How to Install Xposed Framework on Android Lollipop


One of the many reasons for a hardcore Android user not to update to a Lollipop ROM was the missing Xposed Framework. If you have been using it since the days of KitKat, I don’t need to mention the kind of awesomeness it brings to your droids. However, once Lollipop was released, Google fixed the […]

2 iPhone Apps to Manage Expenses and Budget Efficiently


While budgeting might not be one of the most exciting things to do (I’m sure a lot of people consider it boring and tedious), it is an extremely important activity that every household should undertake. With budgeting, you are able to plan your financial life and afford things you need and like. In short, proper […]

How to Add a Spotlight-like Keyboard Launcher to Chrome

Tab Search Header 1

If you thought my extension overload was a bit too much, you should look at how many Chrome tabs and windows I have open. But I’m sure I’m no anomaly here. Yes, Chrome is a RAM guzzler, but at this point, we’re at its mercy. Because a lot of what we do is on the […]

4 Must-Have Cool (and Free) iOS Apps for Travelers


If you are a frequent traveler or plan to take a trip during your vacation, your iPhone (or any smartphone for that matter) can prove to be one of your best companions. The main reason for this is the variety of apps that you can install to help make the most out of your trip. […]

How to Play Any Video on a Pop-Up Frame on Android using Xposed


Multitasking as a habit may not lead to a productive life, but with such powerful devices that reside in our pockets, it would be a complete waste to ignore the habit while working on our smartphones. One example is when we are working on text and audio files. Although we can use multi-windows to read […]

How to Easily Batch Rename Files in OS X Yosemite

Batch Rename Files Yosemite

I’m sure there are hundreds of unorganized files on your Mac right now. Pictures from your vacation, PDF documents, downloads, TV episodes, and that doesn’t begin to cover it. The first step to organizing content is giving it a proper name, defining it. Then you figure out where it goes. That’s where batch renaming comes […]

How to Get Chromecast Wallpapers on PC and Android

Chromecast wallpapers

Chromecast is great for streaming all kinds of online and local media. Even when you’re not using it, Chromecast can serve as a digital frame of sorts, with awesome photographs, images from satellites, and even your personal photos. Without any setup, Chromecast will cycle through its curated collection of wallpapers. There aren’t many (less than […]

How to Get Lollipop-like Task Switcher on Any Android


Waiting for an OS update to come to an Android device can take forever, and for many users, it might not even arrive. That’s an area where Android loses against iOS and Windows phones. I, too, am waiting for the promised update on my Xperia Z , and needless to say, the wait doesn’t thrill me. […]

We’re Hiring Writers and an Editor


Guiding Tech is hiring Staff Writers and a Senior Editor. The job location for both positions is India. Here are more details: Staff Writers: Click to see the LinkedIn job ad. Senior Editor: Click to see the LinkedIn job ad. If you are in India, and think you fit the bill then we’d love to […]

How to Bulk Download Images in Chrome


Images are all over the internet and that’s great. Can you imagine using the internet in the mid 90’s where it was mainly just text? We use images in different ways now. At how-to blogs like Guiding Tech, we use them to guide you through a technical process. It’s much better to look at annotated […]

3 Features of MIUI 6 Often Mistaken as Bugs

MIUI 6 running on Mi4

My last few weeks with Mi4 MIUI 6 were full of surprises. The ROM is feature packed to the brim and if you have recently switched from a stock Android to MIUI, I am sure you are in for a lot of amazing stuff. While I know about most of the features of MIUI 6, […]

How to Map or Mount Android as a Drive on Windows


I have always hated the idea of using cables to transfer data between my devices. Be it photos or music, wireless file transfer solutions have always captivated me. This has motivated me to find wireless file transfer solutions for Android smartphones, many of which I’ve shared with you in the past. From wireless file transfers between Androids, […]

Toggl Review: The Simplest Free Personal Time Tracking App

Toggl Review

There are many time tracking apps out there. Most of them focus on features like billing hours to clients, creating invoices and such. Services like Harvest are really good at that. But most of those features are paid and they’re not for everyone. When you’re talking about a simple and free time tracking app with […]

How I Tackled My Chrome Extension Clutter Without Losing My Mind

Extension overload

Currently, I have 20 extensions in Chrome, and this is after my recent clean-up. Just to be clear, that’s a lot. Or at least, I think so. This issue is only heightened by my line of work. At Guiding Tech I write about awesome productivity apps including Chrome extensions. Which means I test and use a lot of […]