5 Best Stands for PlayStation 5 in 2023

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is undoubtedly among the best-selling gaming consoles out there. It’s an essential part of many households and gaming setups and deserves a dedicated stand to improve the airflow and uphold other accessories neatly. To do so, you will need to invest in the best PS5 stands out right now.

Whether you use a PlayStation 5 in the drawing room or your home office, we have picked versatile stands that blend perfectly with your furniture and work desk. Some of these stands not only secure your PS5 from accidental falls but also dissipate heat efficiently.

So, without any further ado, let’s check them out. Before we start, check our following coverage on PS5.

1. Skates Horizontal Stand

If you are tight on budget, look no further than the horizontal stand from Glistco Store. It may look simple, but it allows users to stow their PS5s horizontally without breaking the bank.

You basically get two high-quality skates to put your PS5 under a table or TV unit. The stand is ideal if you don’t want to or have space to keep the PS5 vertically. The stand lifts the console to avoid any touch with the surface. What’s more, the Skates Horizontal stand is available for both, the Disc and Digital versions of the console.

The stand’s clever design increases airflow and also leaves you with a small space underneath to keep your SSDs, games, and other accessories. However, many have complained about the fit and finish of the brackets. We hope the company improves the offering based on user feedback. On the upside, the Skates Horizontal stand is available in several vibrant colors to match your home furniture.

2. Monzlteck Holder for PS5

Do you want to hide your PlayStation 5 for a clean work-from-home setup? Monzlteck is one of the few manufacturers offering an under-desk holder for PS5. It is compatible with both the Disc and Digital Editon of PS5.

Many users go to lengths to create a minimal and distraction-free work-from-home setup. Aside from cord organizers and under-desk cable management accessories, you should invest in the Monzlteck holder to keep your PS5 shrouded and concealed. It’s made of metal and gives impeccable protection to hold your PlayStation 5 safely.

You don’t have to worry about scratches as the holder comes with four silicone protection covers to keep the PS5 in pristine condition. Due to an intelligent design that features gaps on both sides, the holder doesn’t affect the airflow and keeps the PS5 running smoothly over extended gaming sessions. Unfortunately, it only comes in black color, which is a bummer, and we would like to see more variants down the line.

3. HAPAW Stand for PlayStation 5

If you want an all-in-one stand that not only holds the PS5 but also other accessories like PSVR, controller, and more, the HAPAW stand makes for a sound investment. To that end, the HAPAW stand also comes with three USB hubs for charging multiple devices simultaneously. Neat, isn’t it?

HAPAW stand is a multi-functional PS5 stand that offers a cooling station, charging station, and storage stand to keep your PS5 and other accessories in order. It has two cooling fans with adjustable speeds that easily dispatch the generated air and improve overall performance.

You don’t need to look for a separate power adapter to charge your PS5 and PSVR controllers. The built-in wireless charging station with magnetic terminals is more than adept to handle two PS5 and two PSVR2 controllers. If you don’t want to create a mess on the table or TV unit with several accessories, give the HAPAW stand a go.  

4. OIVO Horizontal Stand for PS5

The HAPAW stand prefaced above comes with a metal stand that orients your PS5 vertically. If you want a similar solution that holds the PS5 and a couple of controllers horizontally, the OIVO Horizontal stand should be your ideal pick.

Not everyone has enough space on their TV unit to keep the PS5 vertically. You can get the OIVO stand for PS5 and keep your gaming console and controllers organized. It is compatible with both, the Disc and the Digital editions of the console. The package comprises a deck with dual-cooling fans, support for fast charging, a charging indicator, and a tidy compartment to stow your PS5 eloquently.

The cooling fans come with three levels and can ramp up to 4500 RPM. Needless to say, you may find the fan noise a bit irritating when you’re playing games. As such, we recommend you keep the fan speeds at medium or low levels for the most optimal gaming experience. The stand can charge up to two PS5 controllers in 3-3.5 hours and is powered by the USB-C output from the PS5.  

The package comes with four USB C dongles, one power cable, relevant screws, and a stand. Do note that, unlike HAPAW’s offering, it doesn’t have space to keep the PSVR and its controllers.

5. KIWIHOME Cooling Station for PS5


Your RGB gaming setup may look bland with a boring stand. If you want to level it up, get the KIWIHOME cooling stand with RGB for PS5. It has eight vibrant RGB lighting modes that pave the way for an eye-catching gaming experience at home.

The KIWIHOME cooling station comes with an efficient cooling system that can rev up to 3500 RPM. The cooling system neatly pushes out hot air from the sides and bottom, keeping your PS5 cool during long gaming hours. With eight eye-catching RGB lighting effects, you can immerse yourself in a unique, gaming atmosphere. The lighting works even when the console is in rest mode, which is great.

The KIWIHOME stand has two controller charging stations and three USB-A 2.0 ports to juice up other devices. The stand also comes with a dedicated tray to keep ten games. It looks clean and minimal and matches your PS5 perfectly.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t save a user’s RGB preferences. To that end, if you turn off RGB lighting and use the PS5 the next day, the stand automatically enables RGB lighting again. It’s a minor inconvenience but something to take note of nonetheless.  

Organize Your PS5 Like a Pro

Your PlayStation 5, controllers, cables, games, and other accessories may mess up your gaming setup or TV unit. Sony’s included base is quite basic regarding looks and functionality and it doesn’t complement the gaming console sufficiently. Instead, you can get a dedicated stand for PS5 and its accessories from the list above and elevate your gaming experience tenfold.

Last updated on 26 April, 2023

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