Top 5 Ethernet Adapters for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick remains the top-selling streaming device. It’s affordable, easy to use, has a rich app library, and frequent updates from Amazon keep it running smoothly. However, if your Fire TV Stick buffers media frequently, you may need to connect the device to a high-speed Wi-Fi network. And, for a flawless streaming experience, we recommend getting an Ethernet adapter for your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Ethernet adapters for Amazon Fire TV Stick

Unlike Apple TV and several Android TV boxes, a Fire TV Stick doesn’t have an Ethernet port. If your Fire TV Stick suffers from a finicky Wi-Fi connection, invest in an Ethernet adapter for robust internet speeds. You can also get a Wi-Fi extender wall plug with an Ethernet port, but they are quite expensive compared to a dedicated Ethernet adapter for Fire TV Stick or Chromecast.

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Note: We have covered Ethernet adapters for micro USB ports in the list below. They are incompatible with Fire TV Stick 1, Roku Stick/Express, Fire HD 10, tablets, and laptops. We recommend checking the compatibility with your device before hitting the buy button.  

1. Amazon Ethernet Adapter

Amazon Ethernet Adapter

While Fire TV Stick devices don’t come with an Ethernet port, Amazon offers a standalone adapter to enjoy high-speed internet. If you want a no-nonsense adapter for your Fire TV, go with this one.

Amazon Ethernet adapter offers a plug-and-play setup. You can connect the Ethernet adapter to the Fire TV Stick and plug it into a power source. As such, the device doesn’t need any additional drivers and can be prepped in a couple of minutes.

Amazon’s Ethernet adapter uses a microUSB port and is compatible with Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, and Fire TV Cube. The adapter supports 10/100 Ethernet, meaning it can transmit data at up to 100 Mbps.

Suffice it to say, the adapter will be able to stream 4K videos without missing a beat. The Ethernet adapter is quite basic in terms of functionality, though. It misses out on additional ports and LED indicators which give insight into the connectivity status.

2. ZEXMTE Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV Stick

ZEXMTE Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV Stick

Amazon’s Ethernet adapter hangs off the Fire TV Stick, thereby adding more strain to the TV’s HDMI port. ZEXMTE offers a neat solution to address the problem. To wit, the company’s ethernet adapter comes with adhesive strips that hide the device on the back of the TV. As such, the adapter will not tug your streaming device constantly.

ZEXMTE Ethernet adapter is compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick devices, Google Home Mini, Chromecast devices, and Raspberry Pi Zero. It uses the standard eight-pin RJ45 connector to establish an Ethernet connection. The adapter supports 100 Megabits per second download speeds.

Thanks to a new aluminum shell design, the adapter looks quite premium and stylish. The adapter’s aluminum frame also helps dissipates heat to deliver a glitch-free streaming experience for hours at end. The LED indicator light is a nice touch too, as it can help identify and troubleshoot Ethernet port issues quickly.

3. UGREEN Ethernet Adapter

UGREEN Ethernet Adapter

Most Ethernet adapters for Fire TV Stick come with a short cable, which may not be convenient. UGREEN Ethernet adapter should be ideal if you want to place the adapter anywhere without sweating about loose or crummy connections.

UGREEN has made a name for itself in the accessory market. It is known for offering reliable products at affordable prices. The company’s Ethernet adapter for Amazon Fire TV Stick is no different. It is widely compatible with other microUSB devices, offers an LED indicator to confirm the active status, and packs a 3.3ft cable for added convenience.

UGREEN Ethernet adapter can come in handy if you have little-to-no wiggle room behind your TV. It’s popular on Amazon and has more than 9,000 user ratings to its credit. In fact, many users have appreciated that the company has bundled a 3.3ft cable with the device.

You can connect the micro USB cable to the Fire TV Stick, the Ethernet cable to the RJ45 port of the adapter, and the USB cable to the power supply and never miss a knockout punch on UFC Fight Night or a touchdown during Super Bowl.  

4. Oassuose Ethernet Adapter

Oassuose Ethernet Adapter

Oassauose offers a fantastic 2-in-1 Ethernet adapter with an Ethernet port and three USB-A slots. So, if you’re looking to expand the Fire TV Stick’s storage and use it with a more reliable wired connection, you will find plenty to like about this product.

Oassuose Ethernet adapter is your all-in-one media hub to enjoy content from your USB devices. Apart from the RJ45 Ethernet port with up to 100 Mbps speeds, it comes with three USB-A ports to connect your compatible accessories. You can connect external storage and watch movies directly from the hard drive. With a 3.3ft cable length, you can neatly hide the adapter behind the TV unit too.

Since most Fire TV Sticks only ship with 8GB of internal storage, it is not recommended to store media files on it. Oassuose’s Ethernet adapter not only offers high-speed internet connectivity but also takes care of your Fire TV Stick storage woes. You can even use a third-party file manager app and install apps from your external drive. Quite neat for the asking price, isn’t it?  

5. AuviPal Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV

AuviPal Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV

While the Oassuose Ethernet adapter offers a 2-in-1 solution, it ships with a 3.3ft long cable. So, if you want a compact solution, you may like AuviPal’s sales pitch for its Ethernet adapter.

Unlike its rivals, AuviPal offers a compact design and comes encased in an aluminum shell. The compact design makes it ideal for traveling too. It’s yet another plug-and-play solution that doesn’t require any third-party software or drivers to work. One thing to note is that although it comes with three USB-A ports, it can not charge your iPhone or Android devices. Also, while you can use thumb drives, they must be formatted in FAT32 to work with the adapter.

The usual goodies include up to 100 Mbps speeds, excellent compatibility, and high-speed data rates of up to 480 Mbps. Many have complained about slow Ethernet speeds than their Wi-Fi network. Before contacting the manufacturer, we recommend rebooting your router first. It misses out on LED indicators, which is a bummer for an otherwise excellent package.

Ethernet Adapter for Fire TV Stick: FAQs

Do I need an Ethernet adapter for Amazon Fire TV Stick?

If your Fire TV Stick suffers from an unreliable Wi-Fi connection, get an Ethernet adapter.

How to connect Amazon Fire TV Stick to Ethernet?

You can attach the Ethernet cable to the adapter and connect the adapter to Fire TV Stick via the micro USB cable.

How to fix the Ethernet port not working on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

You can restart your router to fix the Ethernet connection on Fire TV Stick.

Enjoy High-Speed Internet on Fire TV Stick

Users have complained about Wi-Fi glitches on Amazon Fire TV Stick devices. Instead of wasting hours troubleshooting Wi-Fi on Fire TV Stick, get yourself one of the best ethernet adapters for Fire TV Stick and enjoy your weekends with your favorite TV shows and movies.

Last updated on 11 May, 2023

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