How to Quickly Set Multiple Images As Wallpapers in Windows 7

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We’ve previously featured how to create a slideshow of desktop wallpapers in Windows 7. However, I’m pretty lazy when it comes to changing my wallpaper and will often have the same set of wallpapers set for months on end.

Now, you probably already knew that you could set a wallpaper by right clicking on an image in Windows Explorer and selecting Set as desktop background, but did you know you could do the same thing with multiple images in Windows 7? In this guide we’ll show you how.

Note: The ability to run random desktop background wallpapers at a fixed time interval is not available in Windows 7 Basic, however, it should work in all other Windows 7 versions.

Step 1. Navigate to the folder where you have the images saved that you would like to set as your wallpaper.

Wallpaper Folder

Step 2. Now, just select the images that you would like to set as your wallpaper. This can be done by:

  • Clicking and dragging a selection
  • Shift + Clicking – to select a consecutive range of images
  • Ctrl + Clicking – to be more selective

Select Images

Step 3. Now right click on one of the selected images and select Set as desktop background.

Set as Desktop Background

That’s it! Your desktop should now automatically rotate through those images at a set time interval. If you want to change the time interval or other visual settings you’ll still have to do that the other way.

If you know of any cool wallpaper tricks, let us hear them in the comments.

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  1. You can have multiple images as wallpapers on Windows 7 Home Basic. Read this post –

  2. But, yeah. It’s not available natively. :)

  3. john3347 says:

    I have a folder named “Wallpaper” with over 2000 screen size images (wallpapers). These 2000+ wallpapers are assigned to a Windows theme that changes every 15 minutes. I haven’t bothered to do the arithmetic, but it will run several days and never show the same picture twice.

  4. Ragingsunbeam says:

    Actually I have had a really weird issue with “random” desktop image display function. I have hundreds of pictures in the file it references, but it will show the same pictures over and over again. Some repeated almost one or two pictures later. Other pictures NEVER being displayed once. It’s driving me nuts because it’s just pretty silly that a computer would “randomly” hit one picture out of hundreds within 5 draws. Any troubleshooting out there? (I have shuffle set, and there are no doubles of any of the pictures int the folder.)

  5. DaSnizel says:

    if you want your background to be 2 pictures split evenly follow this: open both your photos and drag them to a slide in PowerPoint making sure its the right size you want it for your background. then when you go to press save there is an option of converting it to a pdf file. Once you saved it as a pdf it will open up your 2 pictures originally from PowerPoint From here on forward you press file (save as) and it gives you the option of converting it into a jpeg file (image file) then after you saved it as a jpeg, it loads up exactly what you did in PowerPoint in windows photo viewer, only now you can right click and press set as background. I have only done this for 2 photos, but i would imagine you can do as many photos as long as it fits on 1 slide in powerpoint

  6. it’s not working bro.
    i am using windows 7 home basic

  7. Janet Stafford says:

    I wanted to use all 50,000+ pictures on my computer as desktop background. I used the method above but set the photos to sort by rating (I haven’t rated any photo so all 50,000 pictures were then “sorted” by rating). Right clicked and set as background, and now I have ALL my pictures rotating through. Thanks so much…. wouldn’t have been able to do it if I hadn’t used your method…. i.e. going to the picture folder first, instead of setting the background through “Appearance and Personalization.”

  8. Dave says:

    When I change the slideshow interval, Windows doesn’t always apply the change. It shows the time I selected, but then it shuffles the slides at a previous interval. Any ideas?