How to Integrate SkyDrive With Gmail to Send Files Easily


We have seen a few changes coming to Gmail in the recent times. There was one on its message compose and reply/forward interface. There was another one that integrated Google Drive more closely with Gmail. Well, the integration thing was a must because features a similar association with SkyDrive. With that in place, users […]

5 Best Free Battery Management Apps For iPhone

Top 5 Battery Apps

There are a lot of apps in the App Store to view and manage your iPhone’s battery life, and only a bunch of them are truly useful and different from the rest. What is not easy though, is to find the best of them that are also free, which is exactly what this post is […]

How to Sync Game Progress, App Data and Specific Folders Between Android Devices


I have always loved playing games on my Android and now that I have a 10” tablet, the fun has increased fourfold. When I am at home I play games on my tablet, however when I am traveling, more often than not I end up playing them on my phone. Now the thing that was […]

How To Create an Encrypted Folder to Secure Your Important Files in Mac

Mac Encrypted Folder

Do you have a Mac and ever wondered how to secure your most important files and folders so that no one can access them even if they have full access to your computer? Perhaps you share your Mac with someone else and don’t want to create a whole new account for that person or you […]

A Review of Kii Keyboard for Android: Interesting One With Text Shortcuts & Gestures


While researching on how to hide the virtual keyboard on Android, I tested a few keyboards that are available on the Play Store to see if the hardware key detection feature was there in them. While testing them I came across a promising keyboard app named Kii. Though the keyboard didn’t offer the option to […]

How to Fix Songs in Same Album Showing as Separate in iTunes, iPhone, iPod


The other day I was doing some music shopping online (yes, now that I am not perennially broke, I prefer paying for all digital goods including music), and ended up purchasing the 2012 Grammy Nominees album. Some amazing tracks in there. But to my surprise, when I tried playing the entire album on my iPhone […]

2 Tools to Search and Manage Skype Chat History Offline


Recently we told you the importance of backing up Skype chat history and also defined the process on how to do that. However, with that you will just be able to backup and restore the history when needed. Where it falls short is that you cannot view the history outside the Skype tool. In order […]

How To Change Your Mac Application Icons Easily and For Free

Change Mac Icons

One of the aspects of the Mac that most users never even think about, is customization. This is in part Apple’s fault, since the main elements of OS X already come neatly organized and most of them have gorgeous graphics and icons. However, despite what many people think, OS X is highly customizable and allows […]

How to Get iPad or iOS Like Gestures on Android Phones and Tablets


After I got my Android Samsung Note, one of my favorite pass-times was bashing the iPads some of my friends own. Talking about widgets, multiprocessing, overlay apps were some of my favorite punches. The fun continued for quite a few days, until one of my friends asked me if my Android supported gestures. For the […]

Get Detailed Battery Stats in iPhone and Optimize it With Battery Doctor

Control iPhone Battery

One of the aspects of smartphones that is always under debate is their battery life. The iPhone is no exception of course. We’ve already shown you how to preserve your iPhone battery life, and Apple on its part constantly brings hardware and software revisions that give users a series of improvements to the battery performance […]

How to Root Samsung Note 10.1 Installing Custom Recovery (For Advanced Users)


In the previous article about rooting Samsung Note 10.1 we saw how we can use CF-Auto-Root to easily root the device. Though the process was easy, it didn’t install a custom recovery on the device. A custom recovery is very necessary if you wish to wipe the phone, install custom ROMs or take Nandroid backups. […]

How to Root Samsung Note 10.1 using CF-Auto-Root (Root for Beginners)


As promised in my previous article on how to update Samsung Note 10.1 using Kies, today I will show you how to root the device in the easiest way possible. The method works for all the variants of Samsung Note 10.1 running on Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. CF-Auto-Root is a simple rooting mechanism […]

How to Use Your iCloud Account Like a Dropbox Folder

iCloud into Dropbox

At this point, it is almost a sure thing that majority of you reading this have a Dropbox account. However, one of this service’s biggest drawbacks is its pricing, which is very high if you want to upgrade from the measly 2 GB free storage that they provide by default. There are ways to get […]

Top 5 Racing Games for Android (Free and Paid)


So far, we have covered a lot of geeky and nerdy Android content, but today we are going to do something different. On readers’ demand, starting today I will be covering a few articles every now and then on Android gaming. And for the first post I will be talking about Android racing games. Cool […]