How to Print First Row or Column on Every Excel Page

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Whenever you are working with an Excel sheet, I am sure that the contents in it runs into multiple pages (when you print it that is). Now, since most such documents have a header row (which is the first row) it is always good to

make it non-scrollable

. That way the header row would always be visible irrespective of how deep you scroll.

With soft copies that works absolutely fine. But, when you wish to print the document or convert it to PDF, for example, the header row prints only once. Whereas with data on multiple pages you would want the first row or column to appear at the top row of each page, right? We will learn how to make that happen, today.

Cool Tip: In case you are looking to print your company name, address, logo and akin on every page then I suggest that you add a page header and configure the settings as described in our detailed guide.

Setup Printing of Top Row on Every Excel Page

This setup applies to Office 2007 and later versions. I am not very sure about earlier ones but you may want to check it out.

Step 1: On your workbook, select the desired sheet and navigate to Page Layout tab on the ribbon. Then click on the icon for Page Titles placed under Page Setup section.

Excel Print Titles

Step 2: On the Page Setup modal window, switch to the tab for Sheet and spot the section for Print titles. It hosts a row and a column option.

Excel Print Setup

Though we are focusing on header row, you must have understood that the setting can be applied to columns as well.

Step 3: To setup printing of top row on each page click on the button placed against Rows to repeat at top text box. For columns, take the second one.

Step 4: That will take you to the Excel sheet along with a dialog box. Click on row number 1 (on the sheet) and hit the dialog box right end button again.

Print Row Selection

Here, you can select multiple rows if you wish you repeat them on each page. Generally, you would want the top row and at rare circumstances the leftmost column.

Step 5: Back on the Page Setup modal window, you will see the text boxes populated with the row/column values to repeat on each page. You can go for a Print Preview, Print the contents or save the settings by hitting on Ok.

Print Title Values

Sometimes you also want to print the row headings reading 1, 2, . . . and column headings reading A, B, . . . If that’s what you want to activate then navigate to Page Layout -> Sheet Options and check the Print option placed under Headings.

Print Excel Headings

You can do a sample print preview to check if the settings are working. Note that the settings are sheet specific and do not apply to the entire workbook.


I hope this solves your problem of keeping the header intact on each page of your document whether you print a hard copy or a soft copy (PDF, XPS, etc.) of the document. There are many more interesting print settings associated with Excel. Tell us if you need something very specific, we will try to help you out. Or if you are aware of a unique setting, share with us.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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