10 Best iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweaks For The iPad

iPad tweaks

Now that it’s been some time since the iOS 7 jailbreak came out, we are seeing lots of exciting tweaks taking shape for iOS 7. And the updates will only keep getting better in coming months. Before we start, you need to be running iOS 7 on your iPad (or a compatible hardware) to take advantage […]

Wi-Fi Matic Auto-Switches Android Wi-Fi On or Off (No GPS Needed)


I always keep a tab on my Android’s Wi-Fi usage in order to maximize my device’s battery life. Prevoiusly, when Android was still a fledgling OS, this used to be a manual task that required me to disable the Wi-Fi after use and enable it when required. But now we have apps to automate this […]

How to Share, Lock and Edit Spreadsheets On Numbers for iOS


When Numbers launched on iOS devices not too long ago, it showed that it was perfectly possible to create advanced slideshows right on your mobile device. And while the first versions of Numbers lacked several important features, the latest updates have brought in more than a few interesting ones that are worth mentioning. Let’s get […]

3 Brilliant Jailbreak Tools to Customize iPhone’s Control Center


For many iOS device owners, Control Center was like a godsend when Apple introduced it with iOS 7. However, what this tool delivers in usefulness, it lacks in flexibility. Thankfully, if you know how to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad, you have access to a series of really nice tweaks (all available through Cydia) that can […]

How to Get iOS Style Pop-up Dictionary Everywhere On Android


Last few years, we’ve seen a lot of give and take between Android and iOS – from notification center to design language. And thanks to the openness of Android, you can go one step further and flash a custom ROM to gain features you normally wouldn’t have access to. Something like MIUI offers you a […]

How to Monitor Network Connections in Android in Real-Time


Monitoring data usage on a smartphone is a challenge. With so many networks we keep switching to and the horde of apps that keep connecting to the internet, it’s a herculean task to keep an eye on all the apps that require internet access on our device and the server they are actually trying to […]

Pocket Informant for iOS Review: An All-in-One Productivity App for Power Users


On the App Store, there are a number of apps to choose from when it comes to almost any task, be it games, weather apps and such. However, while we might get several games or apps of other kinds, we usually put a lot more thought on choosing a productivity app, mainly because those are […]

Pushbullet Review: The Best Way To Send Text And Files From Browser To Android


Over the last few years, the openness of Android has enabled us to do all sorts of crazy things natively. Accessing root and playing around with the core system, something that’s frowned upon the other side of the pond. While different services have enabled us to wirelessly send files, notes, share clipboard and even access […]

GT Explains: What Are Markdown Writing Tools and Why Online Writers Should Use It

markdown Logo

Time for a little history lesson. Markdown was created by Apple Guru from Daring Fireball, John Gruber. And in essence all it is, is a mark-up syntax, just like HTML. Only a lot easier to write and one that works wonderfully well with HTML and by extension, the web (including WordPress). What Is Markdown? Answered […]

Reviewing Brewster, an All-in-one Contacts App for iOS, Mac, Android


For many, their contacts still remain as one of the areas that could use some improvement, especially since most of us have them spread around different services and networks, like your email address book, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Now, with Brewster, that’s a problem that will certainly be solved for some of us. […]

Flow For Instagram Review: The Best Way To Browse Instagram On Your iPad

Flow Feed

Instagram is a hugely popular photo sharing app, with 150 million active monthly users. It seems odd then that their iOS client does not have iPad support. Yes, you can use the iPhone app blown up 2x on your iPad or access their website from a browser but none of these experiences are anywhere near […]

Medium Vs WordPress.com – Which Blogging Platform Is Right For You

Medium home

When it comes to blogging there are lots of alternatives available and more platforms are released every week. In this article we will focus on the heavy weight champion of the blogging world – wordpress.com going against the new age alternative – medium.com I’m sure you must have heard of Medium by now. Either from […]

How to Install Themes to Give Your Jailbroken iOS 7 iPhone a New Look


With iOS 7, Apple provided users with a fresh, new look to the OS that marked a radical departure from previous versions of it. However, besides upgrading to iOS7, iPhone users have no way to customize the icons or UI elements of the system. This is where Winterboard comes into play. Winterboard is a customizing […]

Top 3 Journal Apps for Android With Excellent Features


We carry our phones everywhere these days. Whether we are experiencing a life altering moment or just relaxing on the couch watching an indie movie, our smartphones are always with us. So it makes sense to use them as a journal. Yes, not a lot of us write in journal these days, instead opting to […]