3 Cool Tips to Use Your Mac’s Dock More Productively


For Mac users, the Dock can be either a tool that you hide and never use or something that you rely on several times a day. If you are a part of the latter group, then here are a few tips that will allow you to turn your Mac’s Dock into a much more productive […]

How To Get Gmail, Google Maps and Gtalk (Hangouts) On Windows Phone 8.1


There aren’t many (online) people in this world who can escape Google. It is everywhere. Or at least that’s what everyone says. Google is your gateway to all things Android and some of the top downloads on Apple App Store are Google apps. One place Google is unceremoniously absent is Windows Phone. Of course, we […]

5 Great, Free iPhone Apps To Aid the Disabled


While us iPhone users know we can find just about every kind of apps for our devices, rarely we stop to consider just how broad the range of apps are and how useful they can really be. One of the best examples of this are applications that are targeted towards the disabled, allowing iPhone owners […]

How To Speed Read Ebooks And Articles On Android

Speed Reader

Speed reading isn’t a new phenomenon but the method used to be different. You had to read a big book about the technique, understand how it worked and then spend days and days training your brain to read faster than your inner voice would let you. That was before the apps. Since last year, there’s […]

How To Run Mobile Versions of Websites In Their Own Windows On Mac


Some things work better on smaller screens. Twitter is better on phone than it is on the desktop site (it’s just so buggy), there are less ads on mobile websites and not to mention, a lot less clutter. If you’re visiting a responsive website, you can just narrow down the browser window to access the […]

5 Excellent Ways to Use Android as a Writing Tool

Android Writing Header

Can you write on Android? Yes, you can. What all? Anything you want basically. You can write anything from short notes, to articles like this, to a screenplay. If you are not put off by the small screen sizes anymore (it’s the age of big screen phones anyway) and you feel that you could get some writing […]

8 Cool Things You Can Do With Cortana


Cortana, Windows Phone’s personal assistant is programmed to do a lot of things. MS has learned from Siri and Google Now and integrated the best features from both. Thankfully, they didn’t just stop there. Cortana is a beast on its own and it has some really cool features that set it apart from other virtual […]

How To Make Your Rooted Android Phone Completely Ad Free


Most of the great Android apps are free. But they do come with a price – ads. There are all kinds of them. Banner ads that never go away, flash ads that take up the whole screen, and popups at the least expected time, leading you to open them mistakenly. Then there are sensible ads […]

Get These 7 Pro Features On Windows Phone 8.1 With Third Party Browsers

UC Browser

The latest version of Internet Explorer 11 that comes with every Windows Phone 8.1 device is a pretty good browser and will be more than enough for most people. IE 11 has all the basic stuff like private browsing, in-line videos, basic file downloads, data compression built right in. But if your interests sway more […]

How To Root And Install Custom Recovery On Dual SIM Moto G Running Kitkat 4.4.2


The Moto G is hands down one of the best things to come out of Google’s short endeavor with Motorola. A sub $200 phone with a quad-core processor and a 720p screen is impressive in itself. But when you add the latest flavor of vanilla Android on top, things go to a whole new level. […]

GT Explains: What is PRAM and SMC in Mac and Why You Might Need to Reset It

Mac open

Macs are usually pretty solid machines. But they are still machines. Operating on layers and layers of ones and zeros. Something somewhere is going to go wrong. Usually, a restart or reinstall does the trick. But what do you do when weird stuff starts happening that you can’t exactly put your finger on? Like the […]

Top 8 IFTTT Recipes To Supercharge Your Pocket Reading Experience

ifttt pocket

Pocket and IFTTT represent the best things about the internet. Open, free and extendable. You can import any type of media from any web browser to Pocket on almost every platform out there. And IFTTT (If This Then That) allows you to link one service with another and come up with automated actions. Naturally, when […]

How To Keep Track Of Your Expenses With Expense Manager on Android

Expense Manager

All of us could do with a little money management in our lives. The thing about money is that you don’t realize you have a problem until it is too late. You might hate looking at charts at work, but a chart of your absurd expenses mapped against your income is sure to get your […]

Angry Birds Epic Review: A New RPG That Even Its Iconic Characters Cannot Save


After countless releases and iterations of the known saga of cute-but-pissed-off birds against the sneaky pigs, the developers at Rovio are trying their hand at a different kind of genre, although they still make use of their world-renown characters. For starters, Angry Birds Epic is a new kind of game that might come as a […]