7 Smart Diwali Gifts for Your Parents

Krishanu Dutta

Our favorite time of the year has come. Coming Thursday, India and Indians around the world will celebrate the festival of light - Diwali.

Diwali Gift

This year, celebrate the triumph of good over evil by gifting your parents some smart gifts that would make their life easier and add some Diwali flavor to it as well.

1. Amazon Echo

Amazon recently launched new variants of its Echo lineup, powered by Alexa, Amazon’s very own smart assistant.

Amazon Echo

The company has launched the Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Dot in India. As Diwali is also the time for sales, Amazon is offering 30% discount on all three of Echo products, along with a 1-year free Amazon Prime membership. The Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Dot are now retailing at a price of Rs 10,499, Rs 6,999 and Rs 3,149, respectively.

Check out Echo Plus, and Echo Dot.

2. Amazon Fire TV

With Amazon’s Fire TV stick, you can watch shows on Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and other streaming services, play games, access thousands of apps and also subscribe to TV channels.

Amazon Fire Tv

The device is powered by Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa which helps you start Game of Thrones on your TV as well as order a pizza at the same time, along with booking an Uber to go to your friend’s place afterwards. Alexa will take commands in both English and Hindi.

3. Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew

There’s hardly anything better than a cup of hot coffee to get your day started in a jiffy. But often we skip that because of lack of time. Well, that’s not going to be a problem.

Mr Coffee Smart Optimal Brew
Mr Coffee

Meet Mr. Coffee Smart Optimal Brew, a WiFi-enabled smart coffee maker that you can control via the WeMo app on your phone. This new-age coffee maker can be programmed with a 7-day schedule that will command it to brew a cup of coffee when you need it with you having to tell it.

The Optimal Brew coffee maker can make only up to 10 cups of coffee in one brew cycle. It’s super easy to clean and maintain. Your parents will surely love it.

4. Anova Precision Cooker

Anyone who has spent time in the kitchen trying to make the perfect dishes — like your mother’s Dum Aloo recipe or your dad’s Chicken Changezi — would tell you that knowing the exact temperature would make a huge difference!

Knowing the right temperature of the dish will give you an idea about how much time would it need to get the food ready, when to add the spices or add other ingredients. Temperature is the key here and the Anova Precision Cooker’s LED screen shows you exactly that.

Anova Precision Cooker

What’s more — you can also control the device via Bluetooth and WiFi (different models). The sensors at the bottom of the device alerts you about minimum and maximum temperature. It automatically shuts off if the temperature crosses the maximum level (99°C).

The cook in the house will surely shower you with blessings if you get this precision cooker for the kitchen this Diwali.

5. Neato BotVac

The days of the future are here. Now, you don’t need to hire help to mop your room or clean the crumbs and dust from all over your house or do it yourself. Neato’s BotVac, with its patented laser-guided tech, can scan and map your house and clean it methodically.

Neato Botvac
Neato Botvac
The BotVac can work on every floor type and reach any corner of the room. You can easily schedule cleaning sessions for either the entire house or a specific spot in your room.

Powered by a rechargable NiMH battery, the BotVac guides itself back to its charging station when it’s out of juice. You can also place magnetic boundary tapes on the floor to keep the BotVac away from places you don’t want to go cleaning like your pet’s bowl or your kid’s toy corner.

6. FitBit

Fitness wristbands are already a rage. Kids to elders, all are flaunting a fitness band getting all the necessary health information on the go from pulse rate, blood pressure to sleep patterns and reminders.


A good option for a Diwali gift for your ageing parents would be the Fitbit Alta HR — a sleek wristband that keeps a track of your body and displays notifications and sets reminders for physical activities.

7. Wireless Speakers

At a time of celebration and house parties, a good, easy-to-handle sound system is a must-have. With technology growing at an exponential rate, it’s been a while that speakers can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth or WiFi.

Wireless Speakers

Gift your parents a decent wireless speaker like the Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 so that they can play their favorite songs whenever they want without having to connect their phones to the speakers and get up to change the song every time. With wireless connectivity, mom and dad will be able to enjoy music without any hassle.

Let us know in comments which of these would be the perfect gift for your parents.

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