6 Best Mobile Gaming Triggers for PUBG, COD Mobile, Free Fire, and More

Smartphone gaming has ascended to unforeseen heights in the past few years. The same can be accredited to the inclusion of titles like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty on phones, which has seen a massive surge in mobile gamers across the world. And that surge has given rise to a new market for a particular accessory namely mobile gaming triggers. Gaming triggers essentially add buttons to your phone just like a controller.

best triggers for mobile gaming

These buttons can then be assigned to perform a set function. Needless to say, these gaming triggers can give you an edge over your opponents as they are easier to press. So, if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, here are some of the best mobile gaming triggers you can buy. You can use them with just about any game of your choice too, which is great.

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It’s worth noting that all of these gaming triggers work with both Android and iOS. The reason is, these are capacitive triggers that do not have any software functionality. Also, some of these smartphone triggers can give you an undue advantage so we wouldn’t recommend using them in a competitive environment. Else, you might run the risk of getting your account banned.

With that out of the way, let’s enhance your gaming skills!

1. Norhu Mobile Game Controllers

The Norhu gaming triggers simply clip onto the edges of your phone to give you additional buttons. The triggers are metallic but are housed in a plastic enclosure. They’re cheap and provide a decent experience on a budget.

Plus, they are quite easy to set up. You can clip them to any edge of your phone and position the touch controls right below them. Then, when you press the trigger, it will mimic a touch input and invoke the programmed command.

You get two triggers in the box — one for each side. We would recommend getting the Norhu mobile gaming triggers for PUBG, COD Mobile, Free Fire, and similar games, especially if you’re a beginner. You don’t have to spend much either and they work just fine.

Why you should buy: The Norhu triggers are inexpensive so if you don’t want to spend too much, they are a good option. They’re not very durable though.

2. GOFOYO CK3 Mobile Triggers

If you’re looking for something more durable and better-looking, the GOFOYO CK3 gaming triggers are a better pick. They’re made using ABS plastic and have a reinforced chassis for better durability. The triggers also attach more firmly to your smartphone.

The GOFOYO CK3 gaming triggers also have an aesthetic appeal, thanks to the unit’s gamer-y accents. Compared to the previous product, the GOFOYO triggers look much more polished, and this is a huge plus. There’s a slight difference in the design of these gaming triggers too. Instead of a single actuation point, the GOFOYO CK3 has two actuation points on one trigger.

What this means is that you can press on two different areas either to the left or the right of the triggers to activate them. The reviews even cite that these triggers last longer than most run-of-the-mill trigger accessories. So, you’re paying slightly more for better build quality. And if you play a lot of games, we would say it’s worth the slight premium.

Why you should buy: GOFOYO’s triggers improve upon Nohru’s design while making them stronger. They’re affordable and reliable.

3. IFYOO Mobile Gaming Triggers

The IFYOO triggers are similar to the Norhu gaming triggers prefaced previously. The unit ships with a single trigger button on each side to simulate an input. The key difference is that the metallic portion of the IFYOO triggers is encased in plastic caps, which gives it a more refined look.

The Norhu triggers are functional, at best and the unit will not win any style points. The IFYOO triggers improve on the same design and offer more spit and polish. The functionality remains the same, though. As per the reviews, the buttons on the triggers are quite easy to press.

So, we would recommend these triggers for games where you would need to repeatedly press a certain button.

Why you should buy: The IFYOO triggers are fairly basic but the buttons feel nice to press.

4. YOBWIN Mobile Game Controller with Four Triggers

Alright, we’re now moving to slightly more sophisticated gaming triggers. YOBWIN, for instance, is selling an entire contraption that emulates a controller. You can slot your phone into it and then hold it like a proper gaming controller – talk about replicating a console experience on a phone!

There are a few features of the YOBWIN mobile gaming controller that make it a compelling choice. For starters, you get a clamp to mount your phone for better handling. Then, there are the triggers — four of them instead of two — emulating L1/R1 and L2/R2 shoulder triggers. No kidding! So, if you were vying for a gaming trigger setup with granular control, this is a great option.

The set has yet another trick up its sleeve. On that note, the unit slaps a cooling fan behind the phone. In particular, there is a fan on the rear that cools your phone down for better thermal performance. Pool everything together, and the YOBWIN controller is a good all-in-one solution for your mobile gaming needs.

Why you should buy: Looking for something beyond gaming triggers? The YOBWIN mobile game controller offers the entire package including four triggers, a clamp, and a cooling fan.

5. GameSir Foldable Triggers for Mobile Gaming

The GameSir triggers are the only mobile triggers on the list with support for Bluetooth connectivity. As a result, you get additional features like mode selectors, which can be used to switch between weapons or change shooting modes. It’s also foldable making it easy to carry even in your pockets.

GameSir makes stellar gaming accessories and the brand’s foldable triggers for smartphones are no exception. Unlike some other products on this list, these aren’t individual trigger clips that attach to each side of your phone. Instead, the triggers are part of a clamp that envelopes your phone. Once you slot your device in the gizmo, you can connect your phone to the triggers via Bluetooth.

This enables additional functionality like custom buttons to perform certain actions. Since there is some amount of smart functionality involved in these triggers, they come with a 90mAh battery. Speaking of which, the brand claims that a single charge will last for 30-40 hours, which is great. All said and done, if you’re looking for a pocketable set of smart triggers, you should surely consider these ones from GameSir.

Why you should buy: Specifically for those who want smart gaming triggers with additional functionality. It’s also got an excellent and portable design.

6. BIGBIG WON Joystick Striggers for Smartphones

The BIGBIG WON triggers are quite premium, both in terms of the way they look and the way the mechanism is designed. Firstly, the outer chassis is metallic. Further, the unit comprises two triggers instead of separate clip-on units. Secondly, the brand is using premium switches for the triggers themselves to improve the experience when gaming.

The BIGBIG WON triggers are quite premium, both in terms of looks and design. For one, the outer chassis is metallic. Further, the unit comprises two triggers instead of separate clip-on units. Secondly, the brand uses premium switches for the triggers themselves to improve the experience when gaming.

The high-quality materials used in the construction mean you can use the BIGBIG WON triggers without having to worry about them falling apart — an issue that is surely present with cheaper triggers. The unit’s unique design featuring a long structure that includes both triggers also provides better stability when gaming.

Why you should buy: If you’re particular about the trigger mechanism and want the best feedback, the Kailh switches in the BIGBIG WON triggers will surely impress you.

FAQs for Mobile Gaming Triggers

1. How do mobile gaming triggers work?

Mobile gaming triggers have a touch-capacitive surface that comes in contact with the screen to simulate a touch input. When you press the trigger, this surface touches the screen just like how your finger would.

2. Which phones have built-in gaming triggers?

There are several gaming phones out there with gaming triggers. The ROG Phone series from Asus is the best example of a phone that has built-in triggers.

Take Your Enemies Down

Using triggers for mobile gaming is almost like adding two extra fingers to the screen. As a result, you are going to be able to control your player better and have access to more buttons than you would with just two fingers on the display. So, use it to your advantage and score that chicken dinner!

Last updated on 10 February, 2023

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