11 Best Dynamic Island Wallpapers for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max

Apple had a lot of exciting launches in their 2022 events, but the most significant one as always was the new iPhone – the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro. Apart from features like Dual Band GPS and Personalized Spatial Audio, Dynamic Island caught many people’s attention. And to have a little fun with this pill-shaped status bar, here are a few dynamic island wallpapers you can use.

With the launch of iPhone 14 and 14 Pro, older iPhones also received an update to iOS 16, and the highlight was the depth effect on the lock screen. However, today’s focus is on Dynamic Island, and here are some cool wallpapers you can try.

1. Bert Sesame Street Dynamic Wallpaper

We’ve all grown up watching cartoons, and Sesame Street has to be one of our favorites. What’s amusing now is that Bert’s unibrow perfectly aligns with the Dynamic Island, and does give you a fun wallpaper that takes you back to your childhood.

Bert Seasme Wallpaper

2. Cat Dynamic Island Wallpaper

Cat memes and cute images of a cat are what keep netizens sane and relaxed despite all the noise on the internet. We found a wallpaper of two little cats caught doing their amusing antics around iPhone’s Dynamic Island pill. Download away!

Cat Tech Droider Wallpaper
Source: Tech Droider

3. Dynamic Island Drip Wallpaper

If there’s one thing that we’ve observed on these dynamic lock screen wallpapers, it’s the creativity that goes into making them. All of their elements blend along the Dynamic Island pill. A great example of that is this wallpaper of paint dripping along the iPhone 14 Pro Dynamic Island, and we’re sure you’ll love it.

Drip Wallpaper

4. A Dynamic ‘Island’ Wallpaper

Apple called the pill a Dynamic Island, and looks like the creator of this wallpaper respected their choice and how! Here’s a wallpaper around the Dynamic Island pill that makes it look like one.

Island Wallpaper
Credits: Basic Apple Guy

5. Minions Background for iPhone 14 Pro Series

Despicable Me and the subsequent animated films were some of the funniest ones we have watched. Minions are some of the cutest cartoon characters ever made, and here they are, in their element in this cool Dynamic Island wallpaper.

Minion Wallpaper

6. Mountain Climber Dynamic Island Wallpaper

Here’s a cool wallpaper of a mountain climber trying to scale the dynamic island. The purple background shade is also quite similar to the default iPhone 14 Pro Wallpaper. If you love an adventure, this one is surely for you. You can download the wallpaper from the link below.

Mountain Climber

7. Patrick Dynamic Island Wallpaper

Cartoon characters seem to go well with the dynamic island, and it’s quite hilarious how one of Patrick’s eyebrows is made to blend perfectly into the Dynamic Island pill. Here’s one for all of you who are fans of Spongebob Squarepants.

Patrick Star Wallpaper

8. Robocop Dynamic Island Wallpaper

Here’s another cool dynamic island wallpaper. In this one, Robocop’s helmet is neatly integrated into the Dynamic Island pill, and this one is made for all you Robocop fans. Download it away, and set it as your wallpaper on the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max!

Robocop Wallpaper

9. Shinchan Dynamic Island Wallpaper

Shinchan was undoubtedly a menace and is one character our parents were always scared of us drawing inspiration from, as a kid. However, we’ve all had a lot of fun bursting out with laughter watching Shinchan, and look at this wallpaper with one of his eyebrows blending into the dynamic island!

Shinchan Wallpaper
Image Credits: Tech Droider

10. Spiderman Dynamic Island Wallpaper

One of Marvel’s most loved superheroes, Spiderman movies are action-packed and quite fun to watch. Here’s Spiderman hanging on to the dynamic island, making it a great wallpaper!

Spiderman Wallpaper

11. Torch Dynamic Island Wallpaper

Here’s another unique Dynamic Island wallpaper, where the torchlight’s beam blends into the Dynamic Island pill.

Torch Wallpaper

Enjoy Using these Cool Wallpapers

These were some creative and unique wallpapers we could find for the Dynamic Island pill on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. We hope you liked these too, and make sure you use the link below each wallpaper to download them in the best resolution.

Last updated on 26 December, 2022

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