6 Best USB-C Charging Cables for iPad 10th Generation

Apple’s latest baseline iPad finally ditches the archaic lightning port for USB-C. As a result, you can now plug in a host of devices like external SSDs, memory card readers, and even monitors directly via the USB-C port. What this also means, though, is that if you’re upgrading from an older generation iPad, it’s time to pick up some new USB-C charging cables for your iPad.

best USB-C cables for iPad

Your old lightning cables will no longer work with your new iPad 10th generation so whether you want to charge your iPad or transfer data, here are some of the best USB-C cables that you can buy. While Apple provides a cable in the box, it’s always nice to have some extras in the car, on your desk, or even in your backpack when traveling.

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1. AIOXQNL 5-Pack Fast Charging USB-C to USB-A Cables

This is one of the two cables on this list that is USB-C to USB-A so if you have an old charger that has a USB-A port, you can opt for this cable set. It’s also a good option for those who use a PC that only has a USB-A port or an older MacBook that also has USB-A ports instead of USB-C. You get 5 cables in the box which is a huge bonus.

While USB-A ports are slowly being phased out, they’re still common in lots of places like computers and even car chargers. So, if you have a charger that has a USB-C port, you should surely consider getting this USB-C cable set. You get 5 cables of varying lengths – two 3ft cables, two 6ft cables, and one 10ft cable.

All 5 cables are braided and are of good quality. Since they’re USB-A to USB-C, you won’t get the best possible charging speeds but they’re handy for devices like power banks and car chargers where we generally find USB-A ports. Additionally, the 10ft cable is extremely useful on your desk if the wall outlets are far off.

2. Tomoson Light Up Fast Charging Cord

Here’s a unique cable that will surely turn a lot of heads. The Tomoson light-up cable does exactly what the name suggests. It lights up during charging to indicate that the connected device is currently being charged. While it is USB-C to USB-A, the only reason to include it as a part of this list is the cool factor that it brings to something as mundane as a charging cable.

If you’re bored of conventional black or white charging cables that do not have any additional functionality, Tomoson has you covered. This cable from the brand has a transparent design, not for the wires to show through, but for an LED strip that runs along the length of the cable. Every time you plug in your iPad 10 to charge using this cable, the LEDs will light up indicating that the connected device is charging.

There are 4 color options to choose from and 2 different lengths that you can pick based on your usage. It is surely a unique accessory that will spark a lot of conversations, especially when used in dark environments. You can use it inside your car where it’s generally dark at night, or just use it as a party trick when your friends come over.

3. SooPii 100W USB-C Cable with LED Display

If you thought the light-up cable was cool, wait till you see the SooPii 100W USB-C to USB-C cable with a built-in display. While this may appear like a standard USB-C braided cable, it’s got a cool trick up its sleeve. On one end of the USB-C connector, there’s a tiny LED display that shows the wattage at which the connected device is being charged. Super cool, isn’t it?

When you charge your iPad 10th generation with this cable from SooPii, the LED screen will display the exact power intake of your iPad from the connected charger. This cable is not only helpful for the iPad but you can also use it with your smartphones or laptops to check how fast they’re charging. It’s also a good way to test if your charger is outputting the rated power or not.

Since the cable supports an output of up to 100W, you can use it to charge bigger devices like 16-inch MacBook Pros too. The length of the cable is 4ft and it is braided, so it’s also quite durable. The brand also sells the cable in other length options up to 6.6ft. So, if you’re looking for a longer cable with the same functionality, you can get those. Further, you also get a 24-month warranty.

4. Anker 2-Pack USB-C Braided Nylon Cables

We’re now back to some basic, yet functional cables after taking a look at flashy lights and fancy displays on USB-C cables. This set of 2 cables from Anker is 6ft long and has a braided exterior. They are USB-C to USB-C cables available in 3 different colors. The maximum output supported via these cables is 60W which is more than enough for your iPad 10 and even some laptops.

The Anker braided USB-C to USB-C cables are multipurpose as they can be used to charge your iPad, MacBook, and even a smartphone. You get 2 cables so you can use one on your desk and one on your bedside table or even in your car with a USB-PD car charger. This is one of the best-rated charging cables on Amazon with over 25k reviews so you shouldn’t have any issues with durability.

If you want a no-frills, reliable USB-C cable that can charge your iPad 10 and other USB-C devices, you can pick this up without any doubts. Besides, it also comes with a lifetime warranty. If you plan on using it in your car or with a power bank, Anker also offers a small 1ft option to prevent tangling.

5. AINOPE 4-Pack Angled USB-C Cables

While this is a generic-looking cable with no fancy lights or displays, it has one feature that might interest a lot of users — angled connectors. The AINOPE USB-C to USB-C cables have 90-degree angled connectors that plug in horizontally on one end. This way, when you plug the cable into your iPad, the connector won’t obstruct your hand when holding the iPad.

Angled connectors are extremely helpful for iPad gamers or users who prefer holding and using their iPad even when it’s charging. Generally, with normal cables, the USB-C cable protrudes out, making it difficult to grip the iPad on one side. This is inconvenient if you’re gaming with the charger connected. Well, you can use the cable with an angled connector like this one to solve the problem.

You get 4 cables in the pack — two of 3.3ft, one of 6.6ft, and one of 10ft. It has a braided cable for better longevity. The maximum output wattage supported is 60W which should be plenty for most applications. If you’re a gamer or your iPad is hooked to the charger at all times and you hold your iPad in your hands, you should surely consider getting this cable set.

6. Apple USB-C Woven Charge Cable

A lot of users may prefer first-party accessories directly from Apple. If you’re one of them, consider getting this woven USB-C to USB-C cable from Apple instead of the standard one. The standard USB-C cable that comes in the box of the iPad is quite basic and has a plastic coating that is easy to rip. This woven cable is stronger and will last you longer, especially with rough use.

If you’ve used Apple cables, you know they’re easy to damage after a few months or years of use. A good way to address this issue is by getting a woven charge cable from Apple instead of the standard one. This way, you’re getting a cable that is stronger but with the same specifications and goodness as a first-party product.

The Apple USB-C woven charge cable is available in the typical Apple white color. It is only 1m in length though which might not be ideal for some users. Further, the power output is also limited to just 60W so if you also plan on using this cable with your 14 or 16-inch MacBook Pro, you will not be able to do so. It’s also quite expensive. So, unless you really want Apple’s first-party cable, you can consider the other options on this list.

Keep Your iPad Charged

It’s always nice to have a couple of extra USB-C cables to charge or sync your iPad no matter where you are. These USB-C cables for your iPad are inexpensive with some of them offering additional cool features that can help you

Last updated on 15 December, 2022

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