How to Control Your Google Now Cards History on Any Android

Cards History -Google Now_1

Google Now cards have proved useful to me on a personal level on more than one occasion, but there is no denying that they can also feel weird at times. Like getting a notification telling you it’s time to leave for the airport for your flight or catch a movie. It may seem like Google […]

How to Create an Animated GIF from a Screen Recording on Mac & Windows


Animated GIFs are all over the Internet and social media these days, yet most people really don’t know how to make one. If you do know how to properly make one you probably realize it’s actually not all that easy, especially when using complex applications like Photoshop. (Of course, iPhone 6s Live Photos does make the process […]

Parchi vs Keep: Which is the Better Note-Taking App for Android

Keep VS Parchi

The mobile space for minimalist note taking apps just got a new entry in the form of Parchi, from Microsoft. With a name inspired from Hindi, Parchi, meaning a small piece of paper, it aims to compete with its main rival Google Keep. Let’s see what it offers in comparison to Keep. Look & Feel […]

Top 4 Third Party Apps for S Pen on the Galaxy Note5

S Pen Note5

We’ve quite enjoyed our time with the Galaxy Note5 here on Guiding Tech and it’s not a stretch to call it one of the best phones of the year. Sure, the memory issues could’ve done more tweaking, but that apart it is a great device. As long as you are inserting the S Pen the […]

Fake Your Way Out of Anything With These 2 Crazy Apps


Stuck on a blind date or really want your wife to call you in the middle of the office so that you can make an excuse and sneak out? A call from wife works every time, but you don’t always get them when you want the most. Actually, on second thoughts, you get them when […]

How to Personalize Recipes to Your Dietary Needs with Yummly


In this day and age, science is much wiser about how our bodies digest and cope with certain foods. This has resulted in much more diverse and individualistic diet plans. Unfortunately, the Internet and technology through all of its greatness haven’t done much catching up to our changing eating habits. If you’re browsing for recipes, […]

How to Encrypt Drives With BitLocker on Windows 10 by Bypassing TPM Requirements

Save yourself by encrypting data from the interweb | Shutterstock

Upgraded your PC to Windows 10 and want to encrypt your drives? Great, you could use a 3rd party tool, or use BitLocker. Although Microsoft controls BitLocker and the tool itself isn’t open source, it is included in all versions of Windows 10 (except Home) and is free to use. It’s a fairly decent tool, […]

How to Get Marshmallow’s Doze Mode On Any Android Right Now


Android is working hard on improving battery life of their devices from the software side. Even though an approx. 3000 mAh battery is common on flagship devices, they are still not able to deliver the kind of standby time one would expect from them. The only reason I can think of is that along with the battery, […]

GT Explains: What are eSports and How Do They Differ from Regular Sports

eSports has spectators like regular sports | Shutterstock

Think Sports. And you’ll naturally think of strapping athletes with excellent stamina and a lean, well-maintained body with toned muscles. That’s not what you’d see in an eSport, though. Detractors have always used this argument of ‘not being physical enough’ to be defined as a sport. While defenders of the term say that both need […]

How to Record Windows Screencast for Free Without Limit


A few days back, my brother-in-law called me for some IT help. He needed a software using which he could record the computer screen along with the audio on Windows for free. As the computer he was working on was provided by his organization, he was very particular about the free part because of licensing issues. Also, […]

3 Pro Tips for Posting Quality Videos on Vine


With only six seconds allowed per Vine video, users aren’t given much time to really see your production skills shine. Yet Vine has blown up since its debut in 2013 and many of the Vines that go viral have several different production components to them. They aren’t just six straight seconds of old-school home video anymore. Thankfully, […]

How to Use Fingerprint Sensor as Capacitive Touch Home Key on iPhone and Samsung


In one of my training while I was employed in the corporate IT world, I came across a very important lesson. It was focused on learning from best practices of others and it was a great lesson even for real life. I have used the touch ID sensors on iPhone and Samsung devices and they […]

How to Create Smart Folders To Save Time on Your Mac

Photo by Stephanie Booth -

Apple’s Smart Folders are saved searches that show up as live folders on your Mac. Once you set them up, your computer updates the folders automatically. Apple includes a few examples in the Finder, but that’s just a starting point. With a little help, you can use Smart Folders to save time and find what […]

How to Utilize Dropbox Paper to Quickly Create and Share Documents

Cloud Docs

In a recent update, Dropbox boldly went where it hasn’t gone yet. Documents in the cloud, which can actually be created, stored and shared within the app. We’ve seen a similar implementation by Google Drive for a while now, but not by Dropbox. The company calls it Dropbox Paper – a place where you can […]