What Happens When You Unfollow Someone on Instagram

Instagram doesn’t have an add a friend option like the one on Facebook. You need to follow the person to connect with them. However, following is a one-way link on Instagram. We already know what happens when you follow someone on Instagram. But what are the aftereffects of unfollowing someone? Find the answer in this post.

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Instagram provides many ways to avoid someone. Those include restrict, block, mute, hide, and unfollow. While block is harsh and easily identifiable, unfollow is a mild way to stop seeing someone on your feed. But does it affect your posts, messages, likes, and other things?

Let’s discover the answer as we dive deep into what happens after unfollowing someone on Instagram.

What Is Unfollow on Instagram

On Instagram, Unfollow means to stop following someone. Now, when you follow someone, their posts and stories appear in your Instagram feed. Unfollow is its opposite. When you unfollow a person, their posts and stories will stop appearing in your feed. But can you still see their posts? Find the answer next.

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Are Their Posts Visible After Unfollowing Someone

Even though the posts and stories from the person whom you unfollowed will not appear in your feed, the fact whether you can still see their posts or not depends on the private and public accounts.

If you unfollow a private account, then you cannot see their posts or stories even if you visit their profile. You will need to send a follow request to view the posts. Things are different for a public account. You can still see their posts by opening their Instagram profile. You don’t even have to log out.

When You Unfollow Someone On Instagram, Can They See Your Posts

As mentioned before, unfollowing is a one-way street. So the other person can still see your posts, both in the feed and on profile, even if you unfollow them. They need to unfollow on their end to stop seeing your posts.

What Happens to Likes and Comments

Your likes and comments will not disappear if you unfollow someone.

What Happens to Messages

Nothing happens to messages after unfollowing someone. Your past messages will not disappear. Similarly, you can still DM the person and continue chatting with them.

Can You Follow the Person Again

Yes. You can easily follow the person again. However, the person will be notified that you followed them.

Can You Undo Unfollowing a Person

No. You cannot undo that without following them again.

Will a Person Be Notified When You Unfollow Them

No. Thankfully, that will not happen for Instagram doesn’t send a notification when you unfollow someone. However, there are ways to know if someone has unfollowed you.

How to Check if Someone Unfollowed You

You can do that easily by checking your Followers list. For that, go to your Instagram profile screen and tap on Followers. Use the search at the top to find the person who you think might have unfollowed you. If the person follows you, he/she will appear in the list with a Remove button next to them.

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Can You Stop Seeing Someone on Instagram Without Unfollowing Them

If the annoying posts or stories are the sole reason to unfollow someone, you don’t need to take such a harsh step. You can simply mute them.

Instagram offers a separate mute option for stories and posts. So you can either mute one of them or both. Muting does a similar job without unfollowing them. When you mute a person, you will not see their posts or stories on your feed. You will have to open the profile of the person (both private and public) to view the stories and posts.

To mute posts from someone, tap on the three-dot icon next to their post and select Mute. To mute a story, long-tap on the story icon and select Mute.

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Tip: Find out how mute differs from hide and block on Instagram.

How to Make Someone Else Unfollow You

Unfollowing someone will not make them unfollow you. But what if you want someone to unfollow you? You can do that by removing them from your Followers list on Instagram. Find out how to do so and what happens when you remove a follower from our dedicated post on it.

How to Unfollow Someone on Instagram

For that, open their Instagram profile and tap on the Following option. Select Unfollow from the menu.

Note: The method is the same whether the other person follows you or not.

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Tip: You can restrict a person on Instagram by following the above steps.

Troubleshoot: Instagram Still Shows Following

After unfollowing someone, if you still see Following on their profile, here’s how to fix it and the reasons behind that.

Network Issue

The primary reason why sometimes you still see Following on Instagram is because of network issues. Meaning, when you unfollowed them, there might have been some problem with your internet, and that’s why the request to unfollow didn’t go through. Try again and it will work.

Log Out

You should try logging out from your account on Instagram. Then, log in again. Hopefully, the issue would be fixed.

Don’t Take Unfollow Too Seriously

You should not take it personally when someone unfollows you on Instagram, especially if it’s a stranger. Some people follow others just to gain followers, and then they unfollow them.

Also, it’s not necessary to unfollow someone if they have unfollowed you. If you like that person’s posts, it’s okay to continue following them. And it’s fine, even if you unfollow them.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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