How to Edit the Author Name in Microsoft Word

Every time you create or leave a comment on a Microsoft Word document, it assigns your a default Microsoft account name as the author name. When you share that document, the recipients can easily view your name from the Info menu of the File tab.

In a situation where you are unable to make use of your personal computer to create a Word document, and you would like to have your name featured as the author, you can still change it. Here’s how to do so:

How to Add, Change, and Delete the Author Name in a New Word Document

If you are creating a new document, you can change the author’s name before working a document. However, changing the author’s name on Word would also affect the related settings on other Office apps such as PowerPoint and Excel. Check the steps below to find out how to add, change, and delete the author’s name of your new Word document:

Step 1: Click on the Start menu, type word in the Search bar, and hit Enter to launch Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Click on the File tab.

Step 3: Click on the Info menu, and you should see the author’s name under Related People.

Step 4: To add a new author other than yourself to the list of authors, place your mouse cursor on the Add an author field and input details of the new author.

Step 5: To change or delete the author’s name, click on the More menu and select Options.

Step 6: Within the General tab of the Word Options dialog box, scroll down to ‘Personalize your copy of Microsoft Office’ section, and type in the name in the boxes next  to Username and Initials.

Step 7: If you would like to use the new name for the foreseeable future, check the box beside Always use these values regardless of sign-in to Office and click on Ok.

Step 8: To confirm if the changes are in place, click on the File tab and select Info.

How to Add, Change, and Delete the Author Name in an Existing Word Document

If you want to change the author’s name for existing documents, take the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the Start button, type word and hit Enter to launch Word.

Step 2: To view the existing author name on the Word document, click on the File tab.

Step 3: Click on the Info menu, and you should see the author’s name under Related People.

Step 4: Right-click on Author name then click on Edit Property.

Step 5: Go to the dialog box labeled Edit person and provide the new author name.

Step 6: To remove the author, right-click on Author name and select Remove person.

How to Change and Delete the Author Name of a Comment in Word

We regularly insert comments in Word, especially when collaborating with colleagues and clients. These comments make it easier to carry out revisions and explain different parts of the document. You must have noticed that each comment carries a user or author name.

Different scenarios may require you to add, change or delete the author’s name on a comment. In adding a new author name for comment, you can follow the methods previously explained. However, if you would like to change or delete the author’s name for hiding personally identifiable information, here’s how you can go about it:

Step 1: Launch the Microsoft Word file with the comments.

Step 2: Click on the File tab.

Step 3: Click on the Info menu and select Check for Issues under Inspect Document.

Step 4: Click on Inspect Document from the drop-down menu.

Step 5: On the Document Inspector dialog box, ensure the check box beside Document Properties, and Personal Information is ticked.

Step 6: Click on Inspect.

Step 7: Once the inspection check is done, click on Remove all beside Document Properties and Personal Information, and this should change the name showing on comments to Author.

Step 8: Click Close button.

Using Comments in Microsoft Word

Leaving comments on a Word document is a great way to inform another party of your thoughts and track changes. If it’s a shared document, it makes a lot of sense to ensure the author’s name that comes with the comment shows your identity.

Last updated on 26 February, 2022

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