10 Awesome Sets of KMPlayer Keyboard Shortcuts

Previously we discussed the 15 best VLC Media Player keyboard shortcuts and I hope that the list has proved beneficial for all the VLC users. Today we are set to discuss a number of keyboard shortcuts that are helpful for KMPlayer users.

So, have an instance of KMPlayer open and try each one as you read through. It’ll take time and practice, but once you are used to it, you’ll find it makes your life incredibly easy. And like any other such sets of shortcuts, some of these are common and some not so known. Hopefully, there’s something for every KMPlayer user out there in this list.

Spacebar to Play/Pause

While you can always use the mouse double click to play or pause a media on KMPlayer knowing the keyboard shortcut will only help. If the keyboard is in your vicinity use the Spacebar (like most other media players) instead.

Esc key, interestingly, pauses the media and minimizes the player to the system tray.

Forward and Rewind

This I believe is one of the most required proponents for any media player. Now, depending on the required forward and rewind length you can use the following combinations:-

  • 5 Seconds: Right arrow/Left Arrow
  • 30 Seconds: Ctrl + [Right Arrow, Left Arrow]
  • 1 Minute: Alt + [Right Arrow, Left Arrow]
  • 10 Minutes: Ctrl + Alt + [Right Arrow, Left Arrow]
Forward Rewind

Volume Up and Down

Scrolling the volume bar to adjust the volume takes quite some time to get it right. It is better to use the Up and Down arrows to raise or lower the volume. M puts the media to mute.

Kmplayer Mute

Change Video Frame Size

When you play a video you mostly want to switch to the full screen mode. Hitting Enter lets you toggle between the full screen and window mode. Ctrl + Enter and Ctrl + Alt +Enter are Stretch and Overscan full screen modes.

Kmplayer Half Size

Other screen controls include Alt + [1, 2, 3, 4] which stand for half size, normal size, one and a half size and double size respectively. Hitting 5 resets the frame to original size.

Adjust Contrast, Saturation and Brightness

At times we need to adjust these properties depending upon the quality of the video we are watching. On KMPlayer we can adjust the hardware or software profiles as follows:-

Note: The keys are mentioned in order of decrease, reset and increase.

  • H/W Contrast: Z, X, C
  • S/W Contrast: V, B, N
  • H/W Saturation: A, S, D
  • S/W Saturation: G, H, J
  • H/W Brightness: Q, W, E
  • S/W Brightness: T, Y, U

Bookmark Media

At times it can be fun to bookmark media positions so that you can get back to the exact frame with loss of time and effort. Simply hit P to bookmark any position. Use Alt + [Page Up, Page Down] to start playing at next/ previous bookmarked position.

Bookmark Editor

Activate Album Art

If you feel that album art is missing on KMPlayer there are probable chances that it is deactivated. Use the Ctrl + Alt + L combination to activate and/or change the skin of the player. Check our article on KMPlayer’s Album Art to view the list of shortcuts that help there.

Activate Kmplayer Album Art

Subtitle Shortcuts

I generally watch a movie with the subtitles. If you are of the same kind you definitely need to know these controls:-

  • Alt + O: Load Subtitle
  • Alt + X: Show or Hide Subtitle
  • Alt + Q: Load Subtitle Editor (Read our article on how to edit subtitles)
  • Alt + [F1, F2, F3]: Increase, Decrease or Reset Font Size

Audio Video Settings

This list is very long and I do not want to state each one line by line. Instead check the image below and try all combinations from Shift + [F1, F2…F9] to Ctrl + [F1, F2….F12].

Audio Video Options


Some keys did not make it to any of the above sets. Here they are for your quick reference:-

  • F1: Help
  • F2: Preferences
  • Alt + E: Playlist Editor
  • Alt + G: Control Box
  • Ctrl + Z: Close Playing File
  • Alt + F4: Close Media Player


The list of shortcuts available on KMPlayer is not complete here. It goes way beyond this. But we tried to consolidate only those which are useful in day-to-day life while playing a media for a basic user. Is this going to improve your experience?

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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