10 Best Broken Screen Wallpapers for iPhone

Customizing your phone is something we all love to do. We all go on a hunt for a different wallpaper for our phones when we’re bored with the same one that we’ve used for a long time. This is mostly because Apple’s stock library of wallpapers isn’t enough and we wish there were more wallpapers in it. And this is where we want to help you out – here’s a compilation of some fun broken screen wallpapers for iPhone.

Further, these wallpapers would work well for an amusing prank. You can set one of these on your iPhone and pretend that it is cracked. Or set it on your friend’s brand-new iPhone and give them the shock of their lives. You have ten options to do so in this article.

We have provided a mockup of each wallpaper that shows you how it will be displayed on your iPhone. Further, we have also provided a link from Google Drive to download them in the best quality. Let’s dive in!

1. Broken Screen Wallpaper Revealing Internals

Here’s a broken screen wallpaper for your iPhone that is revealing the internal contents of your device. This one will certainly help you prank a gullible friend!

2. Apple Logo Broken Screen Wallpaper

In our opinion, this one looks good with the display cracks originating from the Apple logo. If you like using wallpaper with the Apple logo on your iPhone, give this unique combination a try for your lock screen and home screen!

3. Damaged Screen Wallpaper

Do you have a confused look on your face as you see this wallpaper below? Consider yourself lucky if the answer is yes. This is how your iPhone looks when it falls from a height or worse – an accidental drop from your pocket on a concrete surface. Pretty disturbing visual, isn’t it?

As a wise man once said, “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, protect your iPhone with a good-quality case!

4. Damaged Apple Logo Wallpaper

Here’s another damaged display wallpaper for iPhone with an Apple logo. Although this one is more unique than the previous one with multiple Apple logos that seems to have taken some damage.

5. iPhone Cracked Screen Wallpaper

Here’s another wallpaper that reveals the internals of your iPhone – although in a more accurate manner where it shows a sneak peek into the A15 Bionic processor.

6. iPhone Broken Homescreen Wallpaper

This one seems quite realistic. A perfect wallpaper if you are set out to prank your friend. There’s the home screen with all the app icons and then a visual of a cracked screen up to make it seem all real.

7. Broken Glass Wallpaper iPhone

A cracked glass wallpaper that also seems a bit aesthetic in our opinion. You could use this one even if you weren’t looking for broken screen wallpapers for your iPhone.

8. Spiderweb-Cracked Wallpaper on iPhone

This one below is a painful sight. Yes, we know it’s wallpaper but a spiderweb crack on the glass – to even look at hurts. If it interests you, you can use this as a wallpaper on your iPhone.

9. Simpsons Broken Screen iPhone Wallpaper

Bart Simpson is known for the pranks on the famous show – The Simpsons. Wouldn’t ever want him to play a prank on your iPhone, for sure. But if he ever did, he’d use a catapult to crack the screen of your iPhone. If you’re a Simpsons fan who landed on this article – you’re welcome!

10. iPhone Cracked and Damaged Display Wallpaper

What’s worse than getting your iPhone cracked? Getting your display damaged in that process as well. Here’s how your iPhone will look if that ever happens. God forbid it ever does!

Prank a Friend

We hope you had fun exploring some broken-screen iPhone wallpapers. Make sure to share it with your friends as well if it amused you. They’d probably thank you for giving an idea to prank people! You can check out some other wallpaper compilations that we have published in the past.

Last updated on 17 May, 2023

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