How to Connect an HP Printer to Wi-Fi

Gone are the days of messing with cables to print documents and files from your phone, PC, or Mac. Leading printer makers like HP, Canon, and Brother offer a wide range of wireless options to print documents on the go. HP has a rich portfolio of entry-level, mid-range, and high-end wireless printers for home and office use. Whether you have a Deskjet, Laster Jet, or Smart Tank printer, connect any HP printer to Wi-Fi using the steps below.

While wireless printers offer a much-needed convenience, the first-time setup is not straightforward. Many buyers have faced difficulties setting up their wireless HP printer for the first time. You must also set up your wireless printer again when you change the Wi-Fi network name or password for any reason.

Connect an HP Printer to Wi-Fi Using a Web Browser

Although the setup process is lengthy, it’s one of the effective ways to connect an HP printer to Wi-Fi. You don’t even require a separate HP Smart app on your desktop, Mac, or phone. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Plug your wireless HP printer into a power source and press the power button on your printer.

Step 2: Find and press the ‘i’ button on your printer to print the information page. It prints out the information report with all the relevant details like Printer PIN, Wi-Fi Direct name, Wi-Fi Direct password, icon descriptions, and more.

Step 3: Open Settings on your phone (we used an Android phone as an example).

Step 4: Open Network and internet. Tap Internet.

Step 5: Disable the mobile data and Wi-Fi and connect to your printer Wi-Fi from the same menu.

Step 6: If the printer’s Wi-Fi asks for a password, use the security key from the information report page.

Step 7: After you connect to your HP printer Wi-Fi, open Chrome browser and visit and hit enter. Note that the IP address may vary based on your IP settings on the router.

Step 8: It opens the printer setup page on the web. Expand Network. Tap the + icon beside it.

Step 9: Expand Wireless (802.11) and select Wireless Setup Wizard.

Step 10: It asks for the HP printer PIN. Use the ‘Printer Information Report’ page to find your printer PIN. It will be in the top-right corner. You can find the same inside the printer’s cartridge access area. Enter PIN and hit Submit.

Step 11: Start your wireless setup wizard and select your Wi-Fi network from the list. Tap Next.

Step 12: Enter the Wi-Fi password and tap next to complete the setup.

You will notice a stable blue Wi-Fi light on your HP printer. You can now wirelessly print from your Android phone or tablet. Use our dedicated guide to print directly from iPhone and iPad.

Use HP Smart App to Connect the HP Printer to Wi-Fi

You can use the HP Smart app to set up your wireless printer. Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Keep your printer, phone, or laptop closer to the Wi-Fi router.

Step 2: Connect your phone or laptop to a Wi-Fi network. If you use an Ethernet connection with your computer, disable it. Enable Bluetooth so the HP Smart app can detect the nearby printer.

Step 3: If you use the HP Smart app on iPhone or Android, enable the Location permissions.

Step 4: Launch the HP Smart app. When you open it for the first time, the app automatically starts detecting your printer. If it’s not your first time, tap ‘Add Your First Printer’ at the top.  

Step 5: Tap get started, select Wi-Fi, and enable the required permissions.

Step 6: Find your HP Printer from the list.

Step 7: Restore the Wi-Fi setup mode on your printer. The steps vary based on your printer model.

You can read HP’s official documentation to learn more.

Step 8: Close and re-open the HP Smart app after two hours and add the printer again.

Follow the on-screen setup process to complete the printer setup.

Connect the HP Printer to a Wi-Fi (With a Touchscreen)

If you have a wireless HP Printer with a touchscreen, go through the steps below to complete the setup.

Step 1: Turn on your HP printer.

Step 2: Head to Setup, choose Network or wireless settings menu and select Wireless Setup Wizard.

Step 3: Select your Wi-Fi name and enter your password.

Print Pages on the Go

That’ll get your HP printer up and running quickly. You may check our dedicated guides for your HP Printer isn’t working on Windows or Mac to fix the problem. Do note that most wireless HP printers only support 2.4GHz frequency band. Your router’s 5GHz Wi-Fi frequency band won’t show up during setup.

Last updated on 20 June, 2023

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