5 Best Wireless Game Controllers for iPad

Apple’s iPads are generally regarded as some of the best devices out there for media consumption and entertainment. The capable internals accompanied by the large display makes it an absolute treat for watching content and gaming. While the gaming experience is fantastic by itself, what would further improve it is a wireless game controller for your iPad.

iPad game controller

A wireless game controller would help you play games without hindering the viewing experience with your fingers. It’s also much easier to map out controls on a dedicated gamepad. If you play a lot of games on the move, here are some of the best wireless game controllers for iPad that you can buy.

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1. Rakizbe Gaming Triggers

This product from Rakizbe isn’t really a game controller but emulates the functionality that you would get from a dedicated gamepad. It attaches to the iPad on either side and has mechanical triggers that you can press to simulate a touch input on the screen. There are no electronics involved here, so you won’t have to worry about charging it.

Unlike typical game controllers, these gaming triggers don’t need batteries or any sort of charging. There is a touch-capacitive surface on the triggers that rest on the iPad display. When you pull the triggers, this surface comes in contact with the iPad screen and mimics a touch input. You can place the on-screen button exactly behind the trigger so that each time you press it, the relevant button gets activated.

This is a great solution for those who play a lot of shooting games like PUBG or COD Mobile. You get 4 triggers so you can assign 4 different buttons to each of them. Since the triggers are detachable and small, you can carry them around even in your pockets and just snap them on whenever you want to play.

However, the only issue mentioned in the reviews is that with time, the triggers tend to get harder to press and at times, can even break. So, handle them with care.

2. GameSir T4 Pro

Now this is the first actual game controller on the list. It’s a universal Bluetooth game controller for your iPad and pretty much any other platform including Windows and Android. It also has some cool lighting effects under its translucent casing to give it the gamer vibe.

If you’re a gamer, there are chances that you play games on more than just your iPad. This is where the GameSir T4 Pro comes into play (quite literally). You can connect it to your Windows PC and enjoy AAA titles and when you just want to relax, hook it up to your iPad for some casual games on Apple Arcade.

It’s a pretty inexpensive game controller for iPad, especially considering the fact that you’re getting a full-fledged button layout along 2 analog sticks. You also get haptic feedback, making it more immersive. One issue that some reviews pointed out is that, at times, the controller won’t connect to your device so you will have to reconnect it manually by adding the device via Bluetooth again.

If you can deal with that, this is a solid iPad gaming controller. You also get a phone holder with it if you plan to use it with your iPhone or Android phone.

3. Xbox Core Wireless Controller

The popular Xbox controller is also compatible with your iPad! Yes, you read that right. The Xbox controller’s signature design with analog sticks placed diagonally opposite is something a lot of people love. If you’re accustomed to this button layout, you can pick up an Xbox controller to play games on your iPad. It’s also a bonus if you have an Xbox already or play games on your PC.

This is a premium gaming controller from Microsoft with a textured grip on the triggers, bumpers, and the outer casing itself. It’s a wireless controller that can connect to your iPad via Bluetooth and work straight out of the box with several games on your iPad. You also get multi-point connectivity so you can pair multiple devices and switch between them with the press of a button.

This is extremely convenient if you play games on multiple devices with the same controller. Since the controller takes in AA batteries, you won’t have to worry about charging it from time to time. However, the same point can also be perceived as a con. You will have to replace the batteries frequently if you game a lot, so a built-in rechargeable battery would have been nice in that sense.

If you really want a good-quality controller, shell out a few extra bucks and grab this one.

4. SteelSeries Nimbus+ Gaming Controller

SteelSeries makes some great accessories and this gaming controller from the Nimbus series is perfect for those who are completely into the Apple ecosystem. The reason we say this is because this controller is Apple-licensed which means apart from working with your iPad, you can use it with your iPhone and even Apple TV which is excellent.

Here’s a certified gaming controller that’s meant to be used with an iPad. If you’re specifically looking for a Bluetooth game controller for your iPad that’s compatible with Apple Arcade, you should straightaway pick this up. Since it’s also compatible with Apple TV, you can use it as a remote and a controller with Apple Arcade on the large screen.

SteelSeries is also giving you 4 months of Apple Arcade free with the controller which is a nice deal. When using it with your iPhone, you can use the included mobile holder to mount your phone directly onto the controller. While it’s great in terms of compatibility, some users have complained that a few buttons stopped registering after a few months of usage. However, the reviews also say that the customer support is good, so you can get a replacement if you face issues.

5. PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller

Just like how Microsoft’s Xbox controller is compatible with the iPad, Sony’s PlayStation DualSense controller is also a great fit for your iPad. If you have a PlayStation 5 or if you like how the controller looks and feels, you can get it to use with games on your iPad.

While some users prefer the diagonally opposite analog sticks on the Xbox controller, others are loyal to the classic PlayStation controller design. The biggest improvement with the new DualSense controller is the excellent haptic feedback and adaptive triggers that have varying levels of tension and force. It also has an in-built mic and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

The controller connects to your iPad via Bluetooth and you can use it to play several games on the move. You can also use it with your PC making it a good all-around wireless controller. Sony’s DualSense controller is easily one of the best wireless gaming controllers out there. It is on the expensive side, but the features you’re getting pretty much justify the price tag.

FAQs About iPad Game Controller

1. Can I use my PlayStation controller with my iPad?

Yes, you can connect your existing PlayStation controller to your iPad via Bluetooth.

2. Can I use the iPad game controller with my iPhone?

You can use the game controller of your iPad even with your iPhone.

3. What controller should I get for Apple Arcade?

The best option to play games on Apple Arcade would be the SteelSeries Nimbus+ controller.

4. How do I connect my wireless controller to my iPad?

Put the controller in pairing mode and turn on the Bluetooth on your iPad. Then, go into the Bluetooth settings and pair the controller.

Game On!

Take full advantage of the large screen and CPU prowess on your iPad by getting one of these iPad game controllers. This way, your fingers won’t interfere with your viewing experience while you’re playing games, plus you get a competitive advantage over your friends.

Last updated on 14 October, 2022

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