How To Know If You Are Blocked On Gtalk

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Chat-StatusesAll instant messaging tools and services have some feature that allows you to appear offline to or block a contact totally. It is infact an essential feature by virtue of which you can get rid of annoying contacts i.e. even while you are online, the given contacts will not be able to reach you.

Same is the case with Google talk (Gtalk), if you block a contact it would never show up on your list again. Now, blocking a contact on Gtalk, the built-in chat tool in Gmail or even Google + is pretty simple. While you are chatting with someone or when the chat dialog is open, just navigate to More and hit Block.



Cool Tip: Facebook users face an awkward situation when they see a chat message and the person on the other side gets an acknowledgement about it (and you don’t want to chat with that person). Here’s how you can get rid of such behavior.

While it is easy to block a contact, you may at times want to find out if you are on someone’s block list. If you are not receiving any response from a friend after multiple tries, you may want to uncover the reason behind it.

This article discusses a method to help you find out who’s blocked you on Gtalk. Here we go.

With the Help of Pidgin

Pidgin is a multi-chat IM tool where you can configure and use various instant messaging tools such as Gtalk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, MSN and many more. Read our article on Pidgin and get acquainted to using it. You will also find the download link there. :)


As described there, add and configure your Google account in Pidgin. Now, log in with your Gmail account on Pidgin. That will open the Buddy list and show available contacts. Navigate to Buddies -> Show -> Offiline Buddies in Buddies list window and tick mark Offline Buddies.

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This will display all the online and offline contacts in your list. Now, right-click on the name of a contact whom you suspect of blocking you. Select the Get Info option for that contact.


If that person has blocked you in Gtalk then you will only see the status of that contact instead of full profile information (you will not see name and photo of that contact), as shown in image below.


On the contrary, if things were good, you would see the profile summary as shown below. That’s how you can get to know if you are blocked or not.


This is how Pidgin can help you find out something that Gtalk may not allow directly. On Gtalk, if you are blocked you would get a feeling that the person on the other side is offline. Now, you can infer from the time span you see someone offline for. That would just be a guess and you may end up believing false things. Thus, it is good to go by Pidgin and be sure rather than guessing.

Note: Blocking a contact on Gtalk would reflect on Google + chat as well. The reverse is also true.


These are the two methods that you can use to find out if you’ve been blocked by a contact on Gtalk. Are you aware of any aother method to do so? Do you know any more tricks on Gtalk? Did you find the article useful ? Share with us in the comments section.

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  1. Amit says:

    That would be very useful. Great trick !

    Will the voicemail trick work if we use the browser version of Gtalk?

  2. Himanshu says:

    Nice question Amit. There are two known methods for using Gtalk in browser. If you are talking about Gtalk inside Gmail then this trick works very well in it.

    If you are talking about Google talk gadget ( then this trick doesn’t works inside it.

  3. Amit says:

    Yeah…I was talking about Gtalk in Gmail. Thanks for the share !

  4. Mark Warne says:

    Thanks for sharing valuable information.

  5. MissesBlahBlah says:

    This is too funny… It actually works! I tried the ‘download pidgin method’ and it was very easy. I suspected he blocked me after I facebook defriended him.. But it turns out he only blocked me from making comments on Youtube, and not gmail. Well, it doesn’t matter anyhow, because I found out via the network that he “Mark Zuckermanned” me and blasted me on FB shortly after I defriended him, in a childish, weaka$$ effort to feed his ego. So he’s made a fool of himself and crossed over into the Land of No Return with me. ha. :)

    Good info, here; keep it up!


  6. landside says:

    I want to get some information.. I know that one lady checks the gmail each day. But why i cannot see her online never? I also tried to check wether she has blocked me. And it says no…
    I am using Pidgin to sign in to my gtalk account… And I am leave it for all 24 hours. But I still cannot see when she is online, or what time she been the last tie. Could you tell me why?

    • Mysterious Gal says:

      Hi landside,
      As you said that you checked on Pidgin that she has not blocked you and if you can see her Info then it means that she is chatting in “Invisible” mode…
      Why dont you try going “Invisible” for few days and see if she comes online when you are “Invisible”..
      Good Luck :)

  7. GTalk says:

    Thanks a ton mate! Really appreciated…This solved so many questions for me! :)

  8. Buemount says:

    impressive with good logics

  9. Invinciblesingh10 says:

    if full name is shown and image not shown then person has blocked or not????

    • if previously the image was there when you looked it up in pidgin, and now it doesn’t show that then it is likely that you have been blocked by that person.

      • Mira says:

        If previously only status was displayed but now the full name is displayed.But the full name is the gmail id listed. So did that id block me ?

    • Mysterious Gal says:

      If you can see the Full Name that means you are not blocked…

      Otherwise it will show “Invited”,”Not Authorized”,Status:Offline in Get Info

      I have experienced it…..

  10. Corinnemcnally says:

    when i go to “get info” for a contact some show when they were last seen online and others don’t, why?

    • Mysterious Gal says:

      There are possibility that after you have installed Pidgin you have not contacted that person on chat…so once you chat with that contact you will be able to see the last online info…

  11. Mysterious Gal says:

    Hi Himanshu,

    I need your help.One of my friend blocked me on Gtalk.Now after 2 months he tried to send me email on gmail and I did not recieve email(Gtalk is still blocked)..
    I checked Trash,Filter,Inbox and Spam..I did not recieve it anywhere…
    What can be the cause…Its strange…I need your help….

    I came to know about his email when he called me….

    Please help…what is the cause….

  12. Itlover9 says:
  13. GagaD says:

    Does the person have to be online to get informations about beeing blocked or it doesnt meather?

  14. melissa says:

    how do i know if i was really blocked by someone on gmail..does my mail come back to tell me it has happened.

    • No, you cannot really block someone from emailing you. All you can do is create a filter to have those emails automatically sent to trash. So, you’d never know if someone doesn’t want to read your emails in Gmail. But yes, the above trick for Gtalk works.

  15. sathis says:

    Im sathis,
    I couldnot able to login using this pidgin application. there is a option when i choose gtalk “resource”. So in that what should i give to connect. Kiindly answer if anyone know..

  16. Me2013 says:

    Invisible Status in Pidgin:

    Note, the invisible status in Pidgin simply doesn’t work in Pidgin for GMail chat.

    1. Open the Buddy List.

    2. In the menu, Tools->Plugins. Enable XMMP Console. Close the Plugin Window

    3. In the menu again, Tools->XMMP Console->XMMP Console.

    (See if your account in which you want to go invisible is selected if you have multiple accounts. )

    4. In the text box, put the following XML snippet





    and then press enter.

    5. Done this is it. If this is not working on your version, now try changing the status to Invisible.

    Finally, if you want to reset the above settings. Follow the same procedure but make in the above XML snippet.

  17. Hmmmmmm says:

    Greetings. I tried the pidgin way and initially I could see the name and picture but then I uninstalled it and tried again and I could only see the email address. I can see his picture on the offline contact list though, but cannot see his name or picture when I ‘get info’.

  18. johnsmith says:

    There’s an easy way to tell if you HAVEN’T been blocked, just hover over their name and click on the middle “Chat with this contact” icon and if you’re not blocked it will say “USERNAME is offline. Messages you send will be delivered when USERNAME comes online.” if it says “USERNAME is offline and can’t receive messages right now.” either your contact has disabled chat saving or has blocked you.

    • Anonymous says:

      When I click on a certain contact’s name – I first get the message – – “USERNAME is offline and can’t receive messages right now.” and immediately within a second this message is replaced by the message – “USERNAME is offline. Messages you send will be delivered when USERNAME comes online. Continue this chat over SMS” — I feel I am blocked. Can you help to know? Is it that I am blocked on GTalk (hence the first message) but as person is also using smart phone for chat, and hence I get the second message?

    • Ms.Nobody says:

      when I want to click, “invite to chat” will appear not “chat with this contact”. is this mean I have been blocked?
      another question. I’m really confused, because this person is in my Google+ circles, and I’m in her circles too. I guess I can see her getting online through her Google+ but not through her email. How is it possible? Is that a bug or something like that?

  19. Spuzzum says:

    This is easy… if it only shows status: offline, but no name… you are blocked. If it shows “any” name with the status… you are ok. Doesn’t need to be the email address as the name.. it can be as simple as “Bob” or “Judy”.

  20. douglas says:

    i cannot seem to send youtube videos to a certain individual through google chrome. what does that mean?