Task for iPhone: A Gesture-Based Task Manager That Keeps it Simple


If you are an iPhone user, one of the things that you probably have installed on it is a task manager to help you keep track of your to-do lists. If you follow the site regularly, you surely must have noticed that in past entries we’ve written about different task managers and even compared several […]

How to Take Group Photos From Android Without Leaving Out Anybody


A group photo is the perfect way to cherish the special moments you spend together with your family or friends. However, one problem while taking a group photo is that a person who is behind the camera is always missing. You might consider taking a selfie now that Ellen has made it a trend, but usually that […]

2 Cool Tips to Take Maximum Advantage of Your Mac’s Startup Process


While some of us Mac owners love to find tools and tricks to to optimize our Macs’ performance, there are a lot of cools things that the very OS X lets us do that most of us are not even aware of. In fact, as you will see below, in some cases OS X saves […]

UpWord Notes for iOS: Gesture Based Plain Text Notes And Reminders For iPhone

UpWord Logo

The iOS Appstore is populated by category-defining apps like Clear. But as simple as Clear might seem at first glance, its use of gestures as the only way of navigating becomes quickly overwhelming, especially when changing lists. You soon start getting the feeling that there should have been other input modes to complement gestures. That’s […]

Contact+ for Android Review: Link a Contact’s Different Social Accounts and See Updates


There was a time when a contact in your phone meant a name and a number. Now, of course, it’s that and your Facebook friends list, your WhatsApp buddies, your LinkedIn connections and even your location mates who check-in on foursquare. So your contacts are everywhere and that’s not a bad thing, if only the list […]

How to Add Custom Shortcuts to the Android Notification Drawer


I hate to admit it, but the one thing that I really like about the new Samsung devices which I didn’t get on my Xperia Z, were the numerous shortcuts in the Android notification drawer. In my phone I could only control Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, data and device sound and vibration profile, but that’s certainly not […]

FineScanner: An iOS Scanner App That Makes Scanning Quick and Easy


Being able to use your iPhone in novel and useful ways is always very empowering, especially when you can save yourself a lot of time and trouble. This is exactly the case when using your iPhone as a personal scanner, and while it might not be on par with professional, dedicated scanners, it still can […]

How to Use Android as Extended Desktop on Windows 8 or 8.1


Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your Android big screens tablets as extended laptop display if they’re just lying around waiting for you to pick them up? I had this in mind for my 10.1 inch Samsung Note 2 tablet for a long time. I knew it would serve well as my laptop’s extended display. […]

10 Best Plugins to Customize Muzei Live Wallpaper For Android

Muzei start

Muzei is a Live Wallpaper app for Android phones and tablets. There are thousands of live wallpaper apps available for Android, but this one is different. Firstly because it’s made by Roman Nurik, the developer of DashClock, the now ubiquitous lockscreen replacement. DashClock became popular because it was really easy to use and even easier […]

The Complete Guide to Samsung S Voice and How to Use it Effectively

S Voice

S Voice is an intelligent personal assistant exclusive to Samsung that allows you to control your device with vocal commands. Whether your hands are tied up or you’re just looking for a shortcut, S Voice will come in handy and streamline your mobile experience. How to use S Voice A good mobile app should be user-friendly, and with S […]

How to Record Everything You Type on Android With Type Machine App


We all must have encountered situations where we were working (typing, to be precise) on an app on Android and it suddenly crashed taking all the entered text with it. Some users also wish if there was a way they could copy more than just one snippet of information on their device’s clipboard and toggle […]

5 Advantages of BitTorrent Sync Over a Cloud Sync Tool Like Dropbox


BitTorrent Sync is a newer method of syncing your files (in fact, it’s still in beta). Like any other syncing service, it’s purpose is to have your files and data synced across devices so that you have the freedom and flexibility to work on them from anywhere. But why would you want to use it […]

3 Best Tools to Auto-Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails


Nobody likes inbox clutter, especially if you don’t have all day to check emails. I’ve been a victim of newsletter spam for sometime now, and it took me a considerable amount of time to segregate important from the useless ones. An annoyance I lived with for a while and then decided it was time to […]

How to Minimize and Prioritize Mobile Data Usage on iPhone


If you have an iPhone, then you must surely subscribe to a mobile data plan in order to have internet access anywhere. Most of these plans are limited though, and only but the most expensive ones give you unlimited data for you to use. That is, if your particular carrier in your city or country […]