblock the person to see their followers or actual posts.

Instagram Profile Block check

What Does Someone’s Profile Look Like When They Block You

As mentioned above, you won’t be able to see the profile of the user who blocked you on Instagram. If you try to access their profile using a username or any other place, this is what you will see:

Instagram Profile Blocked User

What Happens to Likes and Comments

When you block someone on Instagram, they won’t be able to like or comment on your new pictures. Furthermore, their likes and comments will be removed from your posts. And if you unblock the user, the likes or comments will not return. So once blocked, the previous likes and comments are gone from that user.

However, the blocked user can still see your likes and comments on posts of public accounts or accounts that you both follow.

Moreover, your likes and comments will not be removed from the profile of the blocked user.

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Can a Blocked Person Mention or Tag You

No, the blocked cannot mention you on Instagram. If they try to tag you with your current username, they will get an error saying Can’t mention. Also if you change your username, they won’t be able to mention you as they don’t have your new username. Similarly, you cannot tag the blocked person.

Instagram Tag Block

What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram Messages (DM)

Firstly, there’s only one block on Instagram. So whether you block someone from their profile or via messages, it will block their entire profile including messages and all the things mentioned in this post will hold true.

When you block someone on Instagram Messages, you will not be able to send them any new messages. You will get an error saying that you need to unblock the person before you can message them.

Instagram block messages

On the contrary, the blocked person can send messages in the existing message thread, but those messages won’t be delivered to you. Even when you unblock someone on Instagram, those messages won’t come back. The ability to allow the blocked user to send messages is provided so that the blocked user doesn’t know that he/she has been blocked.

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Does Blocking Someone on Instagram Delete Messages

No, blocking someone on Instagram will not delete previous messages from anyone’s end. The message thread will stay in the inbox until you manually delete it.

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If You Send Someone a Message on Instagram and Then Block Them Can They Still Read It

Yes, there’s a high probability that the message will be delivered before you block the person. So even if you block the person after sending a message, it won’t help much. If you want to delete messages from both sides, Instagram provides a native feature to unsend messages. Long press the sent message and select Unsend.

Instagram Unsend Message

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If You Block Someone on Instagram, Can They Still Message You

Yes and no. The blocked user can initiate messages only if they have the previous message thread in their inbox. However, those messages won’t be delivered to you. So while it may appear to the blocked user that he/she is sending messages to you, in reality, the messages aren’t actually being delivered to you. Basically, the blocked user cannot message you on Instagram.

What Happens to Group Messages

If the blocked person and you are a member of the same group chat, blocking will not remove either of you from the same group. However, you will see a dialog box in the group after blocking someone asking whether you want to stay in the group or leave since the blocked person is in the group. If you stay in the group, both of you can see each other’s messages.

Can a Blocked Person See Online Status

When you block someone, they will be deprived of your online status (green dot) and so would be you, if it was enabled.

Is Blocking on Instagram Story Different

You cannot block someone on the Instagram story. You can only mute or hide stories. Muting a story will hide the other person’s story from your profile and with the hide option, you can restrict your story from their view.

Can Blocked Accounts See Your Instagram Stories

No, blocked accounts cannot see your Instagram story as your profile isn’t visible to them. Similarly, you cannot see their stories.

If I Block Someone on Instagram, Can They See I Viewed Their Story

If you accidentally viewed your ex’s (or someone else’s) Instagram story and then decided to block them, the blocked user won’t be able to see that you viewed their story.

Does Blocking on Instagram Also Block the Person on Facebook

No. Blocking a person on Instagram will not have any impact on your relationship with them on Facebook.

Does Blocking Unfollow the Person

Yes. Blocking a person will automatically make you unfollow the person. It will also remove them from your followers. In case you unblock them later, you two will have to follow each other again.

Do Your Followers Know That You Blocked Someone

Nope. Only you and the blocked person will hold this deep, dark secret unless they tell someone.

What Happens When Your Instagram Profile Is Public

All the above things remain true. The only difference is that the blocked person can create a new Instagram account or use someone else’s profile to view your posts and stories as they are public.

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Does Instagram Notify When You Block Someone

Nope. Instagram doesn’t send a notification of any sort to the blocked person.

How to Block Someone on Instagram

To block an Instagram profile, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the profile that you want to block.

Step 2: Tap the three-dot icon at the top. From the pop-up menu, select Block.

Instagram How to block

How to See a list of people that you’ve blocked on Instagram

To see all the users that you have blocked on Instagram, follow these steps:

Step 1: In the Instagram app, go to your profile screen and tap on the three-bar icon. Select Settings and privacy.

Instagram Settings

Step 2: Go to Blocked to see the list of blocked users.

Instagram view blocked list

How to Unblock Someone on Instagram

To unblock a person, open their Instagram profile and tap on the Unblock option.

instagram unblock profile

Alternatively, if you aren’t able to access their profile, go to the list of blocked users from Instagram Settings and privacy > Blocked. Tap on the Unblock button next to the profile that you want to unblock.

Instagram Unblock

What Happens When You Unblock Someone on Instagram

When you unblock someone on Instagram, you can now view their posts and stories provided it’s a public profile. If it’s a private profile, you will need to send a Follow request first. However, keep in mind that blocking removes you two from each other’s follower list. So when you unblock them, you will have to follow them again. You will also be able to message and tag each other.

FAQs About What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram

If You Block Someone on Instagram, Will They Know

While Instagram doesn’t notify the blocked user directly, he/she could get suspicious if they are unable to view your profile.

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram?

There are many ways to identify that. For instance, open their profile via tags or comments and see if you get the No posts error. You can also check from a different profile and see if you are able to see the profile that blocked you. Check our detailed guide on how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Can you block someone from commenting only?

Yes. You can block someone from commenting on your Instagram posts. Go to Instagram Settings > Comments. Under Block Comments From, add the people who you don’t want to comment on your posts. Please note that blocking someone from commenting on your posts will not block them from accessing your new or old posts, stories, and messages. Their old comments will also stay. The only thing that will change is that won’t be able to make new comments.

What is the difference between restrict and block on Instagram?

Restricting someone on Instagram only prevents them from commenting and messaging you. The user can still see your profile. On the contrary, blocking a profile completely prevents the user from seeing your profile. Know the detailed difference between block and restrict on Instagram.

Can you see who searched for you on Instagram?

No, you cannot know who searched or viewed your Instagram profile.

Think Before You Block

Now that you know what happens after blocking a person on Instagram, think twice before taking that significant step. You can try other methods of avoiding contact with someone such as muting their posts or messages, hiding your posts or stories, restricting your stories to close friends, or removing them from your followers.

Last updated on 27 August, 2023

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