How to Transfer Large Files Between Two Android Devices Quickly


The most convenient mode of file transfer between two mobile devices is Bluetooth and we all must have used it at some point to transfer music and photos between our phones. However, Bluetooth is only helpful when we need to transfer a few files of fairly small sizes (like a photo or a document). As the transfer […]

OSnap for iOS: The Simplest and Quickest iPhone Camera App


Like many great iOS apps, oSnap was born out of frustration. The developer, a father, was trying to snap some pictures of her new born daughter with the iPhone in one hand and his daughter in another. iPhone is not that big of a phone, and one handed use comes with ease. But that’s the […]

How to Quickly Clone Existing Outlook Appointment to a New Date


Unless you are a pro at managing and organizing meetings and appointments, they can quickly get overwhelming and tire you out. Besides, it also helps if you are quick in scheduling one when needed. Outlook’s desktop client as a tool that supports most of those requirements. It also has a few hidden tricks. Today we will unfold the quickest […]

How To Search And Save Maps Easily In The Updated Google Maps App

Map update

Google Maps update 3.0 for Android and iOS is one of the biggest updates to the Maps app ever. The update introduces ground-breaking features like Lane Guidance in navigation, a feature that was once exclusive to expensive GPS trackers from the likes of TomTom and Gramin. In urban areas where one lane streets are a normality […]

How to Customize Android Share Menu and Share With Multiple Apps


When compared to the iPhone, Android has always had significantly better intra-app sharing features or the share menu as it is called. For example, if you see a photo on your Facebook timeline that you want to share with a friend on WhatsApp, normally an iPhone user would have to save the photo to the album and then […]

How To Permanently Delete Pre-Installed Bloatware From Your New Windows 8 Laptop

Windows 8 start screen

Bloatware and Windows go hand in hand. Always have, always will. Only, with Windows 8, Microsoft got a change to get creative with the bloatware. Real creative. When you turned on your laptop after a fresh Windows 8 install, you were greeted by the beautiful Metro tile based UI – the Start screen. The screen […]

Duolingo for iOS: The Best Free App For Language Learning On The Go


Here at Guiding Tech we have previously shown you the best resources for learning different languages. Most of the time though, whenever you want to learn one, you have to do it on your computer via online courses or applications. This time though, we’ll take a look at what is easily the best free source to […]

Outlook 2013: Assign Specific Email Alert Sounds for Each Contact

outlook 2013 mailbox

Outlook 2013 can be customized to fit exactly to your needs, and assigning a specific notification sound to messages from a certain contact is a great way to do so. I’ve recently talked about using a signature in Outlook 2013, now it’s time to customize how you’re alerted when your wife, business partner or best friend […]

Never Exceed Your Data Allowance on iPhone With My Data Manager


Most of us who use data connections like 3G or LTE on our devices have a dedicated plan. These packs are very cheap when compared to the price one would have to pay for each KB or MB of the data if used without a plan. And you probably know that your carrier is always […]

How To Always Have Access To Search, Calculator And Mail Via A Floating App In Android

float page

In the past, developers have tried to experiment with applications of apps in the hope of getting something more out of the border to border app structure we are so accustomed to. Samsung tried to jam two working apps on one screen, but that’s available only on, of course, Samsung phones. Paranoid Android custom ROM brought […]

How to Fix Missing Gridlines in an Excel Worksheet


Gridlines are faint lines that act like cell dividers in MS Excel. They distinguish cells from each other and make data in them more legible. By default the gridlines are active on Excel. But depending on the kind of a data a worksheet contains, it may not have the gridlines. As a result, it could […]

5 Excellent Apps to Share Better Images on Instagram


Say what you will about Instagram, it is starting to become a great tool to click and share images (and just that). With each passing day Facebook gets more bloated. Twitter isn’t for everyone and the only reason I ever go to LinkedIn is to either disable the email newsletter I don’t remember subscribing to or because a […]

The Best Keyboard Shortcuts to Master PowerPoint


What’s the secret of a good presentation or a good presenter? Usually, a good presentation is low on words and high on pictures (could be animations, tables and charts too). It also depends on how well the presenter is able to put his point across through his oratory skills and making use of intelligent highlighting on the slideshow. […]

Google Docs and Sheets for iOS: A Not-So-Worthy Replacement to Google Drive


With the recent release of Office for iOS devices and with the excellent iPad and iPhone versions of Numbers, Pages and Keynote, Google has deemed in their best interest to release their own standalone versions of their productivity apps – Google Docs and Google Sheets – on the App Store. I say ‘standalone versions’ because in the past […]

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