2 Best Free Spotlight Replacements for Mac

Spotlight Replacements Featured

If you are a Mac owner, then you I am sure you appreciate the tools that come included by default with your Mac. In fact, I consider the software that comes with the Mac are the best pre-installed software on the computer market, with applications like iPhoto, Safari, QuickTime, Disk Utility, GarageBand, iMovie, Messages, Reminders […]

How to Backup File Versions in Windows 8 Using File History


Backing up apps and files in Windows 8 isn’t rocket science and there is more than one way to do it. But can that backup be real-time is the question. Why would you need it you might ask? File versions come to mind. There could be times when you lose data in a file because […]

How to Install Flash on Portable Browsers Without Admin Rights


The only browser that my college’s shared computer provides in the Windows environment is Internet Explorer. Don’t ask me why, but you can imagine the level of difficulty I have to face while working on it. Being a guest user one cannot install a standalone browser on any of these computers but thanks to portable […]

Fast for Facebook: A Better Alternative Facebook App for Android Tablets


When compared to Android, the official app for Facebook for iOS devices has always been smoother. Well, people say that it’s not just for Facebook but for almost all the apps out there. But from what I can see, the Facebook app for Android is just the perfect example for showcasing the poor third-party app […]

How to Delete Recent Recipients and Access Drafts Quickly on iOS Mail

Hidden Mail Tips

If your are like me, email is definitely one of the top apps that you use on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. So much so in fact that we’ve already covered it in several articles, ranging from the basics to more elaborate Mail tips, tutorials and even comparing it to alternative apps like Sparrow […]

2 Addictive Free iOS Games to Help You Improve Your Vocabulary and Math Skills

Play and Learn

If there is one category that literally sees no end when it comes to number and variety on the App Store, it is games. Usually, games fall into one of many genres, but there are few that manage to bring more to the table than just entertainment while at the same time being super fun […]

How to Play YouTube Videos on Android Non-Stop in the Background


Blessed are those who have access to Spotify in their country. Even though we can install and use Spotify outside the US and UK, it’s limited to just the free version. If you live in a country where Spotify is not yet launched, you cannot buy a premium membership because of credit card restrictions. And […]

Temple Run 2 for iOS Review: Is More of the Same Sometimes Too Much?

Temple Run 2 Review

I consider myself a gamer. I’ve had most consoles and like playing most genres, although I tend to favor deep engaging experiences. Even so, I’m always open to enjoying a good casual game, especially those that instantly grab your attention and that keep you playing for far more than you initially intended. Temple Run was […]

How to Remember Last Played Position of YouTube Videos in All Browsers


Almost all the desktop video players now come with the feature of remembering the last played position of videos, and they automatically resume them precisely from the position where the user left off. Windows media player still lacks it, but we have seen a workaround to integrate the feature in it as well. However, frankly, […]

How To Create a Bootable Backup of Your Mac for Free


As a Mac owner, one of the most important tasks that you should perform on a constant basis is to backup your Mac to an external hard drive. For me, Macs have been far more reliable than any other computer I had in the past but still, you never know when it might stop working […]

How to Directly Open Almost Any Downloaded File in the Browser


Have you ever wished that your browser could directly open a file you downloaded from the web rather than downloading it to your computer? Well if you have, today is your lucky day. We will see how we can open almost any type of file directly in our browser using an online service called rollApp […]

How to Locate Family or Friends on iPhone/iOS With Find My Friends

Find My Friends

One of the most important aspects of current smartphones is that they allow you to determine your location with extreme precision, with many people already using them to replace the GPS navigation systems they use on their cars. However, this is not the only useful aspect of having maps on a smartphone, as Apple has […]

Top 3 Apps to Record Incoming and Outgoing Calls on iPhone

Recording calls

For many people, despite the iPhone being one of the best smartphones out there, it lags in comparison to other phones in some aspects even when compared to phones from the pre-smartphone era. One of the most ostensible of these shortcomings is the complete lack of any native call recording option on the iPhone, an […]

How to Disable Facebook for Android Notifications (Also Disable Them For Certain Friends)


If you read my previous post on how to sync game progress on Android, you’d know that I now own not one but two of these devices. One annoying problem I suffered from maintaining multiple devices is multiple notifications. Each time I got a new notification, friend request or a message on Facebook, both my […]