3 Quick and Simple Tips to Speed Up Your Mac


If you happen to have the latest Mac or a last generation one, then chances are it still performs flawlessly. However, if you have one from a couple of generations ago you might have noticed a decrease in its speed or performance. Considering that, here we have gathered a few tips that can help you […]

4 Finder Tips to Improve How You View Files on Your Mac


One of the great aspects of Mac OS X is definitely its simplicity. However, because of this we tend to overlook how flexible and advanced the system can be. A great example of this aspect is the Finder, the Mac’s default manager for all sorts of files, disks, applications and network-related elements. Usually we take […]

5 Must Have Apps for Your New Android Tablet


You’ve probably heard some variation of this line before: “Sure, Android has tablets, but most of the apps aren’t optimized to take advantage of the bigger displays and higher resolutions – unlike Apple devices.” It’s true. Android has historically lagged behind iOS in terms of tablet apps. The good news is this situation has begun […]

Top 3 Free Alternatives to Windows Media Center in Windows 8


Recently, we showed our readers how to get DVD playback on Windows 8, but what if you’ve just noticed that your brand new copy of Windows 8 no longer includes the Media Center either?¬†While Media Center was primarily used by folks that utilized their computers as a living room media PC, it was still a […]

Studio Design: Use Your iPhone to Turn Your Photos Into Artful Print Designs


If you are like me, one of the tasks that you wish you were better at but that you find the trickiest to perform on your computer is to tweak your photos to turn them into original designs. In a past entry we have already explored how you can use an iPhone app to add […]

3 Simple Yet Powerful Free Text Editors For Mac


While for a lot of people word processors like MS Word or Apple’s own Pages (check out a great tutorial about it here) are their preferred way of working with text on their Macs or PCs, these applications might be too much for tasks outside of creating highly detailed college papers or business reports. On […]

How to Make Your Android Phone Look and Feel like Ubuntu Touch


While Android and iOS get the most recognition and attention, there are plenty of other mobile OSes out there. Some of them are reasonably well known, like Blackberry and Windows Phone, while others are new or only serve a limited market. One of these lesser-known, newer OSes is Ubuntu (mobile). You might have already heard […]

Get that Stock Android Look and Feel – Without Rooting or Flashing Your Device


There are quite a few types of Android users out there. First, we have fans of stock Android. These folks generally go with a Nexus device, or root and flash their Android tablets and phones to turn them into stock Android-powered devices. Next we have those that like carrier customizations, including UI changes found in […]

YouTube 2.0 for iPhone Enables Multitasking Within the App


In a past entry, we have already looked at video applications that could replace the official YouTube app for iPhone and found that, while capable, it was hard to recommend any third party app over Google’s official offering, since it was their app the one that offered the YouTube experience that better resembled the real […]

How to Enable Email Notifications For Shared Google Docs Spreadsheets


Google Docs are a great way to share information with associates or anyone in general. Although sharing is great, another feature you should implement when two or more are working together is notifications for when changes are made. With Google Docs, you can set up notification alerts to be sent out when a spreadsheet has […]

How to Speed Up Your Older or Budget Android Phone


Android is a robust platform that is designed for extreme versatility and flexibility. If a manufacturer wants to install a custom skin or fork the OS completely? Not a problem. Maybe they want to install the OS on a quad-core super-phone, or maybe they wish to bring us a single-core budget device? That’s fine, too. […]

Plants vs Zombies 2: Tips for First Time Players of This Original Tower Defense Game


Of the countless games available for iPhone users on the App Store, only a very select few can be considered instant classics.¬†Plants vs Zombies is a great example of this: A tower defense game that has you planting different kinds of plants and vegetables with varied powers to defend your home from invading troops of […]

How to Set up and Use CheapCast, the Chromecast Alternative


You might already know about Chromecast: the ultra-cheap $35 dongle that allows you to quickly stream content from your Android devices (and even the PC) right over to your big-screen television. If you like the idea of being able to quickly push online content from your mobile device to your TV, then Chromecast is certainly […]

3 Free or Inexpensive Desktop Monitor Apps for Mac


While Macs stand for simplicity and ease of use, that doesn’t mean they’re perfect and you don’t need to monitor it. In fact, as with any piece of hardware, your Mac will last longer and perform way better if you keep tabs on some of its most important metrics, such as temperature, hard drive space, […]