4 Best Screen Protectors for 10.9-Inch iPad (10th Gen)

The latest tablet in town is the 10th Generation iPad from Apple with a major design overhaul. The iPad 10th Gen gets rid of the home button and now looks just like the iPad Air. This also means your old screen protectors can no longer work on the new display. So, if you’re upgrading to the latest iPad, you will have to grab a new screen protector for the iPad 10.9-inch.

best screen protector for iPad 10.9

There are several options to choose from when it comes to a screen protector. With so many parameters to look at including materials, scratch resistance, adhesive, etc., it can get rather confusing. Don’t worry, though, as we have made your job easier by compiling this list of the best iPad 10.9 screen protectors.

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Let’s get to the screen protectors now.

1. SPARIN Screen Protector

This is a basic tempered glass screen protector that covers the entire front of the new 10.9-inch iPad. There’s no cutout for the new horizontally placed cameras on the front but that shouldn’t be a problem. You get 2 screen protectors in the back which is always nice to have in case the first one breaks.

The SPARIN screen protector is pretty much what you would expect from any tempered glass screen protector for the iPad. It has a smooth surface on the outside since it’s glass which means you can glide your fingers easily. This screen protector for the iPad 10th gen is just 0.3mm thick, so the touch response of the display remains unaffected.

While the brand claims a hardness of 9H, you’re getting 6H since it’s common glass and not sapphire. So, keys and coins will not do any damage but keep sand away from this screen protector.

Since the iPad has a huge display, we hoped that the brand bundled in an application tray which would make it easier to apply the screen protector. Nonetheless, this is a good option on a tight budget.

2. amFilm 2-Pack Screen Protector

Here’s another screen protector that comes in a pack of 2. The amFilm tempered glass is pretty similar to the previous option with one main difference. The brand has provided a cutout for the front-facing camera so if you’re worried about the clarity with the screen protector covering it, you won’t have to be bothered if you get this one.

Apart from the camera cutout, one standout feature of the amFilm screen protector for the 10.9-inch iPad is that you get plastic installation handles on either side of the screen protector that helps you align it in place. While this isn’t as convenient as an installation tray, it’s at least better than trying to figure out the alignment yourself.

Other than this minute (but helpful) addition, the rest of the package remains the same. You get 2 tempered glass screen protectors with an oleophobic coating which means you can also use it with the Apple Pencil without any issues.

However, it’s slightly more expensive than the first option but we would recommend getting this one solely for the alignment handles if you can afford to spend the extra that is.

3. ESR Screen Protector With Alignment Tray

ESR makes some quality accessories and that’s visible as soon as you look at the fact that they’re providing an installation tray in the package. This tray makes it extremely easy to install the screen protector with precise alignment. If you’re worried about an improper application affecting your OCD, get this screen protector without a second thought.

Applying screen protectors is not everyone’s cup of tea. And that’s exactly why anything that makes the process easier is always welcome. The ESR screen protector includes an alignment tray that helps you apply the tempered glass screen protector in the best possible way. It’s not just about the tray, though. The quality of the screen protector you’re getting is also excellent.

The smooth oleophobic coating on the glass makes it one of the best iPad screen protectors for writing. So, if you have an Apple Pencil, you should consider this option. There’s no cutout for the front-facing camera, though. If you want that, take a look at the next offering from Otterbox.

4. OtterBox Alpha

OtterBox is well-known for its protective accessories and this Alpha series tempered glass from the brand is no different. The brand claims that this screen protector offers 2X better scratch resistance compared to the competition. It is on the pricier side, though, and you only get 1 screen protector in the box. So, get it only if you believe in OtterBox’s assurance of better drop protection.

There’s no doubt that OtterBox makes some high-quality accessories. However, they are also quite a bit more expensive than products from other manufacturers. The Alpha glass screen protector for the iPad 10th gen also takes this same route. It’s priced considerably higher but you can’t dismiss the fact that you’re getting a solid screen protector that can absorb impact well.

OtterBox has also provided a cutout for the front-facing cameras. So, if you want crystal-clear video, this is a good option. The oleophobic coating is also known to be good on Otterbox screen protectors; so it’s another great pick if you write a lot on your iPad using the Apple Pencil.

Further, OtterBox claims that the screen protector works well with all of its cases so it should ideally do well with any case you use.

Protect That Huge Display

The iPad’s large display is one of its biggest USPs so it’s best to keep it free of scratches or cracks. The best way to do that is by getting a screen protector for your 10th-generation iPad. Protect your screen and enjoy watching content on it for years to come.

Last updated on 09 November, 2022

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