Use GrooveDown to Download High Quality Songs From GrooveShark For Free

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Downloading music can be a huge pain in the butt. Sometimes they can be downright difficult to find, and even if you do find them, chances are you’ll have to adjust the tags and whatnot to accurately reflect music production. Sometimes, you lose faith. Sometimes, you wonder: “Is it possible to have free music from a huge catalog, that doesn’t suck in quality and also has proper tagging?”.. well, looks like it is!


GrooveDown is an application that downloads music from Grooveshark, a repository of high quality songs. It has great tagging capabilities (allowing you to screen before downloading tracks), it can download anything from the huge Grooveshark catalog, the music is relatively high quality, and it’s free. Want to try it out? Let’s dig in.

Note: We love providing you with insight into great and useful resources, but we suggest having a look at your country’s laws with regards to downloading music. Also, if you really like the album, we know you’ll support the artist somehow.

First, start off by downloading GrooveDown.

At the moment, GrooveDown is only available in a .rar format. This means you need a piece of software to extract it — if you don’t have one, I suggest ZipGenius, a free Winzip alternative.

GrooveDown is relatively simple to use. Simply open it in the folder where you extracted it, and start searching for files to download. Type in the name of an artist, or a song, or an album.

Search for music in GrooveDown

Once you’ve located the song you want to download from the results, right click it and select Add to Download List.

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Add to Download List

You can then keep searching for more music. If you ever lose track of your Download List, you can always check by clicking the tab in the middle.

View GrooveDown Download List

Once you’ve found all the music you want to download at the moment, the Download button. By default, these files will all be saved in a folder called Downloads within the master folder containing the GrooveDown application.

You can adjust all these settings like format of the downloaded song, or the location of the downloads, but clicking on Settings.

Adjust Settings in GrooveDown

GrooveDown can also be accessed via the System Tray. Don’t be afraid to minimize or close it while downloads are active.

GrooveDown in the System Tray

This is like a buffet for everyone. Get it while you still can, because it might not be around forever!  So, use GrooveDown and download all the free music you can dream of!

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