6 Best Monitors with 2 HDMI Ports

The HDMI ports on your computer monitors are seldom enough. From streaming your favorite shows on the Fire TV Stick to connecting a console, monitors with 2 HDMI ports make things so much easier. You only need to flip the input button to switch between the two devices. Yep, just like we do on TVs with multiple HDMI ports. Convenient, right?


So, if you are searching for monitors with multiple HDMI ports, here are some of the best ones. From gaming monitors with multiple inputs to budget dual HDMI monitors for home and office, we have tried to cover all of them. But before that –

1. Dell S Series LED-Lit Monitor 32-inch S3219D

Dell monitor

If you are looking for a monitor for casual gaming or media consumption, you can check Dell’s S3219D. It sports a VA panel with QHD (1440p) resolution. With its impressive color contrast levels and vivid colors. It’s sure to enhance your gaming and bingeing experience. The refresh rate of 75Hz is just about enough to give a gentle nudge to your games.

This Dell monitor sports a minimalistic design with solid built quality. For video connectivity, it provides two HDMI 1.4 connectors.

There are slim bezels on the edges. However, the bottom one is a tad on the thicker side. The matte silver stand adds to the look. Speaking of the stand, it will let you tilt the display. Thankfully, it can be removed if you prefer VESA mounts. On top of it all, the Dell S3219D is compatible with AMD FreeSync.

User reviews for this product have been good. The monitor amassed more than 75% positive reviews on Amazon. Most users are happy with the picture quality and the sound quality it brings to the table.

Furthermore, the Dell S3219D has a decent input lag performance with only about 4ms of delay.

2. Acer KG271 27-inch Full HD TN Monitor

Acer monitor

Serious gamers will love what the Acer KG271 Full HD monitor brings to the table. The crux of this budget monitor is its faster TN display, which gives a superior experience with competitive-style games. Plus, it also comes with AMD FreeSync technology to up your gaming experience if your computer has a supporting graphics card. For tighter budgets, the refresh rate is quite decent.

One noticeable thing about this 27-inch monitor is its stylish stand and matte coating, which reduces screen glare. The gamers (or the movie buffs) already know how important this feature is in the long run.

Additionally, it boasts of the ZeroFrame design, meaning thinner bezels.

Being a budget monitor, it has seen considerable user reviews on Amazon. However, the TN displays tend to hit a limit with viewing angles. So keep that in mind while selecting one.

3. Sceptre E255B-1658A 24.5-inch Gaming LED Monitor

Sceptre monitor

With a rating of 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon, the Sceptre E255B-1658A bears the tag of Amazon’s Choice. And for its price, this 24.5-inch monitor is a sure-shot looker, all thanks to its edge-less design and neat stand. The combination of a 144Hz refresh rate and a faster TN panel with 1080p resolution will give you a smoother, faster, and better gaming experience. And the 1ms response is the cherry on top.

Aside from the above, the Sceptre E255B-1658A has advanced HDMI 2.0 connectors. So, you can run two Full HD shows simultaneously on the same screen.

The Sceptre E255B-1658A has received many reviews over the years thanks to its bang-for-the-buck features.

4. ASUS VG275Q 27-inch Gaming Monitor

Asus dual HDMI monitor

Dual HDMI ports on computers are most common in gaming monitors, and the next item on our list is no different. Although it’s been a couple of years since its launch, the ASUS VG275Q makes for a good buy, primarily because of its fast response time of 1ms, 144Hz refresh rate, and responsive TN panel. The gamer in you might be delighted to know this Full HD (1080p) monitor comes with ASUS GameFast Input Technology for an enhanced and smooth gaming experience.

Compared to most monitors on this list, this one has quite a sturdy stand. You can easily slide up and down to find the right height. And that’s not all. A clip behind the stand holds your HDMI cables giving you a clutter-free setup.

Speaking of HDMI, this one comes with two HDMI 1.4 ports, using which you can switch between your console and your PC without any hassle.

Last but not least, it’s gorgeous, and the thin bezels help its case. As for the picture quality, it’s quite decent, given that it’s a couple of years old panel.

5. LG 24MK600M-B 24-inch Full HD Monitor

LG monitor with 2 HDMI ports

For less than $150, the LG 24MK600M-B monitor houses several nifty features. This Full HD (1080p) monitor has an IPS panel with a refresh rate of 75Hz and 5ms response time. Secondly, it has an excellent design that includes a stylish ArcLine stand. And yeah, the bezels are also on the minimum side. All these things combine to make the LG 24MK600M the ideal monitor for everyday casual use — for casual gaming and work.

Speaking of the stand, it’s removable, and you can use a VESA mount in its place. Though it comes with HDMI ports, do note that there’s no display port.

And well, when it comes to user experience, this monitor has worked considerably well for many users, thanks to overall good picture quality and support for a host of gaming-related functions. All you need is a cool gaming mouse and a monitor stand to get the action started.

6. HP HP27f Widescreen IPS LED Full HD Monitor

HP dual HDMI monitor

If you are looking for an affordable slim monitor with an IPS display, the HP HP27f is the one for you. It has a Full HD screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 75Hz refresh rate, making it ideal for gaming and work. The side bezels are ultra-thin and measure just around 2mm, and they add to the looks of this monitor.

Each monitor has 2 HDMI connectors and a VGA analog plug. If you have the requirement, you can hook them together and switch back and forth as per your needs.

Though the performance is great, and works as expected with decent picture quality, this monitor has a few limitations for its price. For one, the stand is fixed. Plus, it doesn’t have mounts for VESA stands as well. If you are okay with these two, the HP HP27f is a good place to start.

FAQs for Monitors With 2 HDMI Ports

1. Can I use a high refresh rate monitor with my Mac?

Yes, macOS natively supports high refresh rate displays, so if you have a 120Hz monitor, you can connect it to your Mac and take advantage of the smooth animations and scrolling.

2. Can I use a PS5 with my monitor instead of a TV?

You can connect a PlayStation 5 with any display with an HDMI port. So yes, if you don’t have a TV, plug your console into your monitor and enjoy your gameplay!

3. Can I connect my Mac and Windows PC to the same monitor?

All the monitors above with two HDMI ports allow you to connect both Mac and Windows machines at the same time. You can then switch between them via the monitor’s interface.

Double the Ports, Double the Fun

Before you click on that buy button, make sure the monitor with 2 HDMI ports you pick is compatible with your computer, ports, and overall setup. After all, it’d be a waste to get a monitor that you can’t use to reap the maximum benefits.

Last updated on 31 August, 2023

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