Top 6 Wireless Earbuds With Wireless Charging

Wireless charging makes it convenient to use phones and earphones together. If you have a wireless charging pad set up in your work desk or on your night desk, all you need to do is throw the earbuds onto the pad and get fully charged earphones after a few hours. It’s almost 2022 now, and thankfully earbuds with wireless charging have caught up with the current trend.

Top 6 Wireless Earbuds With Wireless Charging

Apart from bringing the convenience of wireless charging, these earbuds also deliver great audio performance.

So if you want a good pair of wireless earbuds that bring the double convenience of wireless charging and great audio delivery, here are our recommendations for the best wireless earbuds. But before that,

1. Sony WF-1000XM4

  • Wired Charging: USB-C
  • Fast Charging: N/A

The Sony WF-1000XM4 is one of the premium wireless earbuds that also supports wireless charging. These also support Active Noise Cancellation and offer a top-notch ANC and audio performance. These buds are small and sleek and offer a comfortable fit.

In fact, the folks at Sound Guys opines that the ear tips easily mold to the shape of your ears, and this is a huge plus.

The WF-1000XM4 earphones are the successor to the WF-1000XM3. Unlike their predecessor, they are small and sleek. Also, the buds do not stick out of your ears and the charging case is small enough to fit into pockets.

The battery life is decent and you get around 8 hours of playback with ANC. And the charging case provides around 2 additional cycles. The ANC delivers one of the best experiences. They seal outside noise both actively and passively. From train noises to regular distracting noises in homes, you can mute them out.

Finally, the companion app has several interesting customization options. You can tweak the EQ settings and remap the buttons, among others.

2. Bose QuietComfort

  • Wired Charging: USB-C
  • Fast Charging: Yes

Bose QuietComfort buds offer ANC and wireless charging. These earphones deliver dynamic audio. So if you love a deep thumping bass, you’ll enjoy them. Plus, they sport a IPX4 rating to provide protection from sweat and water resistance. So you can use them while working out or running.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds bundle proprietary ear tips which pave the way for a comfortable experience, even for long periods. You get the ear hooks at the top, which helps keep the buds in place.

The QuietComfort lets you customize the level of ANC, which is quite helpful. For instance, if you are walking through heavy traffic, you can turn it down to the minimum so that you can stay aware of your surroundings. And at the same time, if you want to work without distractions, you can turn it up.

The audio performance is impressive, and the QuietComfort delivers a dynamic sound. You can listen to all the intricate details of your favorite songs in all their glory.

Compared to the one above, the battery life is a little disappointing. The buds will last around six hours on a single full charge, and you get a cumulative battery life of around 18 hours. Bose tries to make up for this with the support for wireless charging.

There are some limitations. For one, the charging case is a little on the bigger side. Secondly, the customization options are limited.

3. Jabra Elite 85t

  • Wired Charging: USB-C
  • Fast Charging: Yes

The Jabra Elite 85t brings the best of both worlds. These wireless earbuds are not as expensive as their counterparts above and offer bass-heavy audio. And if you are someone who loves hearing the thumb in songs, you will love the pronounced bass in these wireless earbuds.

The Jabra Elite 85tearbuds are comfortable to wear. Even during intensive workouts, the oblong ear tips offer a snug fit and stay glued to your ear canal.

Like the ones above, the charging case supports wireless charging, and all you need to do is drop them onto a Qi-charging pad before you retire for the day, and you’ll wake up to a fully charged case. That said, the Elite 85t has a battery life of 5 hours on a single charge and moderate volume. The good news is that they store more power and can provide three additional full charges (against the two charge cycles of the ones above).

One of the major highlights of the Elite 85t is that they support Bluetooth Multipoint, which lets you stay connected to two devices simultaneously. Naturally, this makes it convenient to switch between the two devices. The ANC is top-notch and does a pretty good job in reducing distracting noises and sounds.

The right earbud is the master and that means you can use it without the left one. However, if you prefer to use just the left bud, then sadly you will have to skip this one.

4. OnePlus Buds Pro

  • Wired Charging: USB-C
  • Fast Charging: Yes

Another pair of mid-range earphones that you should give a try is the OnePlus Buds Pro, especially if you own a OnePlus phone. These wireless earphones work great with OnePlus smartphones and let you unlock features like Dolby Atmos and low-latency gaming. The earbuds are rated for IP55 dust and water protection. This means you can take them out when you go running or jogging and not worry about damage from sweat.

Aside from the above, these earbuds carry an interesting mixture of features. For example, these support both the AAC and LHDC Bluetooth codecs, apart from the standard SBC Bluetooth codec. The former paves the way for listening to high-res tracks with minimal loss in quality,

Interestingly, these wireless earphones bundle touch-sensitive stems like the Apple AirPods Pro. All you need to do is pinch them slightly to skip or play/pause songs.

The battery life is fairly decent. One a single charge, the Buds Pro lasts up to 7 hours without ANC, while the charging case gives you three additional charges. All in all, you get close to 31 hours without ANC (23 hours with ANC).

However, the audio performance and the ANC are a little underwhelming. You will miss the deep thumb of bass beats. However, if you are all up for a pleasant and natural-sounding profile, the Buds Pro won’t disappoint you.

5. Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

  • Wired Charging: USB-C
  • Fast Charging: Yes

The Galaxy Buds 2 are the newest wireless buds from Samsung. Like the Galaxy Buds Pro, they offer a small and compact build for earpieces and charging cases. The charging case is small enough to be tucked easily into pockets, and that’s an added plus. They offer clean audio, and if you like a natural-sounding profile, these are the perfect pick for you.

The best part is that these buds are affordable. Like their counterparts above, these wireless buds also offer ANC. However, the key to the ANC is the fit. Thankfully, these Samsung earbuds offer an ear tip fit-test.

But at the end of the day, do not expect Sony-level Active Noise Cancellation. The ANC is good enough to block out the general noises like the rumble of coolers and sounds of fans. However, if someone were to play music loudly in your room or talk loudly, you would still be able to hear them.

There are some limitations. For example, these buds work only with Android phones. You’ll be able to connect them to iPhones. However, there is no dedicated iOS app. Plus, there is no support for Dolby Atmos, and the customization options are quite limited.

6. Earfun Air Pro 2

  • Wired Charging: USB-C
  • Fast Charging: Yes

If you are looking for an affordable pair of earphones that support wireless charging under $100, the Earfun Air Pro 2 earphones are a good pick. These earbuds share a look similar to most wireless earphones. They deliver neutral-sounding audio with the subtle hint of a thumby bass.

Don’t let the inexpensive price tag deter you. The earphones are lightweight and do not weigh down on your ears. At the same time, they sport touch-based control through which you can play/pause, or skip songs. Interestingly, the Earfun Air Pro 2 has a cumulative battery life of 34 hours.

At the same time, they have an IPX5 rating which makes them good for outdoor (or sweaty) workouts.

If you are not an audio purist and looking for an earphone just to casually listen to songs on the go, they are a good pick. Though wireless charging is capped at 15W, fast charge via USB-C charging gets you 2 hours of battery in just 10 minutes.

Snip the Wire

If you are an iPhone user, getting the AirPods Pro primarily for the exceptional connection makes sense. At the same time, the audio quality and the ANC are above par. They are slim and sleek, and you can easily slip them into your pocket without any issues. And hey, they support wireless charging as well.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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