What Happens When You Report Someone on WhatsApp and How to Report

WhatsApp has the immense power to connect billions of users worldwide. And though some connections are precious, spam messages have also forced themselves in. Thankfully, you can block spammers on WhatsApp and also report them. However, what happens when you report someone on WhatsApp? Let’s find out.

What Happens When You Report Someone on WhatsApp

In recent years, WhatsApp has tightened its privacy and security settings with various settings; from hiding or locking WhatsApp chats to silencing unknown callers. It also empowers you to flag inappropriate or spam messages. Follow along as we delve into the process of reporting someone on WhatsApp and the consequences for the reported user.

What Happens if You Report Someone on Whatsapp

Before we move on, let’s first understand what is report in WhatsApp. It enables users to flag inappropriate content, actions, or behavior, allowing healthier digital communication. It’s a necessary tool as spam messages are becoming pretty common.

By reporting a message, you escalate the issue to WhatsApp. In turn, the WhatsApp team looks into the matter and decides whether to ban the user or leave them with a warning. And here’s what WhatsApp does when you report someone.

  • Checks the last five messages – WhatsApp receives and reviews the last five messages sent to you by the reported user or group, without notifying the user or the group. Additionally, it checks the reported group or user ID, message timing, and type of messages shared.
What Happens if You Report Someone on WhatsApp
  • Action against the reported account – Depending on whether the reported user has violated WhatsApp’s Terms of Service or not, the WhatsApp team may ban the user without notification.

Note: Reporting a number doesn’t guarantee that the person will be banned from using WhatsApp. Banning a reported number happens at WhatsApp’s discretion.

What Happens to Old WhatsApp Chats When You Report a Number

When you report someone to WhatsApp, the conversation is not automatically deleted. It remains intact on your device unless you manually delete it. However, if you choose the ‘Report and Block’ option, your chats with the person will be deleted completely.

Can a Reported Number Send You Texts or Call

Well, WhatsApp gives you two options when blocking a number or group. The answer to this question depends on what option you choose. If you choose to

  • Report – The blocked number can still reach you via messages, voice, or video calls. unless WhatsApp takes a decision and blocks their number.
  • Report and Block – WhatsApp will not deliver their calls or messages to you. Notably. whenever someone you’ve ‘reported and blocked’ calls you, the call will ring endlessly on their end but you won’t receive the call or be notified about it.
Choose between Report or Report and Block

Can You Send a New Message or Call the Reported Person

Again the answer lies in the option you choose if you choose to,

  • Report – You can send messages, voice or video call the reported number unless WhatsApp has banned that number.
  • Report and Block – WhatsApp will stop you from sending messages or calling the number. You’ll have to unblock the number before you can interact with the number.

If You Report and Block Someone on Whatsapp, Will They Know

When you block or report someone on WhatsApp, the person you’ve taken action against will not receive any explicit notification informing them about it. Moreover, if WhatsApp takes action against them, won’t even be informed about the ban either.

However, if you’ve also blocked the person, they may realize that they are blocked on WhatsApp when they are unable to interact with you as usual.

How Long Does It Take WhatsApp to Ban a Reported Number

As per WhatsApp, it takes user reports seriously and investigates each case thoroughly. Although, the duration for banning a reported number may vary based on the severity of the reported content and the number of similar reports received.

So, no one really knows. Additionally, WhatsApp will not update you about the progress. Whether they found any reason to ban the number or decided to let it do, is their discretion and no one will know about it.

How to Report Someone on WhatsApp

While you can choose to ignore or mute some messages or delete WhatsApp messages without opening them, some spammers irritate you by bombarding non-stop messages. You can block the number to stop receiving messages; however, you can report them to help others.

How to Block or Report Unknown Number on WhatsApp

When you receive a WhatsApp from an unknown number, WhatsApp automatically offers you three options.

  • Block,
  • Report,
  • Add to Contacts.

To report a number on WhatsApp, simply tap Report. Here, you’ll get two more options (as mentioned above), choose as per preference.

  • Report
  • Report and Block
Tap Block and the select between Report or Report and Block

How to Report Any Whatsapp Number

If you’ve interacted with an unknown number, or if the number is stored in your contacts, WhatsApp will not offer the block/report option directly. For that scenario, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the chat you want to block

Step 2: Tap the contact name or number from the top.

Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom and select Report number/contact.

Tap number and then Report

Step 4: Next, select a preferred option between,

  • Report and Block,
  • Report, or
  • Cancel.
Tap Report or Report and Block

If you’ve selected Report and Block, select the reason and then tap block.

Select the reason and tap block

How to Report a WhatsApp Group

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp group chat.

Step 2: Tap the group name from the top.

Step 3: Scroll down to select Report Group.

Step 4: Select a preferred option from

  • Report and Exit,
  • Report, or
  • Cancel.
Tap group name and select report group

When you chose Report and Exit you’ll leave the group and a complaint will be sent to WhatsApp about the group’s activities simultaneously. That means you will no longer be a participant/member of the group. Consequently, the group (and the group’s messages) will also be deleted from your phone.

On the other hand, choosing to only Report a group without exiting doesn’t change your status in the group. While you’ll still remain an active member, WhatsApp will work on the report. Everything will appear quite normal.

Report View Once Photo or Video on WhatsApp

While WhatsApp introduced the disappearing messages feature to provide users with more privacy, many have been misusing the power. Thankfully, you can report abusive View Once media on WhatsApp.

Tap the view once image and select report

To do so, open the WhatsApp chat → tap and hold the offensive View Once media → select Report → then choose, Report and Block or Report.

FAQs Regarding Reporting WhatsApp Number

1. I reported someone on WhatsApp by mistake, can I undo it?

While you can unblock a number, you can’t un-report it. Although you don’t need to worry as if the user doesn’t violate any rules set by WhatsApp, they will not be blocked or banned.

2. If I report and block Someone on WhatsApp, is it possible to delete their chat history?

As stated in the article, when you report and block the chat is automatically deleted. And even after you’ve unblocked the number the chat won’t reappear.

3. Do reporting and blocking deletes messages on both sides?

No, the reported user is not notified when you report and block them, and the conversation is only deleted from your device.

4. What happens when you report a business on WhatsApp?

The same rule applies to WhatsApp business accounts. WhatsApp will keep track of the conversation and check if the user is violating some rules.

5. How many reports does it take to get banned on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp takes each report into account and bans the reported number or group upon rules violation. However, if there are multiple reports from multiple users, the process might be quicker.

6. I mistakenly pressed block and report on WhatsApp. how can I retrieve and get the chat?

Although you can unblock the user anytime (WhatsApp → Settings → Privacy → Blocked → select the number → Unblock), you can’t retrieve the deleted chats.

7. Will blocking and reporting delete my contact from their phone?

No, blocking and reporting numbers won’t delete their contact from your phone or your contact from their phone. The blocked user can still send you messages or call, however, you won’t receive the text, call, or even the notification about it.

Report Users For a Spam-Free WhatsApp Experience

Reporting someone who is bugging you with incessant spam-like content on WhatsApp is the right thing to do, particularly from an unknown number. By doing that, you are sending a signal to WhatsApp that the person is a spammer.

While it’s up to WhatsApp to decide whether or not to ban the person/number based on the outcome of its investigations. If the person keeps spamming you with unwanted messages, you should proceed to block them. And if it’s a group, you should exit the group for your sanity; for assistance check out how to leave a WhatsApp group without notifying anyone.

Last updated on 24 July, 2023

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