Top 9 Google Sheets Templates for Teachers

Google’s productivity set of tools, Google Docs, Slide, and Sheets are popular among small businesses and the education sector. A free price tag with seamless sharing and the feature-rich services that work across all the platforms are some of the major selling points of the G Suite apps.


Users can build from scratch, or they can opt for built-in templates to get started. And due to their striking popularity, the web is filled with hundreds of ready-to-go templates for Google Docs, Slide, and Google Sheets. There is something for everyone.

Speaking of Google Sheets, we have already covered the best Google Sheets templates for productivity and Business. And in this post, we will divert our attention to the education sector, mostly aimed at teachers and professors. We have cherry-picked top nine Google Sheets templates for teachers. Use them, and it will make your workflow smoother than ever. Let’s get started.

Note: If you want to use any of the templates below, click on the download button and open the template. Go to File > Make a copy, and it will get saved in your Google Drive folder. You can now open the template from the same location in Google Drive to make edits.

1. Attendance Tracker

As the name suggests, this built-in Google Sheets template is the must-have for every teacher. It lets you keep track of class attendance. One can add dates and add a shortcut for late (L), present(P), excused absence (E), and unexcused absence (U).


Write the student name in the first column and add attendance as the days go by. The columns at the end will calculate them based on the data.

2. Assignment Tracker

This one is most useful for students, but teachers can also use it to keep track of assigned projects among different classes. In the first column, add subjects, add project description, display status, time, start date, and due date of the project. It’s smartly designed and covers major use cases.

Assignment tracker

3. Grade Sheet Template

Now that all the students have worked hard, it’s time for teachers to create a detailed grade sheet for students and their parents. Grade Sheet template makes perfect sense for this scenario.

Grade sheet

Teachers can add project name, date, give grades in Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor category. The mentioned categories are knowledge of the subject, listening skills, presentation skills, use of class time, the flow of information, overall quality, and some more. And yes, you can edit them based on your requirements.

4. 2020 Calendar

2020 Calendar by Google Sheets is useful for everyone. If you are old-fashioned and don’t use dedicated Calendar apps, then use this template. Teachers can download and add class timing and class details day by day. And hey, you can even mention public holidays in the calendar.


The template is optimized for the 2020 year. It’s attractively designed and uses refreshing colors to mention months.

5. Daily Schedule

The daily schedule goes further with day to day planning at school. It’s divided in a half-hour of time and lets you add schedule according to it. I have seen teachers using it to remember the weekly classes with timing and weekdays. You can also add Notes and To-Do at the bottom of the template.

Daily schedule

Download the template and use it every week to create the perfect weekly schedule.

6. Monthly Project Grade Sheet

Professors often give yearly projects to work as a group, and throughout the year. Professors can use this third-party Google Sheet template to keep track of the overall project progress.

Monthly project grade

Teachers can add project title, Description, Monthly Credit Points, Grade, Remarks of each project member, integrate signature, and more.

7. Freelance Quotation

If you are teaching software development at college, then chances are, you are also working as a freelancer to take up some side projects. This freelance quotation template is a natural fit for you.


The template lets you add your address, description of the job, unit price, due date, and total estimated cost for the hiring company.

8. Project Timeline Template

Students mostly consult a professor to advise them on the flagship project of the class year. As an advisor, it’s your responsibility to keep track of every detail and step in the project. Project Timeline Template from Google Sheets is the best way to track the progress.

Project timeline

Professors can add project title, date, divide projects into multiple steps, and it offers a nice Gantt chart to visualize the project.

9. Gradebook

A must-have for every teacher. Grading students can be overwhelming at times. So it’s important to track the progress of the class with helpful graphs.


With the Gradebook template, you can see what percentage of students have scored A rating, how many have scored below 80 marks, and more. The column chart neatly highlights the data.

Use Google Sheets Like a Pro

As you can see from the list above, we have tried to cover every use case scenario for teachers and professors. Download them and make edits based on your needs. Let us know which Google Sheets template you found the most useful.

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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