5 Best DisplayPort to HDMI Cables

Whether you want to deliver a presentation at the office or watch your favorite TV show at home on the weekend, a small laptop screen might not be enough. If your laptop or desktop PC has a DisplayPort as one of the ports, you can connect a DisplayPort to an HDMI cable to a TV or projector to enjoy the content on a big screen. However, picking the best DisplayPort to HDMI cable can sometimes be tricky. Worry not, we have shortlisted the best five options for you.

Best DisplayPort to HDMI Cables

Most modern TVs have Wi-Fi connectivity, and as such, you can mirror your laptop screen to it wirelessly. However, in this scenario, you may notice some lag and delay. Hence, we recommend getting a dedicated HDMI to DisplayPort converter for incredible bandwidth without streaming lag.

Before we get started, check the following.

Note: These DisplayPort to HDMI cables are uni-directional ones. Meaning they only convert DisplayPort source to an HDMI display.  

1. AVACON DisplayPort to HDMI Cable      

AVACON DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

AVACON is one of the affordable DisplayPort to HDMI cables to connect your laptop to a TV. If you have a full-HD display or TV, go with this one. AVACON’s DisplayPort to HDMI cable is ideal for starters looking to mirror their laptop or PC screen to a TV. It can transmit HD audio and video to the connected device. We advise avoiding this if you have one of the modern 4K projectors or TV to connect.

The video output is limited to 1920×1200 (Full HD) resolution and won’t do any justice to your 4K television.

With gold-plated cord, copper conductors, and braid shielding, you can expect this one to work reliably for years. The DisplayPort offers a secure connection with latches so your little one doesn’t unplug the PC accidentally. You must press the release button to unplug the cable. It’s a neat touch often ignored by other brands on the list.  

Based on your requirements, you can get a cable in different sizes. The color option is limited to Black only.

2. Warrky Active DisplayPort to HDMI

Warrky Active DisplayPort to HDMI

The cable above isn’t ideal for 2K or 4K displays. After all, you shouldn’t settle for a lower resolution output if your TV supports 4K streaming. If you are among them, get Warrky DisplayPort to HDMI cable.

Warrky offers a plug-and-play solution to connect your PC to a TV or projector. If you have a 4K TV, use this cable to get work done on a big display. It supports 1080p@120Hz, 1440p@60Hz, and 4K@30Hz resolution. Even during binge-watching Money Heist on Netflix, you won’t notice any video or audio delays thanks to a shock-proof Aluminum alloy case that dissipates heat fasters.

Several DisplayPort to HDMI cables get hot during long periods of use. Thankfully, that’s not the case here. It supports NVIDIA and AMD GPU running desktops and Windows laptops with integrated graphics. Note that this cable only converts a DisplayPort signal to an HDMI display. As such, it won’t work with MacBook, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Xbox.

Do note that quite a few users have complained about durability issues with Warry; thankfully, the company quickly resolves such problems.

3. JSAUX DisplayPort to HDMI Connector

JSAUX DisplayPort to HDMI Connector

JSAUX is one of the few cable makers to offer a DisplayPort to HDMI cable in several color options. You can get one in Grey, Black, or Red to match your work-from-home theme. You also get several size options.

JSAUX is another universal DisplayPort to HDMI connection with 4K support. It’s one of the few cables supporting 2K@120Hz. Most DisplayPort to HDMI cables are capped at 2K@60Hz only. Unlike Warrky, you can expect long-term reliable performance thanks to triple-layer shielding, nylon braided cover, and gold-plated connections.

Although the company claims 10,000+ times bending test, you should always take such tall claims with a pinch of salt. That said, this cable has more than 3,000 user ratings on Amazon with users appreciating this cable for their sturdy build and durable nature.

The company supports uncompressed digital 7.1 and 5.1 audio channels. As such, you can always take advantage of your excellent home theater with such cables.  

4. UKYEE DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

UKYEE DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

UKYEE is another capable DisplayPort to HDMI cable. It comes in a 2-pack package, and it can be ideal for anyone looking to buy two cables for an affordable price.

As expected, UKYEE’s affordable price tag does come with a drawback. The company’s DisplayPort to HDMI converter is limited to 1080p resolution only. If your TV supports up to 4K resolution, skip it in favor of others supporting 4K@30fps.

You can mirror your computer display to a TV for a better experience and enjoy a flawless audio experience with uncompressed digital 7.1 and 5.1 channels. The cable is made of reliable materials, and a secure latch prevents accidental disconnection. Apart from AVACON, this is another ideal option if you are tight on the budget.

5. CableCreation DisplayPort to HDMI Converter

CableCreation DisplayPort to HDMI Converter

CableCreation has made a name for itself in the accessories market. It’s the only DisplayPort to HDMI cable with 4K@60fps support. If you want the best streaming experience on your projector or TV, think no more and hit the buy button.

CableCreation makes up for a higher asking price by offering 4K@60fps support. This DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI cable is compatible with 2K@144Hz, 2K@120Hz, and 1080p@144Hz and lower. If you have a 2K monitor with 144Hz or 120Hz refresh rate support, pick this one. You can easily enjoy a lag-free gaming experience at home.

The DisplayPort 1.4 to HDMI 4K cable is made of an aluminum casing, braided jacket, and gold-plated connector for reliable connectivity. You also have peace of mind due to two-year warranty support. Many have complained about the cable not working during TV startup. If that happens to you, reconnect the cable to fix the problem.  

DisplayPort to HDMI Cables: FAQs

Will DisplayPort to HDMI run 144Hz?

Yes, CableCreation’s DisplayPort to HDMI cable offers 2K resolution at a 144Hz refresh rate.

What is the max refresh rate for DisplayPort to HDMI?

It depends on the display resolution. 4K streaming is limited to 60fps. With 2K videos, you can increase the refresh rate to 144Hz.

Bigger Is Better

A DisplayPort to HDMI cable is a must-have accessory for anyone with an old PC or Windows laptop at home. You can easily utilize your current monitor or TV and view the content on a big screen. What are you waiting for? Pick your favorite cable from the list and enjoy the Super Bowl on a large screen.

Last updated on 17 May, 2023

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