GT Explains: What Is The Shellshock Bug and How To Patch It On Mac OS X


Heartbleed. Shellshock. Well we’ve learned the names of these dangerous bugs that sound like Taylor Swift song titles. Heartbleed affected virtually every website out there. It was a notorious bug that had laid dormant for years and while the fix was easy, it had to be implemented by every individual developer. Security expert Robert Graham says […]

How to Secure Your LinkedIn Account With Two-Step Verification

LinkedIn Security two-factor

Securing your LinkedIn account by using two-step verification is a great idea, especially if said account is an important tool for you. LinkedIn is a great tool for finding professional connections, and the more popular you are on the service, the more precious that account is. That is why you should do everything in your […]

How To Hide Photos and Receive Specific Email Notifications in iOS 8


With iOS 8, several new features were brought to users that made the system better and faster, as well as more productive. However, a great amount of these new features haven’t even been mentioned by Apple, leaving it for users to find them. Here are a couple of them that can help you both safeguard […]

Top 4 Alternatives To uTorrent For Windows

Torrent download

uTorrent has become a household name; at least in the households that are aware of torrents. And the reason it was the de facto torrent client was simple – it was good. And it was better than the rest. Then version 3 happened. The uTorrent app was no longer simple and lightweight. It started with […]

How to Easily Print Text (SMS) and WhatsApp Messages on Android


There might be instances where you would have to produce a hard copy backup of your messages and emails as evidence of a conversation that happened between you and a third party contact. Email prints are pretty easy to take and we’re well aware of that. However, today I will show you how you can […]

How to Make Full Use of the iOS 8 Photos App and Its Extensions


With iOS 8, Apple has given photo aficionados even more reasons to stick to the iPhone’s native Photos app, providing it with more powerful editing capabilities and with the ability to harness the options of other apps via the OS’s new Extensions feature. In fact, before iOS 8, almost every iPhone user that was serious […]

How To Block Malware On Android


If you’re using your Android phablet as your only computer, you’re using it for everything. And I mean everything (insert obligatory wink-wink emoji here). Desktop have sophisticated anti-virus programs to protect you from the perils of visiting the dark corners of the internet. You can’t say the same for your Android phone. Android’s openness is one of the […]

8 Google Play Store Settings You Might Not Know About


In the Google ecosystem, the Play Store plays an integral part. Without the Play Store there would be no easy way to access millions of apps. This means Android as we know it just wouldn’t exist. But for an app that holds such importance in our Android experience, we don’t know much about it. Today […]

How To Transfer Emulator Games To Your PS Vita Running TN-V Via FTP


From the moment you start using your hacked PS Vita running TN-V, you must have noticed that transferring games to it always requires you to re-transfer the Save data file to your Vita again and again. If you have just a few games you want to transfer that might be okay, but if you have […]

2 Apps to Regulate Your Android’s Connectivity to Save Battery Life


3G and Wi-Fi are one of the major reasons for battery drain issues on smartphones. For this reason, most of us disable the data on our droids for extended periods of time. Many devices come with a built-in stamina mode (power saver) that disables the 3G and Wi-Fi as soon as the screen times out and […]

How to Use Mail Merge In Google Docs

Merge by Mailchimp

When I was in school, the techie part of my brain was already blooming. But the school’s computer classes with MS Office never ignited my passion. Sure, it was useful stuff, something that would get us jobs someday. Still, I detested it. The worst of all was learning mail merge. I tried it in school, college, […]

How To Install Gaming Console Emulators and Other Homebrew (Custom Apps) On Your TN-V PS Vita


As a Vita owner, one of the aspects that makes this console great is the potential it holds for those willing to hack it. In fact, doing so can turn your PS Vita into a vast array of consoles, all of which you can carry with you in once device. If you are thinking about […]

CCleaner vs Glary Utilities: Which Windows Cleaning Utility Is For You


CCleaner is arguably one of the most beloved apps for any Windows enthusiast (an Android version is also now available). It started from the XP days when we used to clean Windows every weekend to keep the system in tip-top shape. Fast forward to Windows 8, add in next to next to next generation hardware and the […]

6 Things You Must Not Forget While Backing up iPhone Data Before Upgrading


For a lot of us, iPhones hold the data of our entire lives. From pictures of your baby to that sunset at the beach you don’t remember. There’s contacts, mail and not to forget, apps. Losing all this data means losing a part of your life. Which is why in this article you’ll learn how […]