How to Sync Game Progress Across Dif­fer­ent Android Devices

Rahul Gupta

You got a brand new phone and you installed all your apps and games. Just then you realize, that all the game progress that you made on the older devices is still there. At this point, you can either start playing the game once over again or you can follow these easy steps to bring your games up to speed on your new device. Interested? here is how you can do it.

Google Play Games

Google to the Rescue

Google has added a nifty little utility especially for people who love playing games on phones. This is called the Play Games app. This utility allows users to track games and related data and even sync progress across multiple devices that you have.

In this tutorial, we will be making use of Google’s official Play Games app and will sync game progress data from one device to another.

Before We Start

Before doing anything, make sure that you have the latest version of the Google Play Games app installed on your device. If not then update it from the play store or you can also do it by visiting the following link.

Google Play Game Sync 1 Google Play Game Sync 2

Using this application you can see how many games you have installed from the Play Store. Also, you can do a bunch of other things as well, but that is for a later period. For now, we will focus on synchronizing game data between two Android devices

Start With the Game of Your Choice on Old Device

Once you are done with the Play Games App, exit that and run or start the game you want to sync. In the game look for the Menu tab.

Under the Menu tab, you will get the Google Play button, select that.

Google Play Game Sync 3

Upload Your Game Data

Under the Google Play tab, you will see a prompt or a sub-menu, depending on the game you are playing. From the options choose the save option. This will upload all your game data to the Google cloud.

Google Play Game Sync 4  Google Play Game Sync 6

Move to The New Phone

Once your data is uploaded to Google, start with your new phone. Install the same game on your new device and also install Google Play Games app on that device as well.

Once done, visit the Google Play tab once again and wait for the prompt. From there, choose the load option.

Google Play Game Sync 3  Google Play Game Sync 8

Load Your Old Game Data

Depending on your network speed the app will give you a prompt to apply the data loaded from Google servers. Confirm the following prompts.

Google Play Game Sync 5

And a Quick Restart

Once the data update finishes, the app or the game will restart. Following the restart, you will see that all your progress that you had saved on your older device is now available on your new device as well.

Google Play Game Sync 7

The Best Part

This process can be replicated as many times as you want

This process can be replicated as many times as you want. And if you play a number of games that you want to sync, you can easily backup all the data from the apps at once and download it on your new device.

Please Note: Google Play Game, offers a two way data sync. So be very careful as to make sure that you do not upload data from a newer device. It will overwrite all your previous saves and result in permanent loss of game progress.

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