How to Use Google Maps Immersive View on iPhone and Android

Almost everyone prefers Google Maps to navigate their routes. You can plan your visits to different places and destinations using Google Maps inside and outside your city. And once you visit them, you can add your reviews to share your experience.


Now if you plan to visit some famous spots in unfamiliar cities for the first time, you can use the new Immersive View feature of Google Maps to get a virtual tour of that place. This post will explain how to use the Google Maps Immersive View feature on your iPhone and Android to virtually explore various destinations across the globe.

What Is Immersive View in Google Maps

Immersive View is an upgraded Street View feature in Google Maps. Just like how Street View allowed users to get a 360-degree virtual tour of an area in a city they have never visited, Immersive View takes that experience to a whole new level. With this feature’s help, you can see a 3D map of a particular city and its iconic landmarks. You will also get a better idea of reaching that spot with the help of an immersive view of routes.

As of writing this post, Immersive View is available for monuments, buildings, and landmarks of a limited number of cities, including London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, Venice, and Tokyo. A lot more cities, including Madrid and Barcelona will be added in the future.

How to Enable Immersive View in Google Maps on iPhone and Android

Since Immersive View generates a 3D map of your selected landmark in a city, your mobile device should have a strong internet connection. This will help in giving you the most accurate representation of that place. We suggest updating the Google Maps app to its latest version on your iPhone or Android.

After that, here’s how to use Immersive View in Google Maps.

Step 1: Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone.

open google maps on android

Step 2: Type the name of the city you wish to explore. We will choose London.

Step 3: Zoom in and tap on the landmark icon that represents the landmark you want to explore. Then, tap on Immersive View on the right side for your selected building or landmark.

Google Maps will now use its AI feature of Immersive View to load a realistic, true-to-life 3D map of that landmark and its nearby areas. Google Maps uses Neural Radiance Fields to achieve a lifelike result.

with border IMG_0486

You can drag to rotate or tap anywhere to explore the place. Swiping left or right will spin you around the chosen location. Swiping up and down will raise and lower your perspective.

with border IMG_0485

You can exit Immersive View anytime by tapping the X icon at the top-left corner.

close immersive view google maps

Check Time and Weather in Google Maps Immersive View

You also get the option to click the geography of the landmark at different times of the day using Immersive View. This will help you especially for clicking the perfect pictures of the place and visit at the perfect time.

To check time and weather, just use the slider in Immersive View in Google Maps. The 3D imagery will keep changing as you move the slider.

Explore a Nearby Business With Google Maps Immersive View

You can also take a tour of the nearby businesses while using Immersive View in Google Maps. If a particular store or establishment is near the selected monument or building, you can take its virtual tour from the inside. Here’s how.

Step 1: Open the Google Maps app on your iPhone or Android phone.

open google maps on android

Step 2: Select a monument or building and launch its Immersive View.

landmark icon google maps

Step 3: Tap the orange bubble icon for a nearby business. Then tap the dark circular logo at the bottom of the business name.

Step 4: Hard swipe the Joystick icon at the bottom to start discovering the indoors. Keep using it to navigate the directions.

Immersive View Not Working in Google Maps

If the Google Maps Immersive View feature stops working on your iPhone or Android, just ensure you have a fast and stable internet connection. We suggest switching to 5G on your iPhone or Android if the model supports it.

Since this feature is still in development, you might have to force quit and relaunch Google Maps on your iPhone or Android phone. Here’s how.

On iPhone

Step 1: On the home screen, swipe up and hold to reveal the background app windows.

Step 2: Swipe right to look for Google Maps and swipe up to remove the app.

remove google maps iphone 1

Step 3: Relaunch Google Maps and check if Immersive View is working.

open google maps on iPhone

On Android

Step 1: Long-press the Google Maps app icon and tap on App Info.

app info google maps android

Step 2: Tap on Force Quit and select Ok to confirm.

Step 3: Close App Info and relaunch Google Maps to check if the problem is solved.

open google maps on android

Virtual Visits Made Better

You can use the Immersive View feature in Google Maps to take virtual tours of places on your wishlist. You can also read our post to learn how to calibrate Google Maps so that it always shows you the right directions.

Last updated on 24 August, 2023

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