Top 15 Windows 8 Themes For a Beautiful Desktop


A Windows theme can show your uniqueness and creativity if you build your own, but there are also tons you get download from other people. We looked at building your own theme here, so now we’ll take a look at what others have to offer. We’ve gathered 15 spectacular themes for Windows 8. Be it […]

2 Tips for a Productive and Safer Browsing on Safari


When Apple released OS X Mountain Lion, one of the applications that received the most changes was Safari, Apple’s own web browser. This application now comes vastly improved when compared to its predecessors thanks to a series of features that Apple added to it to make users’ lives easier. However, not all these features are […]

5 Things You Must Know How to Pin on a WP8 Device


Live tiles is definitely one feature that has kept Windows Phone 8 devices up and running in the market. I feel it gives a sleek and simple, yet an elegant look to the interface. Besides, its ability to show details of notifications based on the size of the tile you choose is amazing. And, the […]

How To Prepare Your Mac for OS X Mavericks and Install It The Easy Way


If you have a Mac, then you most likely know already that Apple released OS X Mavericks recently. The best part of all? This latest version of OS X is completely free and available right now from the Mac App Store. Now, installing a new OS always seems like a daunting task, but thanks to […]

How to Use the Google+ Image Editor to Adjust and Add Effects to Images


We can upload images to Google+  all day, but that won’t make people enjoy and share them. You need something particular, unique, and interesting about your photos to drive engagement. One way you can easily do this is utilize its built-in image editor. There’s no need to pull out GIMP, Photoshop, or even Windows Paint […]

Top 3 Free iPhone Book Quiz Apps


To some degree, we all are fans of books. Be it of just a couple that got our attention years ago or of an entire library that we keep consuming even nowadays. No matter where in this spectrum you are though, you will be glad to now that there are a few iPhone apps that […]

How to Monitor and Save Clipboard Text on Windows for Easy Recovery


I’m sure we all frequently save text for one purpose or another. I always find myself copying whole paragraphs, URLs, definitions, email content etc. for use in other applications. When something is copied, it’s sent to the Windows clipboard. When something else is copied, the previous content is then overwritten to make the new content […]

How To Improve iOS 7 Performance On iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S


Without a doubt, one of the most significant changes Apple made to the iPhone in the past years was the introduction of the radically new iOS 7, which brought a fresh, modern look to iOS devices. However, in the case of the iPhone, if you have an iPhone model that is older than the iPhone […]

How to Create Your Own Custom Windows 8 Theme


A theme is a collection of customizations that pertain to Windows as a whole. For example, changing system sounds away from the default or adding unique images as the desktop wallpaper results in a custom theme. You can then save this theme or share it with others. Changes to a theme involve the desktop background, […]

Top 8 New Windows 8.1 Productivity Tips and Features


Windows 8.1 fixed issues and included features that the previous version didn’t contain. That means you can get work done more productively on Windows 8.1 than on Windows 8. We’ll look at some nice tips in this article that are useful for everyday use. Some new features are those that aren’t easily recognizable at first, […]

Airmail: A Flexible Mac Email Client That Works As a Great Alternative to Apple Mail


Since Sparrow was acquired by Google, the fate of both the excellent desktop and iOS mail apps from the developer was uncertain. In fact, besides a few, inconsequential updates, the apps have remained the same, which really casts a doubt over their futures. With Sparrow for Mac almost guaranteed to not receive further updates, Airmail, […]

GT Explains: What Are SkyDrive Smart Files in Windows 8.1 and Should You Use it?


Smart files enable a method of viewing SkyDrive files without the trouble of having them use up space on a local disk. So if you set up SkyDrive in Windows 8.1, you can view photos and documents without having them actually stored locally. View and open any file you want to see and they will automatically […]

How to Reject Calls With a Text and Change the Default Texts in WP8


No news is not usually good news. Almost always we expect responses to phone calls and messages from the people we are trying to reach. And, when we don’t get one, we are left wondering about their status. When you’re too busy to take a call the best way to avoid getting the same call […]

How to Slim Down Your iWork Keynote Presentations Using Icon Fonts


If you create presentations even with some frequency, then you must know that one of the primary concerns when creating one is to find just the right kind of icons and graphics to use on them. Ideally, your graphics or other images for presentations should be large and come with transparent backgrounds to provide maximum […]