Streamus Turns Chrome into Fully Loaded YouTube Music Player

Few days ago we discussed two Android apps using which you can directly stream the audio bit of YouTube videos on your Android device. The apps discard the videos and only stream the audio files from the server, thus saving the bandwidth if it’s just the music the user is interested in. But why should we stop only at Android? Well we are not going to, and today I will show you how you can do the same on your computer (Chrome browser, to be precise) using a nifty extension called Streamus.


Tip: If you find this extension is not working on Chrome for any reason, then here’s a guide to make it work again.

Streamus is a beautiful extension designed for Chrome using which you can turn your browser into a full fledged YouTube music player. To install the extension, simply open the Streamus homepage on Chrome and click on the Download button.

If you are using any other browser, the homepage will require you to switch to chrome before you can download the extension on your computer.

Streamus for Chrome

Once you download the extension and install it, you will see the Streamus icon in the Chrome extension bar. You can simply click on it to open the player. The player is minimal in design and you can straightaway click on the search button to search for a music video.

The app will give you search suggestions as you type and return the results with a small thumbnail of the video. Now all you need to do is click on the Play button next to the video to stream it as a song. If you want to add more than one song from the search results to your stream, you can simply select all of them at once, and drag and drop in your stream.

Streamus For Chrome

Streamus also supports playlists, but instead of creating them in the app, you will have to create one in the YouTube and simply copy the link to the Streamus extension. Click on the button located in the upper-left corner and provide the playlist link from YouTube.

You may also provide a link to a YouTube channel to add it. As the app uses the YouTube playlists, there is no risk in losing any of them even if you uninstall the extension on Chrome by any chance.


Some Cool Features of Streamus

1. Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

The extension also supports keyboard shortcuts making it easy for you to control the music. To set up the shortcuts, navigate to Chrome Extension settings by going to chrome://extensions in a new tab and click on the option Configure keyboard shortcut at the bottom of the page. Now just configure the keyboard shortcuts and save the settings.

2. Omnibar Integration

Omnibar Intigration

The extension also integrates to Chrome Omnibar making your video search easy. Just type in the streamus keyword and press the spacebar to start searching for videos. If you wish to customize the search keyword and make it a bit simpler, open Chrome Settings and click on the option Manage search engine. Here look for Streamus and change the related keyword.

3. Streamus Radio


Probably the best thing about the app is the integrated radio feature. Once you click on the radio icon and activate it, Sreamus will never run out of music. If your playlist runs out of songs, Streamus will auto add similar songs to it and keep on playing. Perfect for couch potatoes like me.


It’s been a week since I am using the extension and I am truly impressed. A near perfect alternative for Spotify free users and the best thing is that the app makes your music ad-free. So install the extension today and turn your Chrome into a powerful YouTube music player. But don’t forget to share your opinion about the app. Is there any feature you look forward to?

Top Photo Credit: marfis75

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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