6 Best USB-C to DisplayPort Cables That You Can Buy

USB-C is a powerful connector and is now a part of most ultrathin, compact laptops like MacBook Air, Dell XPS 13, or the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3. This powerful connector allows features like charging your laptop or connecting dongles to read contents from an SD card, among others. The best part is the USB-C’s Alternate Mode, which lets you use the same port to output video to an external display. So if you have an external monitor with a DisplayPort, you can get a USB-C to DisplayPort cable to connect your Mac to it.

6 Best USB C to Display Port Cables That You Can Buy

The good thing about the above setup is that you needn’t use any adapters. You need to connect both your laptop and the monitor via the said cable, and that’s about it. This arrangement makes it extremely easy to switch between the laptop-only mode and the conventional monitor setup. What’s more, these wires are extremely portable and can just be wound up and carried along with your laptop. Sounds great, right?

If your monitor supports higher refresh rates (144Hz or higher) and DisplayPort 1.4, then you can grab an 8K resolution promising cable to get 4K resolution at 120Hz from your Mac. Otherwise, most cables supporting DisplayPort 1.2 will lock the resolution output to 4K at 60Hz.

Check out the article below to find our recommendations for the best USB-C to DisplayPort cables that you can find in the market now. But first, check these out,

1. uni Store USB C to DisplayPort Cable for Home Office

Supported DP Version: DisplayPort 1.2

Resolution Support: 4K at 60Hz, 2K at up to 165Hz

The uni Store’s USB-C To DisplayPort should be your pick if you are looking for an affordable yet versatile cable. The crux of this cable is that it performs well in both the Apple ecosystem and with Windows laptops. And if it’s the former, you needn’t bother about unplugging the monitor when switching between the clamshell mode and the regular mode. This one works great in both and gives you the ease of switching between them.

At the same time, if you are on a Windows system and have more than one DisplayPort-compatible monitor, you can also use the MST mode to daisy chain both the monitors.

It supports 4K at 60Hz. If you have 2K displays, you can go as far as 165Hz. This, of course, depends on the refresh rates of your monitor as well. Apart from the braided cable, the connectors have small textures built on top of them, and it helps in gripping the cable better, especially when plugging and unplugging it.

So far, this cable has been received well by its user base mainly for its great performance to price ratio. Like HDMI cables, it’s a simple plug & play cable and is durable at the same time. Do note that this is not a bi-directional cable.

2. AmazonBasics Bi-Directional USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

Supported DP Version: DisplayPort 1.2

Resolution Support: Up to 4K at 60Hz

If you are looking for a bidirectional USB-C to DisplayPort cable, the one from AmazonBasics makes for a good buy. It can pass signals up to 3840×2160 at 60 Hz. Since it’s a bidirectional cable, you can, at times, use it to pass video signal from a DisplayPort port to a USB-C monitor. The best part is that it comes with a clip in the DisplayPort end. This clip acts as the lock wherein you press it and then pull the cable out.

When not engaged, this one locks the cable in the port and prevents it from loosening. Apart from that, the strain relief is incredibly long, which gives you enough space to hold the cable when plugging or unplugging.

The AmazonBasics Bi-Directional cable doesn’t have a braided exterior like its counterpart above. That aside, it’s durable, and the affordable pricing should make it a good enough bargain for you.

3. CableCreation 8K USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

Supported DP Version: DisplayPort 1.4

Resolution Support: 8K at up to 60Hz, 4K at up to 144Hz, 2K at up to 240Hz

Another cable with the same price tag with almost the same specifications as the one above is the one by CableCreation. This one is the only DisplayPort 1.4 (DP 1.4) cable on this list. It’s worth to be noted that theoretically, DP 1.4 cables can handle resolutions as high as 8K. So yeah, this one can prove to be a future-proof cable.

That being said, this one can pass 5K and 4K signals and supports 4K signals at 60Hz. That means you can connect your MacBook to an external display, and this would bring to play the native capabilities of USB-C.

It’s a braided cable, so yeah, you needn’t worry about cable fraying or getting split easily. The connector is made of aluminum, and there aren’t any textures or slits in the connector for a better grip.

4. Plugable USB C to DisplayPort Cable

Supported DP Version: DisplayPort 1.2

Resolution Support: 4K at 60Hz

Another DisplayPort cable that’s worth a peek at is the one by Plugable. If you recollect, Pluggable makes great laptop docking stations that perform well and are reasonably priced. This one is available for a length of 6ft, thereby giving you ample room to route the cable as per your preference. It can support resolutions up to 4K at 60Hz.

However, it has a small caveat. If you have the 12-inch Apple MacBook, you’ll get 4K-only at 30Hz. Other than that, it’s a versatile cable and works on both macOS and Windows systems.

Again, it has standard looks and doesn’t have fancy frills like the braided exterior, textured connectors, and the likes. It’s a simple USB-C to DisplayPort cable, and that’s about it.

Do not let that deter you from getting this cable. It’s affordable and is quite popular on Amazon. Users seem to love it for its quality and its customer service. The service is quick to respond to questions and replacement queries.

5. Cable Matters USB-C to DisplayPort Cable

Supported DP Version: DisplayPort 1.4

Resolution Support: 8K at 60Hz, 4K at 120Hz

The Cable Matters USB-C to DisplayPort Cable bundles a neat clip at the top of the DisplayPort head. As mentioned earlier, this clip makes it easy to lock the cable in place. This way, you can stay assured that the cable won’t jiggle even when you move the setup from time to time. It’s a well-made, durable cable and will stand the test of time.

The best part is that it’s available in three lengths – 3ft, 6ft, and 10ft. This gives you the flexibility of setting up your monitor is as per your convenience and preference.

Again, it’s a versatile cable and works on macOS and Windows systems. CableMatters claims that this one can support 8K resolution at 60Hz. However, you can rest assured that this DisplayPort cable works perfectly in 4K resolution at 60Hz.

Despite the above, it has an affordable price tag and costs less than $20. Should you find a good deal on this cable, we’d say to grab it right away.

6. StarTech.com USB-C to DisplayPort

Supported Version: DisplayPort 1.2

Resolution Support: 4K at 60Hz

Another cable with a clip at the top of its head is the one by StarTech.com. It’s sleek and slim and should fit easily into most ports without blocking the nearby ports. At the same time, the connector is long enough to fit well under your fingers. This gives you the advantage of positioning the cable without issues. Like most cables on this list, this one can pass 4K video signals at 60Hz.

However, compared to its peers, this StarTech.com DisplayPort cable is a tad expensive than its counterparts above. And a 6ft long cable can set you back by as much as $33.

Do note that it’s not a bi-directional cable.

Hello, Bigger Display

These were some of the best and well-performing USB-C to DisplayPort cables to help you connect your powerful laptop to a compatible external display. And while you are at it, keep it in mind not to yank the cable out by holding the cable. Rather, grip the strain relief and gently tug at the cable. This way cables last long.

So, which of these cables will you buy?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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