How to View Secret Conversations on Messenger

With the rise of instant messaging apps, data privacy concerns have become the first priority. And while Meta doesn’t have the best track record, its end-to-end encryption and secret conversation feature on WhatsApp and Messenger, respectively, have appeased the users for now. If you’re unaware, here’s how to view secret conversations on Messenger.

How to View Secret Conversations on Messenger

Having a secret conversation on Messenger ensures your chats go through encrypted channels. This allows the messages to stay between both parties. Additionally, you can also set timers to ensure your chats get deleted after the stipulated time.

So, let us check out all the ways you can view and use secret conversations on Messenger.

Things to Know Before Using Secret Conversations on Messenger

Before we start, let us briefly look at what all entails when you start or view a secret conversation on Messenger.

  • Messages have end-to-end encryption, meaning no one outside the chat window can access them.
  • Secret conversations will appear separate from normal chats and have a visible lock sign.
  • Only you and the other participant can see the secret conversation chat window. No other users can see or access it.
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  • You can set a timer to ensure your chats are auto-deleted within the specified timeframe once they have been read.
  • Secret conversations will always be one-on-one. There is no option to use the secret conversation feature with group chats.
  • You can only set up secret conversations using the Messenger Android and iOS apps. The option is currently unavailable for the web browser.
  • You can access your previous secret conversations using Messenger on a web browser.

Now that we know what secret conversations mean on Messenger, let us look at how you can start and view secret conversations on Messenger.

How to Start a Secret Conversation on Messenger

There are two ways to start a secret conversation on Messenger: using the good old chat window and the search option. When using these methods, we found that the chat window is a more convenient way if you already have a normal chat open with the user.

However, we will show you how to use both methods to start a secret conversation. Following this, you can use the one that’s easy for you.

Method 1: Using Chat Window

Step 1: Open the Messenger mobile app.

Step 2: Here, click on the relevant contact.

Step 3: Now, click on the i icon in the top right corner. iOS users can click on the username in the top left corner.

Open Chat Window

Step 4: Here, scroll down and tap on ‘Go to secret conversation’.

Start a Secret Conversation

This will immediately start a secret conversation on Facebook Messenger. Just send a message in the chat window to get it on your main screen.

Step 1: Open Messenger and tap on the pencil icon.

Step 2: First, in the top right corner, turn on the lock toggle.

Step 3: Then, in the search bar, type the name of the user you wish to have a secret conversation with.

Step 4: Now, tap on the user from the search results.

Start Secret Conversation From Search

If you have previously interacted with the selected user through Facebook Messenger secret conversations, the chat window with previous chats will open. If not, you will be redirected to a new chat window. Now, send secret messages to get the contact on your dashboard.

How to View Secret Conversation History on Messenger

If someone has previously contacted you via a secret conversation, but you’re not friends yet, Facebook Messenger might not show these conversations in the main chat window. However, you can still view the secret conversation history using the Messenger mobile and Facebook desktop apps. Here’s how.

Method 1: Through the Facebook Web App

Step 1: Open Facebook on any web browser.

Step 2: Here, click on the bell icon.

Step 3: Now, once the Chats window opens, click on the relevant chat.

Step 4: Alternatively, click on ‘See all in Messenger’.

View new conversation on Facebook

This will open Messenger on your web browser with all the message requests currently being displayed.

Method 2: Through Message Request

Step 1: Open the Messenger mobile app.

Step 2: In the top left corner, tap on the hamburger icon.

Step 3: From the menu options, tap on ‘Message requests’.

Open Message Requests

Step 4: Here, you can switch between ‘You May Know’ and Spam to find the relevant user.

See Message Requests on Messenger

This will allow you to view secret conversation history on the Messenger app.

How to View Archived Secret Conversations on Messenger

If you have previously archived a secret conversation, you can view it using the archived messages window. Additionally, you also have the option of unarchiving and restoring these conversations to your Messenger chat window. Follow the below steps to do it.

Step 1: Open the Messenger mobile app and tap on the hamburger icon.

Step 2: Here, tap on Archive.

Open Archived Chats

Step 3: Now, use this page to find the relevant secret conversation.

Step 4: To unarchive it, long-press on the relevant chat.

Step 5: Once the options appear, tap on Unarchive.

Unarchive Chats

This will instantly unarchive the secret conversation and make it available in your Messenger app’s main chat window.

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Bonus: Turn On Disappearing Messages for Secret Conversations on Messenger

Besides having a secret conversation, you can add an extra layer of security by turning on disappearing messages. Using this, once your message has been seen, it will automatically disappear from the chat window within the set duration. Additionally, while taking screenshots will be blocked, in case the other user is successful, a notification will be sent in the chat window.

Unseen disappearing messages will be automatically deleted from the chat window after 14 days. Please note that any user can change the disappearing message duration, but previously sent messages will be deleted within the previously set duration. If you want to try it, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Open the Messenger mobile app.

Step 2: From the Chats window, tap on the relevant secret conversation.

Step 3: Here, click on the i icon in the top right corner. iOS users can click on the username.

Open Secret Message chat window

Step 4: Scroll down and tap on Disappearing messages.

Step 5: Tap on OK.

Tap on Disappearing Messages

Step 6: From this page, tap on the relevant duration.

Set Disappearing Message duration

Now, a message in the chat window will inform both users about the time limit set for the disappearing messages. And while you can report any disappearing messages to Facebook, it must be done within six hours of the original message disappearing.

Tip: Check out our article to know more about what happens when you report someone on Facebook Messenger.

FAQs for Using Secret Conversations on Facebook Messenger

1. Can you see deleted secret conversations on Facebook Messenger?

Currently, Messenger has no native option to see or restore any deleted secret conversations. Users may use third-party apps to view deleted conversations. However, you will need to give access to your account credentials and other details to do that, which we don’t recommend.

2. Can you view secret conversations on other’s phones on Messenger?

Certain third-party parental control apps like AirDroid Parental Control allow you to view secret conversations on other’s phones on Messenger. However, you might need a subscription to access the full-service suite.

3. Can you send secret conversations via Messenger on the web browser?

No. There are no native options to start secret conversations when using Messenger on the web browser.

4. Is it possible to tell if someone is having a secret conversation with another user on Messenger?

No, secret conversations are between you and the other user. No one outside your chat window can see your secret conversations on Messenger.

See Hidden Messages

The ability to send and view secret conversations on Messenger is a new yet effective way of communicating securely. And if you want to take your privacy up a notch, you can consider hiding your Messenger active status from other users.

Last updated on 16 August, 2023

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