7 Reasons Why PDFelement Is a Must-Have PDF Editor (50% off Now)

If you frequently work on PDFs, you must know by now that making and viewing one is an easy task. That said, finding the right editing tool is an arduous one. While a few options let you insert text boxes, others limit their usage of fonts and other editing features. PDFelement aims to accommodate all of that with its PDF editor. It’s a feature-packed tool with almost every editing function under its umbrella.

7 Reasons Why Pdfelement Is A Must Have Pdf Editor

PDFelement lets you convert PDF files to other formats and also allows access to a variety of PDF templates. All that packed in an installer with a file size of less than 150 MB. If these reasons don’t convince you, then the following features might be enough to make PDFelement a must-have PDF editor for you.

1. Clutterless Design

PDFelement has an interface which is clean, straightforward and easy-to-understand. All the tools are segregated into categories and arranged in a ribbon at the top. Also, Windows users will resonate with the app’s theme since it resembles the built-in tools of the operating system.

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The toolbar’s icons are more prominent and precise. You can open many files at the same time, and the tabbed view makes it simple to switch between them. There’s a retractable toolbar at the right, which can be enabled when needed. Using this, you can browse through the different file features such as Attachments, Bookmarks, Annotations, etc.

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Furthermore, this tool has a start screen which simplifies the process of sifting through the various modules. On top of it, you can pin frequently accessed files on the start screen to open them in less time.

2. Edit & Annotate PDFs

Coming to the editing area, PDFelement has a variety of editing options such as adding text, stamps, highlights, changing font and color, and other things. Just click on the appropriate option at the toolbar, and you’ll be prompted with options like color and size.

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Also, there’s a handy Line/Paragraph mode. Using these modes, you can choose between a single line or a whole paragraph to edit.

Another worthy mention is the font types. This tool allows you to switch between many fonts, through the toolbar at the right. Apart from the font, you can adjust the background, font type (including strikethrough), line spacing, word spacing, etc.


Additionally, PDFelement has a variety of collaboration features in the form of text boxes, sticky notes, highlighter, etc. Just select the tool and add the elements. These elements like the text box can be used to enter comments, while the highlighter accentuates the important text in the file.

In short, PDFelement simplifies adding or removing elements from a PDF, thanks to the assortment of tools.

3. Batch Convert PDFs

Moving on, let’s take up the Batch Conversion module. As suggestive of its name, you can convert a heap of PDF files into a format of your choice. Currently, PDFelement supports the following output formats — doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, EPUB, and BMP.

Pdfelement 2

Pdfelement 2

Furthermore, this PDF editor has the option of setting a default output format. So, if you convert PDFs to Documents (doc or docx) frequently, you can set that through the Preferences section.

4. Attach Documents to PDF

While including external links is fine for web pages, the same can not be said about PDF files. First of all, it leads to confusion. And secondly, it’s difficult to follow these links at times. To mitigate this problem, PDFelement lets you attach multiple documents to PDF files.

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Similar to emails, click on the Attach button, select your documents, and they get attached to the PDF. What’s more, you can change the document name right inside the tool.

Another feature to try is Combine PDF which, as the name suggests, can combine numerous PDFs into one.

5. Shield Sensitive PDFs With Password

PDFelement has a built-in feature which allows you to protect files using a password. What’s more, this tool also lets you encrypt your documents before sending or sharing them. Currently, it supports 128-bit AES, 256-bit AES, and 128-bit RC4 encryption standards.

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Other than that, there’s an additional password option which limits further modification (editing, printing, or commenting) of a file. The tool allows you to switch between the different options through a simple drop-down. This feature will prove helpful for sensitive documents, which you don’t want anyone to change after sending them out.

6. Hide Sensitive Information

In addition to the password feature, PDFelement has a tool named Redact which lets you block out individual blocks of code, images or text. It’s a simple tool where you only need to select a block and tap on the Redaction option.

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It’s worth to be noted that the Redaction tool of the PDFElement permanently blocks out texts once the file is saved. Interestingly, you can also search for specific text and redact it.

7. Form Recognition

Last but not the least, PDFelement bundles a handy Form Recognition feature which can simplify the tedious task of filling forms. It works by recognizing all the fillable form elements such as text boxes and radio boxes and then lets you fill them up from your computer.

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So, if you have a physical document which needs to be filled, scanned, and then emailed, you can use this tool to speed things up. Quite obviously, you’d need to scan the document beforehand to transform it into a digital form.

Farewell, PDF Woes

PDFelement is a versatile PDF editor with plenty of features under its roof. It eliminates unnecessary shuffling between different PDF tools to get your work done. And you don’t need to download a host of other apps to perform a specific type of edit.

You can start to use the standard version for $59.95 (with a limited period 50% discount for Guiding Tech readers, please find the discount link at the end of the article), and the pro edition of this PDF editor is priced at $89.95 for a single Windows PC, while for an additional PC, it’s priced at $169.11.

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The pricing is a little different for macOS based computers. It will cost around $99.95 for a single user and $187.91 for an additional user.

Mac Pricing

While the standard version of PDFelement supports editing features like Watermark, Background, and others, the pro edition includes advanced features such as Form Recognition, Data Extraction, and Batch Processing. You can check out a detailed comparison of the standard and pro edition.

The standard version of PDFelement is available at a discount of 50% until October 30th, 2018.