The Complete List of Microsoft Paint Keyboard Shortcuts

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Recently we wrote about

some tricks that can help you in using MS Paint productively

. While those tips are amazing, there is one more thing that comes in handy when you are using MS Paint or rather, any other tool. We are referring to

keyboard shortcuts

and we feel that if mastered, they can really enhance your efficiency with MS Paint too. Let us begin.

These shortcuts have been tried and tested on Windows 7. Ideally, they should work on other versions as well. However, there could be a few differences in actions or key combinations. We are sure you’d be smart enough to figure that out. ????

The Magic of Ctrl

While most of these combinations are common to many applications, there are some that you may find new and unique.

Ctrl + ASelect entire canvas
Ctrl + CCopy selected area
Ctrl + XCut selected area
Ctrl + VPaste clipboard data
Ctrl + ZUndo last action
Ctrl + YRedo action
Ctrl + EShows image properties
Ctrl + GToggles grid lines
Ctrl + PPrint the picture
Ctrl + RShow or hide the ruler
Ctrl + WOpen the Resize and Skew dialog box
Ctrl + NCreate a new picture
Ctrl + OOpen a picture
Ctrl + SSave changes to a picture
Ctrl + Page UpZoom in
Ctrl + Page DownZoom out
Ctrl + BBold selected text
Ctrl + IMake selected text italics
Ctrl + UUnderline selected text
Ctrl + Num Pad +Scale up and tool or shape
Ctrl + Num Pad –Scale down tool or shape

Here are few images showing the grid lines, ruler, resize and skew dialog and the image properties dialog.

Ms Paint Ctrl Tools

The Alt Combo

If you simply press the Alt key you will be shown few key tips (as shown in the image) using which you can navigate the interface and its tools. I find it really useful when my mouse malfunctions due to whatever reasons.

Ms Paint Key Tips
Alt-FOpens the File menu
Alt-HShows key help/ Switch to Home tab
Alt-VSwitch to View tab
Alt-F4Close the window
Alt-EscMinimizes MS Paint interface
Alt-SpacebarEquivalent to right-clicking on the title bar

What’s in the Function Keys?

Windows in general has specific functions associated with each function key (F1 through F12 keys). Lets us see what MS Paint supports.

F1Open Paint Help
F11View a picture in full screen mode
F12Save the picture as a new file
F10Displays key tips like the Alt key

Arrow Keys

Right ArrowMove the selection or active shape right by one pixel
Left ArrowMove the selection or active shape left by one pixel
Down ArrowMove the selection or active shape down by one pixel
Up ArrowMove the selection or active shape up by one pixel


EscCancel a selection
DeleteDelete a selection
Print ScreenWell, we all know what that does ????


We have tried and covered all the shortcuts that we are aware of. So far the list appears to be comprehensive. Yet, if you know of something that we have missed, do share with us in the comments section. We would love to see the number growing.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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