GT Explains: What Is Encryption in iOS 8 And Why Use it


iOS 8’s encryption is beautiful. I know that’s not the word you’d usually use to describe such an uninspiring process. But this is something Apple is good at. Making things simple and making them work. Like Apple Pay for example. The reason iOS 8’s encryption is so beautiful is because it works in the background […]

Top 5 Dead Simple Video Calling Apps for iOS and Android

Skype Qik

Video calling apps are hard to do right. The unreliability of Skype after Microsoft acquired it and made it non-P2P tells the story. Just the act of sending video and audio over the internet takes a lot of bandwidth. Which is why you always experience call drops, lag, and sometimes complete and utter distortion. Is […]

PhotoMath Review: A Flawed But Promising Way to Solve Math Equations With Your iPhone’s Camera


With all the apps available for iOS devices on the App Store, there is always a chance you will find something that will truly surprise you. However, few apps can be as impressive as those that make good use of augmented reality, allowing you to use your device to interact with the world around you. […]

Monitor Battery Life Status Across Devices From One Android


If you have multiple devices, like a smartphone and a tablet, it might be difficult to keep track of certain aspects of them. Battery, for instance. There could be a scenario where you are tethering your Android’s 4G to your tablet. Every now and then you might be interested in the amount of battery left on […]

Top 8 Accessibility Tips To Make iPhone Use Easier For The Elderly

Accessibility header

The iPhone is a great phone for the elderly people in your household. The app system is simple enough for your grandfather to understand. While the system is easy, the interface surely isn’t customized for people with bad eyes (the thin Helvetica Neue font doesn’t really help). There are many ways you can make an iPhone […]

How to Get Interest Based Alerts Using Hooks for iPhone


In today’s fast-paced world, we tend to forget many things. Be it a lunch appointment with your business client or your wife’s birthday, we now rely on our smartphone to remind us about them. Most of us use calendars to store these details so that we are reminded at the right time. But what about the […]

13 Kinds Of Portable Apps You Should Always Carry With You

Portable header

Windows has so many apps. Some like Chrome, Office, etc, are used every day, all day. Then you’ll find more obscure apps like TrueCrypt or Recuva – single purpose software that you need once in a blue moon. But when you do need it, there’s no time to go download. Portable apps for Windows are […]

Textra SMS: A Useful Android Messaging App With Material Design


With the launch of Android Lollipop, the material design apps are now trending. Material design, in simple terms, is the new set of design guidelines determined by Google, in which the design of apps should be minimalist and classy. The motion of objects should correspond to the user action without breaking the continuity of experience. […]

Top 5 Ways To Discover Shared Links on Twitter

News reading

Long live RSS. Ok, not really. People who love RSS for what it is, still use RSS. But it’s no secret that a lot of people have moved on – to Twitter of all places. Twitter is where you follow like minded people. Chances are that when someone you follow posts a link to an article […]

3 Hidden Features of OS X Yosemite You Didn’t Know About


With the release of OS X Yosemite, Apple brought along a series of new features that became instantly popular. In fact, there are so many new features in the new system that some of them slipped completely under our radar or were simply left out of the different presentations Apple held. That’s why in this […]

How to Root Most Sony Xperia Series Devices Easily


For a while I never had root access on my Xperia Z. Well, I never really wanted it until I got the 4.3 update from Sony. The latest update had some bugs that were causing a lot of battery drain due to the Google Play Services whenever location services were turned on. Now I did try everything […]

How To Play/Pause Spotify, Pandora, YouTube Using Mac’s Media Keys

Spotify Browser

I don’t live in the US but I listen to music via Spotify’s web app when I’m writing or just browsing the net. I use the free ad-supported tier because I don’t need access to premium mobile features (podcasts FTW) and it’s better than blatant piracy. Cool Tip: I use Hola Unblocker Chrome extension to mask […]

5 Uses for Your Phone Camera other than Taking Photos and Selfies


We use our smartphone cameras on a daily basis to shoot photos and selfies. We all just love to capture anything and everything, from our food to the funny looking dog down the street. But have you ever thought about the fact that these cameras can be used for so much more? Well if you haven’t, […]

How To Download Songs From SoundCloud On iPhone

Soundcloud download

SoundCloud’s new app for iPhone can win design awards. Everything from transitions to one-handed use is thought out well. And it looks stunning. But the new app doesn’t have offline support. You cannot download songs (even the ones made downloadable by the artist) to listen to later. It’s streaming or nothing. Thankfully there are a […]