15 Killer Google Chrome Features You Might Not Know About

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chrome logo Google Chrome has been steadily gaining in the browser market share since its launch 2 years ago. It’s not without its flaws but it definitely falls in the “kinda cool” category. Its simplicity and minimalistic, yet feature-rich, interface caused a lot of users to ditch their old and trusted browser in favor of this new tool.

Chrome has a lot of obscure features which could immensely enhance one’s browsing productivity if he were to know about them. This post intends to do reveal exactly those features.

Some of the following features might be something you already know. But as you read on, you are sure to bump into an amazing hidden chrome feature that you weren’t aware of, and that’s what makes this post worth going through. So, check it out!

1. Pin Tab


We have talked about Chrome’s cool Pin tab feature before. Just right click on a tab, hit “Pin tab” and the tab converts into a favicon and sticks itself permanently to the extreme left. Use this on those tabs that you never close (Gmail, for instance).

2. Paste and Go / Paste and Search

chrome paste and go

If you copy any URL outside Chrome and intend to visit that site on Chrome, then instead of doing Ctrl+V and Enter on the address bar, you could just right click and click “Paste and go.” Same for text that you want to search using Chrome’s address bar. Right click and “Paste and search.” Saves time in the long run.

3. Drag and Drop Downloads

drag and drop downloads in Chrome

You can easily drag downloaded files from Chrome to your desktop or any other folder on your computer. That means, from now on, you don’t need to go and change the download location each time you want the files to be downloaded in a separate place other than desktop (or downloads folder).

4. Resources Page

resources in chrome developer tools

While the entire Developer tools feature which Chrome offers (you can access it by pressing Ctrl+Shift+I ) is unique and amazing, the Resources section is particularly useful for webmasters and anyone who owns a site and wants to know how fast his site loads on the browser. As you can see in the above screenshot, there are various options available to explore.

5. Task Manager

chrome task manager

Chrome treats each tab as a separate process so that if one of them starts creating a problem, it can be killed and a browser crash could be prevented. It offers a built-in task manager to let you see the memory and CPU resources consumed by each tab. You can access it through Tools –> Task Manager or by pressing Shift+Esc.

6. Quick Calculation Results from Address Bar

quick calculation in Chrome

You know that Chrome’s address bar doubles up as Google search bar too, but did you know that it could be used to make simple calculations? Yep, just type in 12*50 and wait a sec. The result will come up automatically.

7. Drag and Resize Text Box on a Webpage

drag text boxes on Chrome

Another very useful feature. A lot of times, the text boxes on webpages are annoying. They are too small and after you have typed a few lines, you get a scroll bar which is irritating. On Chrome, you could actually drag that box from the corner and make it bigger. You could try it right now with the comment box at the bottom of this page.

8. Site search from Address bar

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site search in Chrome

If you have performed a search on a website then next time you can search it directly from Chrome’s address bar. Here’s how: lets say you have used this site’s custom Google search bar (located at the top right of this page) to lookup something before. Now, if you want to do it again, just type a few letters of site in the address bar, like guid.. and hit Tab. You’ll get a “Search guidingtech.com” option that’ll allow you to search this site directly from the address bar.

9.  About:memory

about memory in chrome

For the geeks among you, Chrome provides an “About memory” page that can accessed by typing about:memory in the address bar. This gives detailed insights into how different processes in the browser are consuming memory.

10. Application Shortcuts

application shortcuts in chrome

You could create standalone apps from webpages in Chrome by using Tools –> Create application shortcuts. This option could be used for sites that you use frequently and need them open all the time.

11. Sync Bookmarks (and AutoFills, Extensions) To Google Account

sync bookmarks, extensions

This could prove to be a very useful feature, especially after Xmarks, the daddy of bookmark sync tools, decided to shut down (though there is a ray of hope). We included this method previously in our Xmarks alternatives post, and have also talked about it in detail here – How To Sync Chrome Bookmarks Using Your Google Account. (Update: as pointed out by our reader Phistuck in the comments, this feature can now also sync your autofills, extensions and more. )

12. Get iPad Interface

Gmail's ipad interface in chrome

Yes, you don’t need the iPad to see how your favorite sites look in the iPad. You could check it right on your computer, in Chrome. For more, read this – Switch To iPad Interface In Chrome By Changing User Agent String.

13. Select Reopen All Tabs

reopen tabs in chrome

Chrome has an option that lets you reopen previously opened pages before you closed the browser. This comes in handy if the browser crashes for some reason and you had a lot of tabs open. I recommend that you make sure this option is checked. Learn how to do it here – How to Restore Tabs & Save Tab Groups In Google Chrome.

14. Organize Thumbnails Using Full Screen Key

organize thumbnails

This tip was contributed by a reader over at Lifehacker. You might not have noticed this but if you’ve got more than one Chrome windows open and you are using Windows 7, their thumbnails would interchange positions if you do a full screen ( F11) on any one of them. So, if you want to arrange the thumbnails in a specific order, you could use the same F11 key to do it.

15. Copy Paste Only Text

And last, but by no means the least, is this hidden Chrome feature that I, personally, have found it to be extremely useful since the day I discovered it. You know that if you copy anything from a webpage and paste it on some other application (except for pure text editors like Notepad), they bring along all sorts of HTML and CSS stuff with the text, right?

Next time, when you copy stuff from Chrome, and want to paste it somewhere else on Chrome itself (like a Gmail compose window, or a Google Docs document), use Ctrl+Shift+V instead of Ctrl+V if you just need the text. Quick and easy.

Hope you discovered something new about Google Chrome today. I’m sure there are lot of other cool features which I might have missed. Well, that’s why we have you, the readers. Start commenting! :)

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  1. Rasheed says:

    Helpful and more about Google chrome :) Keep Sharing …

  2. mazhar says:

    Very useful info. Thanks a lot for sharing

  3. Ravi says:

    One more important feature I like is text drag and drop in address bar. You can drag text from browser and drop it at your convenient location in address bar, Chrome automatically creates new tab(This feature may be present in many browsers though :) ).

  4. Gayatri says:

    Hey, wonderful article……
    Love CHROME………!

  5. Alex says:

    Nice feature collection. However, it would be fair to mention that Apple’s Safari had the resize text box feature before Chrome was born. And the Copy Paste Only Text functionality isn’t a feature of Chrome at all, it is provided by the Windows clipboard. After all, you’re pasting stuff on _another_ application, so this has nothing to do with Chrome and it should work in most programs.

    • Abhijeet says:

      Alex, I don’t think you are right about the copy paste thing. While it is of course a Windows functionality, the Ctrl+Shift+V thing I talked about isn’t supported by all the browsers. The chrome team even wrote an official post mentioning this feature – http://chrome.blogspot.com/2010/09/tip-just-text-please.html . Yes, I’d agree that many applications do support it, but we are talking specifically about browsers here.

      • Jason says:

        You misread that post you linked to. Note how that post talks about pasting into text editors IN CHROME. (The examples given are Gmail and Docs.)

        • Abhijeet says:

          Jason, I think I didn’t make the point in the article clear enough. Have added another line now. Regarding the comment I made, there’s nothing wrong in that. You open this page in Firefox, do Ctrl+C on a bunch of text and then paste it in a Gmail compose window, right inside Firefox. You’ll find all HTML and CSS being pasted along with the text. Now, try Ctrl+Shift+V. Do you get plain text? I don’t think you do. But in Chrome, you do.

          • Jason says:

            Right, your comment is absolutely correct, and the post now reads the way you meant as well. I thought, when reading the original post, that you had misunderstood the feature itself, but now I see that it was just unclear from the original text what you meant.

  6. Simakuutio says:

    Also Opera have most of those features (been there quite long time before Chrome was “invented”). But good thing Chrome is copying alot of good things to make it more usefull (copying some ideas isn’t bad at all).

    (But just like I mentioned, Opera did many of those first..:)

  7. Ravi says:

    I think Chrome needs to include some additional security in case of showing stored passwords, like Master Password in firefox. When you select “show saved passwords” from Chrome options, it straight away displays passwords!

    It could be beter if Chrome is improved in this aspect.

    • Abhijeet says:

      Yeah, I’ve seen that. Not sure if hiding the passwords there would make a huge difference, but having them hidden is certainly better.

  8. PhistucK says:

    Update your post, you can also sync your autofill data, extensions, theme, preferences and apps and that command for setting up ‘bookmark sync’ is no longer within that menu, you have to to to Options\Preferences–>Personal stuff and set up the sync there.

  9. smokes says:

    rofl duuuude

    the Syncronize feature is old in your screenshots, and now it has Password, Bookmark, Autofill, Extensions sync

    • Abhijeet says:

      Yeah, the post has been updated since you read it. Don’t know how it skipped my mind while writing. Probably because I don’t use this feature of Chrome. Thanks for noticing it.

  10. Thanks for the great post…some pretty helpful tips.

  11. gia says:

    Thanks for the information. Though I think that 13 contradicts 5 :)

    • Abhijeet says:


      • gia says:

        Well, according to 5 each tab is a separate process so if it crashes then nothing should happen to other tabs. And in 13 you say that if the browser crashes then all tabs are closed.

        • Abhijeet says:

          The browser may crash due to various other reasons. Sometimes it might be a rogue plugin…or some other malfunction. When that happens, it takes away all the tabs with it. A malfunctioning tab isn’t the only reason behind a browser crash.

  12. Ed says:

    “While the entire Developer tools feature which Chrome offers is unique and amazing”

    It’s not unique – it comes from Apple via WebKit and variations of it have been in Safari for almost 5 years.

    See http://webkit.org/blog/41/introducing-the-web-inspector/

    • Abhijeet says:

      Yeah, well, I meant unique in the sense that we don’t see that in more popular browsers like IE and Firefox. You’re right about the webkit thing.

  13. JP says:

    The feature #10, create an app shortcut, is not available on Mac…

  14. Elanor says:

    While pinning a tab is great and all, is there a way to make it so that other domains automatically open in a new tab? If I have facebook pinned for instance, if I click on a link it uses that tab and then on closing and reopening the browser will open that URL instead of facebook.

    Firefox had an extension called permatabs that forced other domains (or at least all links) to open in new tabs.

    • Eerongal says:

      I always just click my mouse wheel. Any link you click with the mouse wheel should open in a new tab.

  15. Matt Day says:

    Nobody has mentioned Chrome’s new builtin PDF Viewer, which is the fastest and most secure PDF plugin I’ve ever used:
    Enable it by going to about:plugins and enjoy!

  16. uttaradhaka says:

    Thank you. Some of these were awesome and indeed useful. Good job..

  17. smokes says:

    also nobody mentioned the GPU hardware acceleration..

    about:labs in dev channel

  18. I also love all of the extensions that you can download for Chrome. I am currently running AdBlocker which blocks all banner ads, a weather app that shows me the current temp on the top left of my brower, CSS Viewer, a Resize Window Ruler that let’s me see how my site will look on different screen resolutions, and even a ruler so I can drag a measure things that are on the web.

  19. The copy & paste text only has nothing to do with Chrome – you can always use that shortcut. I’ve been using it for years in Word, Excel, and elsewhere. In case you’re not a short-cut junkie (but you really should be, shortcuts are excellent time-savers), in Excel it’s Paste Special > Values; in Word it’s Paste Special > Unformatted Text or Text.

    Chrome is awesome in many ways, but pasting text only is not one of its features.

  20. Mark says:

    #2 is a terrible idea. CTRL+V then enter is way faster than moving the mouse to the address bar, right clicking, moving the mouse to the proper location in the pop-up menu, and clicking the mouse button. “Saves time in the long run” my ass. Did you even try doing this more than once?

    Keyboard is always faster than mouse, why do you think there are so many vi and emacs users? Using the computer is a game, when you have to use the mouse, you lose.

    • Ravi says:

      Hi Mark,
      I agree that keyboard is way faster than mouse but it is not possible to use only keyboard always.. right!?

  21. Jesse says:

    I’m surprised I didn’t see the ‘select and search’. You select text in the browser window, then right-click on the selection and choose “Search Google for ‘selected text'”

  22. 望月 says:

    Nice, could I translate this article into Chinese and published it on my blog ?

    • Abhijeet says:

      Well, I’d prefer you post an excerpt from the post and then direct your readers to this page. You could also inform then how they could translate this post using Google translate and all. That shouldn’t be difficult.

  23. Ravi says:

    One more important feature from Chrome missed here is that it suggests page translation when we are viewing pages in languages other than English. I found it very useful :)

  24. gav says:

    but can you customize the toolbars? =)

  25. webber says:

    cool info you provide. thanks.

  26. ichmbch says:

    The best thing about “Pin Tab” functionality is that pinned tabs remains even if you restart the browser!

  27. Darth Vader says:

    Chrome sucks!

  28. Very good tutorial.But Google Chrome sometimes not good in my view.Firefox is ultimate.

  29. Chrome is best flasy web pages as it download thing s much faster and very compatible for Google platforms like Youtube and picasa web. Still Mozilla is the great choice for Savvy users for it’s handy addons and other related features that makes Firefox number one. Chrome will marketing itself and need bit time frame to reach to the likeliness people.

  30. very useful resource about chrome. thanks anyway.

  31. Wow didn’t know the browser i am using have lots of features in it. :) The only reason i bookmarked it is i found it useful. :)

  32. shravan says:

    nice , very usefull one

  33. Frank says:

    Very good information thanks for sharing!

  34. Swamykant says:

    Very Good Post. I use most of these features of Google chrome :)

    Thanks for sharing the knowledge.

  35. Steven Lee says:

    Wow! Thank you for sharing! Some of the feature I had already known but most of them are new to me.

  36. Matt says:

    Great article, thanks for posting! Knew about a few, a few new ones, keep up the good work.

  37. Aron Clark says:

    I don’t think #13 is really a ‘must’, as Chrome has crash detection and offers to restore tabs upon next launch. If it doesn’t detect it, I believe they can also be restored by clicking ‘Restore All Windows From Last Session’ in History menu, or something similar. I’m sure it’s around somewhere.

    So whilst it could be useful for people, I don’t feel its necessary for the reason stated. :)

  38. Ricci says:

    This was so helpful! Thank you so much!

  39. Dusty says:

    Regarding #12, that’s a nifty little trick, but I’m not sure what makes it “killer.”

  40. Partap Singh says:

    its amazing…i tried all the tips and tricks,these are working very fine…

    Thank You Sir…

  41. Am loving being able to resize this comment box. Didn’t know this one existed.

  42. John Ortiz says:

    Mozilla Firefox’s search bar has its own calculator (of course, from Google). G’bye!

  43. You were right! Most of these features I am not aware of. Thanks for the tip.

  44. endgame says:

    I read these curious about what the competition brings and what it brings is useless or copied features. just as Simakuutio said Opera had these for a very long time. idk where u guys have been all this time? living under a rock maybe? this article is kind of a joke unless the editor wanted to show how crap this browser is in which case he succeeded.

  45. John Martin Fritzg says:

    Welcome to Opera world 😉

  46. Wai Yeung says:

    If you hold ctrl and press any number, it will jump directly to that tab. So starting from left-most tab would be ctrl+1. I found this out by accident, but highly useful instead of using the ctrl tab scrolling method!

  47. Ryan says:

    I learned something new and interesting from #2 and #4

    good post!

  48. another Ryan says:

    6 and 8 aren’t features of Chrome.

  49. I have an issue with extension sync functionality. It looks like Google remembers ever extension I ever had installed on a Chrome. So, when I turn On this feature, it automatically installs all the extensions back to my browser. I didn’t find any way to tell it to accept those extensions I have installed *now* as a set I want to keep. No way to access a place where Google keeps information about installed extensions and modify it.

  50. PhistucK says:

    @Vladimir Kelman –
    Search for an existing issue for this problem at http://crbug.com and if you cannot find one, file a new issue for it at http://new.crbug.com – this should not happen.

  51. daniel says:

    Ctrl+V + Enter will always be faster than right-click + move mouse down to the option.

  52. jcroxmisox says:

    Something else I found (which I use all the time) in Chrome is the Duplicate feature – in the past when I used Firefox, I installed an add-on that allowed me to Clone Tab, but if you right-click on any tab in Chrome it has the built-in ability to duplicate the tab. Makes it far easier 😉

    And let’s not forget the Ctrl+Shift+N shortcut, which opens a new incognito tab, nor Ctrl+Shift+T, which reopens the last tab you closed :)

  53. Casey says:

    Chrome doesn’t have a usable stumbleupon extension. The web tool-bar sucks.

  54. Kayla says:

    I laughed a little bit at the drag and drop downloads. I’ve been able to do that on my mac for how many years now?

  55. vitaliy says:

    It’s interesting features about Google Chrom. I did not know. Thanks for you.

  56. Jethro says:

    This was very helpful. I’m glad to know this stuff now, thanks!

  57. Mark Iragana says:

    Good content. It is fascinating. I like what you did with the site.

  58. tina says:

    Before i updated to chrome, when I right clicked on an image on the web, my opanda would tell me the specifics, as in aperture, shutter speed, camera etc. Now when I right click, i only get inspect element, and it doesn’t tell me any of that, that I can find. How can I get rid of developer tool, it isn’t something i need, or can I get opanda to over-ride chrome.
    I did learn a couple of tips though, thankyou.

  59. X says:

    I’m not sure if anyone knows about this, or if it has been posted or not, but middle-clicking (pressing down on the scroll wheel) on a tab will also close it. Just thought I’d let you all know. 😉

  60. Alan says:

    While able to change your user agent string is useful, it won’t magically turn your browser into an iPad browser. User agent switching fools the server into sending you the website’s iPad optimized website, but that’s only if one exists. Also, the site is not guaranteed to look exactly as it would on the iPad, since your aren’t actually browsing on and iPad.

  61. Oni says:

    #6 works on firefox too, but with the built in google search toolbar.

  62. Filippo says:

    Google saved my life!

  63. Almekhlafi says:

    Thankyou very much about this artical

  64. Odean Hoss says:

    I liked the article and some of the comments, even though some were rather feisty at times. LOL

    As mentioned in a recent article, (sorry for the self-plug there), but I like, use, and recommend Chrome to everyone. I do wish there was a Facebook “share” button on the page here though. It would have been easier than the cut/paste thing I did for this article on FB. But I did share it though, even though it took all that extra clicking and mouse work. The things I do for you Abhijeet! LOL 😉

  65. Odean Hoss says:

    INTERESTING. I have several tabs “pinned” as shown in tip #1, and now when ever there is either a new post, or e-mail, (some sort of action) on that tab, there is a “notification” of sorts that shows up. It looks like a soft spot light like you’d see up in the night sky, strobing across that particular tab. I like it.

  66. Urban Ghosts says:

    This is great to know! I’ve never been one to make the most of pretty much any technology I’ve ever owned or that which I use online, mainly because I don’t have a clue what features it has. I’ve never used Google Chrome but will now give it a go!

    I especially like the option for reopening tabs. That might not sound like the best feature to be impressed with but using Firefox I always have a lot of tabs open. If it crashes they’re generally restorable but if not it’s a pain in the butt – so having a checked option to ensure they will is nice for peace of mind!

  67. jake says:

    you forgot… incognito mode. fap fap fap

  68. Thanks for this info on Chrome. Some of these features I already use for my development, however I was not aware of all of them.

  69. lik654 says:

    Great web site! I am realy happy stumbling upon it!

  70. Twiggy says:

    Umm, is it just me or does Firefox already offer most of these features?

  71. Odean Hoss says:

    That’s interesting Twiggy. You’re using an outdated, (usually), and harder to configure, (by far), and much less safe browser, with FF. You’d know what I mean about ‘safer’ after reading this article: http://techcrunch.com/2011/02/07/hack-google-chrome/. Your precious FF, got hacked in mere minutes. Compared to Chrome, which couldn’t be hacked. I’ll stick with the much smoother, and better looking Chrome, Thank You.

  72. Socialrific says:

    Some awesome tools by Chrome and here I am using Firefox. I think it’s time to install Chrome and see how it is. Would you suggest taking the leap, or stick with FF?


  73. ffox_developer says:

    True; these are really cool features, though they are features almost every browser has. Including Firefox. For example, the drag and drop download has been incorporated since Safari on early mac computers. You can also get to the memory and do almost everything, besides the iPad style on Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Nice article though. It’s a neat browser.

  74. mrsleep says:

    The REALLY cool thing about Chrome is that it’s made by Google. Google is awesome cause their seed money came from the CIA.
    And Google has this awesome CEO who has connection to the CIA, and doesn’t feel people are entitled to privacy. Whats really awesome is he is stepping down as CEO to be a liaison between Google and the Federal Government. YAY!

    • Flynn Loves Justice says:

      the super thing about mrsleep is how gd’dm cool he rolls, thaz wa’ i say. CIA, CEO, PRIVACY… what the hell is all that crazy talk? I am proud of the CIA for their co-operation with UN in the report about the abuse of Maghaberry prison, Northern Ireland. Wish the UN would return, even with admitted ongoing violence and fierce delusion on the part of authorities resulting in false imprisonments, even of women, the left. Seems a blatant disrespect for UN, UK, and Irish prison reform efforts. Google has no choice but to collect information. They respect our privacy by securing it. Electronic weapons abuses and criminals are making that difficult. Ongoing electronics abuses still in action near two nuclear plants in Ontario, Canada. Just in case Google CAN contact CIA. CIA may access my email, facebook and twitter. See creative-communications.biz, hubpage on Ontario crisis. Zero defence response. persephone.loves.hades and flynn.loves.justice @gmails.com. anyone else, if u want details, message me.

    • squint9 says:

      LOL, MrSleep. The name says it all. LOL I guess you didn’t get the memo … the CIA uses a browser that does not leave any footprint (which ain’t Chrome by any stretch of the imagination LOL). I could tell you more … but I don’t relish a visit from a blackout-windowed Denali. 😉

  75. dennis says:

    Yeah! Thanx for the tips! Many nice features in chrome.

  76. Marvs says:

    I’ve been using many of these cool features of Chrome for sometime now but the others are new to me like the built-in task manager. I’m a faithful Firefox user before and even when Chrome came out I’d still use Ff until Mozilla decided to update Ff more frequently and messed it somehow that I decided to switch to Chrome and never looked back to Ff since then.

  77. Guest says:

    knew 13 of them – I’m a chrome nerd

  78. Michael F. says:

    Hi, is there a way to copy selected text and have it automatically paste into Word? I find myself doing this often, especially between Chrome and Microsoft Word.

    Does Google Chrome have a plugin or something that performs this task?

  79. there is also these gr8 feature that u forgot that i always use is when u read a text and want to look something from the text u can just select it right click it and go on “search google for…” and it should say the thing u selected

  80. Guest says:

    You can’t select text at all in Chrome, unless you drag the mouse and wait for the entire text to scroll. Ridiculous.

  81. Flynn Loves Justice says:

    i love google chrome. And i thank google for these applications and tips. Thank you to Abhijeet and Guiding Tech. great page. take care.

  82. sdfsfdgsdfg says:

    I didn’t knew about the #3 and #14 is available on WIndows XP too,I use it very often ! :)

  83. kcerica says:

    what version of chrome are you using? I could not get the calculations to show up in the address bar or move the text box to make it bigger, I didn’t know about these tips or get them to work just now…
    One other thing i love about chrome is being able to drag a tabs to other windows or draggin a tab down to open it up in its own window and being able to highlight text and dragging it to a different place. (I guess this is about one of about a thousand reasons I LOVE chrome and then I’m always finding even more reasons to love chrome when browsing in the chrome webstore)
    It’s amazing what you can do with just a browser and to think of what they may come out with next.

  84. One more Chrome feature : you can drag the URL from the URL textbox to the Bookmarks bar and it will appear as an icon with text title. Right click on it and you can edit the title.

  85. J K says:

    This box does not grow as the author suggests.

  86. Nicolephillipmarcano says:

    I use google chrome and I need to know if it is at all possible for a window to automatically open and then open several tabs of websites that I have never viewed before.

  87. Wow! This is really useful!

  88. Anand Kumar says:

    Truly awesome thread.

  89. trainman261 says:

    Scratch 1, 2, 11 and 13 – other browsers do that as well. Otherwise, nice list. Not really a dedicated chrome user, I use all three (IE, FF, and chrome – why is there no 2 letter abbreviation for that?)

  90. Rocksteady777 says:

    Can somebody explain 14? I got a little confused…

  91. Kate Upton says:

    Rubbing herself down with butter while moaning.

  92. Tom Murray says:

    when I try to right click translation, I get this: Sorry, there are connection problems or the language of the text couldn’t be detected

  93. that was really some great features

  94. akash says:

    just same as mentioned on ajsblogging.com

  95. raj says:

    when i try to open a new tab it’s automatically being redirected to espn cricket site and when i try to open google it’s been directed to facebook what should i do now………….

  96. Louis says:

    Printing is amazing too… you can print it as PDF and send to any of your Android devices or even to Google Drive (as long as you logon to your Chrome)

  97. squint9 says:

    #4 in Chrome 38 doesn’t look like that (nor act like it unless I’m missing another tab or something. Too bad, it looks like a fascinating tool.

    Also, wish #15 could be the default paste. Very RARELY do I want Paste to include all the formatting nonsense. Absolutely love the Paste Without Formatting option added to the right-click menu (thank you, whomever).

    I noted one of the commenters mentioned Opera. LOL I keep Opera around to test web pages when I’m designing but I would certainly _never_ recommend it as a primary browser; condolences to those that have to. It rarely gets the formatting correct (especially with newer HTLM5 / CSS3 / webfont responsive layout coding). I’m sure they’ll get the hang of it but until then Firefox and Chrome seem to have things wrapped up pretty good.