How to Fix “Your Call Cannot Be Completed as Dialed” Error

Over the years, basic mobile features like calling and texting have been refined and perfected. However, you might face some errors from time to time. One of these is the “Your call cannot be completed as dialed” error. And while it usually goes away after a while, what happens when it doesn’t? Let’s find out all about it.

How to Fix “Your Call Cannot Be Completed as Dialed”

A recurring “Your call cannot be completed as dialed” issue can be due to several reasons. Maybe the phone network is overloaded or you’re dialing an incorrect number. You might also get this error if the caller’s current mobile plan has ended or if the number you’re calling is spoofed. But is there any way to get past this? Keep reading to know.

1. Restart Your Device

If you’ve been facing errors like “Your call cannot be completed at this time” when making calls, it might be your device that’s temporarily glitching. In that case, hold down the power button and restart your device. This will restart all device functions and hopefully, create a glitch-free session. Here’s how.

On iOS

Step 1: According to the model of your device, follow the below steps to turn off your iPhone.

  • For iPhone SE 1st gen, 5s, 5c, and 5: Long-press the top button.
  • For iPhone SE 2nd gen onwards, 7, and 8: Long-press the side button.
  • For iPhone X and above: Long-press the power and either of the volume buttons simultaneously.

Step 2: Then, hold and drag the power icon till the end.

Restart iPhone

Once the device screen shuts down, long-press the power button until the Apple logo appears. Wait for the device to restart and try making the call again.

On Android

Step 1: Long-press the on/off menu button.

Step 2: Then, tap on Restart.

Restart Android

Once your device finishes restarting, enter your device password or PIN, if required. Then, try making a call to see if it is working as expected.

2. Call Without the ISD Code

If you’re dialing numbers with an ISD code, the problem might be with the code. While most ISD codes start with + followed by the code or 00, some devices interpret it as a normal digit. This means your original number of +1123 or 0023 becomes 123, which might cause the call not to connect properly.

Remove ISD code

If this happens, you can try to either call without attaching the ISD code as a prefix or double-check the code before dialing the number. Additionally, if you’re dialing a number with an area code, ensure the right code is in use. If the call still doesn’t connect, move on to the next section.

3. Enable Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling allows you to use your Wi-Fi to strengthen your mobile network and place calls even with extremely low signal strength. So, if you’ve been facing the “We are unable to complete your call” error due to poor network or connectivity issues, try enabling Wi-Fi calling on your device.

Additionally, if this feature is already on, try disabling it to see if your calls work properly. Here’s how to do it on your Android device.

Step 1: Open Settings.

Step 2: Here, tap on Connections.

Step 3: Turn on the toggle for Wi-Fi Calling to enable it.

Tap on Connections & turn on the toggle

This will enable Wi-Fi calling on your Android device. Alternatively, you can also check our other article to know how to enable Wi-Fi calling on iPhone.

4. Try Calling From Another Carrier

There’s a chance that the “Your call cannot be completed at this time” error might be a network issue and not related to your device at all. To confirm this, try calling that same number from a different carrier. If the call connects, it might be that your current network is overloaded and not performing properly. Wait a while before calling again. However, if you still face issues, move on to the next fix.

5. Delete the Contact From Your Device

While pre-fed or saved contacts make it easier when dialing known numbers, it might end up causing issues when calling the said number. Additionally, sometimes a single contact can have multiple entries, each with its set of numbers. If this happens, you might get confused or overwhelmed, dial the wrong number, and get the Your call cannot be completed as dialed” error.

Delete contact

To prevent this from happening, you can go to your device’s contact list and delete the said contact along with any other copies that it might have. Then, try calling again by manually entering the number in your device’s dialer. Check out our guide to know more about deleting more than one contact.

6. Check if the Contact Is Blocked

If you’ve been repeatedly seeing error messages like “We are unable to complete your call” when calling a particular number, it might be time to look at your device’s block list as calling a blocked contact might not yield the best results. Maybe you’ve previously blocked the number and forgotten about it or you’ve mistakenly tapped on the block icon.

Either way, opening your device’s block list will assure you that it is indeed not a blocked number. And if the number pops up on the block list, simply unblock it and try calling again. Follow the below steps to open the blocked number’s list on an Android device.

Step 1: Open the Phone app and go to Recent.

Step 2: Here, tap on the three-dot icon.

Step 3: Then, tap on Settings.

Tap on three-dot icon & tap on Settings

Step 4: From the Call settings menu, tap on Block numbers.

Step 5: From the list of blocked numbers, locate the number you’re trying to call. If you find it, tap on the – icon in front of it.

Tap on Block numbers & tap on the – icon

This will instantly remove the number from your Android device’s block list. Similarly, you can also find blocked numbers on an iPhone. Once located, unblock the number and see if the call goes through.

7. Contact Your Service Provider

If you’re still facing issues while calling, getting in touch with your service provider might help. Certain customer support numbers support free calls. However, if you’re unable to make outgoing calls, you can also go to their website and have a look at their support pages.

Contact Your Service Provider

You can also get in touch with them directly via chat, call, or email. Then, explain the issue in as much detail as possible to ensure a quick resolution.

FAQs About Issues With Mobile Calling

1. What to do if you get a call from a number with ‘No Caller ID’?

Receiving a call from someone with “No Caller ID” means that person does not want to share their contact information with you. In this case, you can try to reach out to your carrier to see who is calling you or simply block the calls using your device’s spam filters. For more information, check our guide on what “No Caller ID” means on any phone.

2. Can you call a number that has blocked you?

No, in most cases, you can’t call a number that has blocked you. When you call them, you might hear a ring or two, but then the call will either end or go straight to voicemail.

Make Calls Worry-Free

We hope that this article helped to fix the “Your call cannot be completed as dialed” error when calling from any device. You can also check out our other article explaining all the ways you can wake someone up over the phone and have some fun waking up your friends.

Last updated on 31 May, 2023

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