6 Best iPad Pro Stands for Drawing and Sketching

The Apple iPad Pro supports the Apple Pencil and Pencil 2, Apple’s stylus that makes it incredibly comfortable to sketch and draw. And the low latency of the pencil is the added advantage. Add in factors like a handy sketching app and a matte screen protector, and you have got the perfect recipe on your fingertips. However, all these go for a toss if you do not maintain a healthy posture while drawing.

Best i Pad Pro Stands for Drawing and Sketching

Similar to working on laptops and computers, you must also maintain an ergonomic position while drawing. That’s when drawing stands for the iPad Pro come into the picture. These easel-like stands let you draw on your iPad Pro at an angle of your choice.

Besides that, these stands are strong and sturdy, which translates into minimal wobbles.

If you want to buy the best iPad Pro stand for drawing and sketching, here are our top recommendations.

Let’s check them out. But first,

1. MoKo Tablet Stand

The MoKo tablet stand is small and affordable. It’s lightweight and is a versatile tablet stand that can take the weight of both phones and tablets. Made of ABS plastic, it offers a sturdy base for your sketching projects. And several users have backed this claim as part of their reviews.

It’s easily adjustable and supports up to three different angles. At the same time, the silicone feet at the base stops the stand from slipping and sliding, while the stops at the front prevent the tablet from skidding.

So far, people have lauded it for the stability it brings to the table. Plus, it can easily take the weight of an iPad Pro without wobbling.

The MoKo tablet stand is one of the affordable stands out there. If you are starting your journey and do not want to spend a ton on a stand, this one will make a good purchase. However, if you have a thick cover on your iPad Pro, fitting the tablet can be a bit of a challenge.

2. Frunsi Drawing Tablet Stand

One of the highlights of the Frunsi tablet stand is that it can take the pressure of your hands without buckling down or sliding under. Despite its size (and shape), it’s a lightweight stand. Furthermore, it allows you to prop the tablet at the angle of your choice. For the record, it offers nine different angles. And this is particularly useful if you often do drawing demos.

More importantly, it’s lightweight and the non-slip pads at the bottom help its case. The former is made possible by the hollow design. It’s easy to store. All you need to do is fold it back when you are done using it.

The Frunsi tablet stand is a popular choice on Amazon and has earned high praises from its user base for its stability, lightweight form factor, and its affordable price tag. It’s big enough to easily accommodate the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. And yes, it bundles a built-in phone holder.

3. Max Smart Tablet Drawing Stand

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Max Smart drawing stand is its looks. Even though it costs less than $30, it packs a premium look. And it doesn’t end there. For one, it’s sturdy and can handle various pressure and weights. In addition, it’s 11.5-inches wide and can easily accommodate the iPad Pro or any other lightweight laptop like the MacBook Air.

More importantly, it allows you to prop the tablet in 6 different angles. While switching between the angles can be a little challenging at times, the good news is that it has a solid base that provides a good angle for creating digital art.

It has its limitations. The holder at the bottom juts out slightly and can get in the way of your wrist while drawing. This lightweight stand also folds flat, which is a huge plus, especially if you are on the move a lot. Thanks to its durability and portable nature, it has earned several accolades from its user base.

If you are looking for a good and stable mid-range tablet stand, the Max Smart Tablet Drawing Stand is the one you should keep on your buying list.

4. Parblo PR 110 Drawing Tablet Stand

If you are looking for a metal stand for your iPad Pro, you can take a peek at the Parblo PR 110. Like its counterpart above, it also folds flat, which makes it easy to carry it around. Besides that, it’s lightweight and weighs around ‎1.26 pounds. In addition, it has a wide holder at the bottom, which ensures that the tablet doesn’t slip away when you are sketching.

Though the ‎PR 110 is sturdy and brings home a sturdy base, it offers only 4 angles between 25-degree and 40-degree. The former gives you a height of around 8-cm, which is decent for drawing. However, the flexibility to adjust as per the angle of your choice is limiting.

On the upside, it packs in all the essential features, such as non-slip pads at the base and the top. However, the rubber holder at the front is big, and if your work often involves sketching the edges, the holder may get in your way.

Other than the above, users love it for its sturdiness and the quality of material used.

5. Elecom Aluminum Drawing Stand

If you do not care much about the looks of the stand, the Elecom is your best bet. It’s a simple metal stand that offers four different angles. Despite the hollow look, it doesn’t slip or slide and can handle its share of pressure.

The good thing is that the holder at the bottom is not a singular piece of metal or ABS plastic. Instead, there are two holders on either side, which gives you ample wriggle room to draw freely. At the same time, the holders are just big enough to hold the tablet but do not jut out unnecessarily.

It’s a versatile stand, and you can easily carry on browsing or game without any issues. And yes, it’s portable and foldable.

6. Elevation Lab DraftTable V2

The ElevationLab DraftTable V2 is perhaps one of the popular stands for tablets for digital art enthusiasts. Like a true drafting table, it’s heavy and does a good job of holding your iPad Pro in place. The former means that it stays put in place and doesn’t move around, even when you move your hands around a lot. But there’s a slight catch — it’s heavy and can be a little inconvenient to carry around.

Nonetheless, it’s quite popular in Amazon reviews for its solid build. You can prop it up in four different angles. Like the Elecom tablet stand, this one has two separate holders at the bottom. At the same time, it lets you prop up the iPad Pro both vertically and horizontally. However, you have to be careful when drawing on the upper portion while in the vertical position.

More importantly, the full kit bundles an Apple Pencil holder and a wrist pad. The holder has received its share of praises from its user base primarily for ease of access.

Unleash Your Creativity

If you, as an artist, want the absolute best from your iPad Pro, getting a solid base for your tablet is what you should invest in. If you do not want to invest big bucks, either the Max Smart stand or the Elecom tablet stand should be your first choice. But if you are not in a mood to compromise, get the full kit from Elevation Lab.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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