6 Best Motion Sensor Lights for Closets

Imagine a scene where you open your closet door, and the closet magically lights up to reveal everything. Cool, right? Motion sensor lights for closets make this idea possible. These are simple lights (either puck lights or LED strips), which you can attach to the ceiling or walls of your closet. Once the setup is complete, simply open the door to see the magic.

6 Best Motion Sensor Lights for Closets

Mostly rechargeable or AA/AAA batteries power these motion sensor closet lights. It’s easy to install and replace batteries.

So if you are in the market looking to light up your closet smartly, here are the best lights that you can buy. But before that,

1. Amagle LED Dual Mode Motion Night Light

The Amagle motion sensor light is one of the inexpensive lights on this list. And for its price, it manages to do a fairly good job. It’s a simple LED strip that you can stick to the ceiling of your closet via the 3M adhesive back. The motion sensor is quick to respond, and that’s probably one of the best things about this light.

The advantage of this LED light is its dual mechanism. You can either switch the light on/off manually. Or, you can rely on the sensor. The former comes to the picture when you need the light for a long stretch.

This LED light strip provides a fair amount of light, and several users have backed this claim. The good thing is that you can cut the strip into smaller lengths as per the requirements.

The Amagle LED strip runs on four AAA batteries. And when triggered, the lights remain on for around 20 seconds.

So far, these lights have received a good number of reviews on Amazon. Users love them for the easy installation process and motion detection. The only nibble is that you will have to replace the AAA batteries from time to time.

2. Auvon Rechargeable Motion Sensor Night Light

The Auvon motion sensor light addresses one of the major limitations of the one above. Its sensor is inside the light’s compartment and doesn’t have a separate controller. You can attach the light via the built-in magnets and paste it on an iron surface. Or, you can stick the double-sided tape on the iron strip first.

Another advantage is that you cycle between three brightness modes and three lighting modes, depending on your preference. It uses a rechargeable battery and a single recharge buys you around 180 days of battery life (depending on your usage).

The range is exceptional for the size, and several users have praised this feature.

The Auvon rechargeable motion sensor light is popular on Amazon and has received a slew of positive reviews from its user base for its overall performance.

3. Joyzy Automatic Motion Sensor Lighting

The Joyzy automatic lights are for you if you have a large closet. It’s 13-inches long and light up a considerable portion at one go. The light strip has a curved surface, making it aesthetically pleasing to look at.

The lights are bright and can go up to 6000k color temperature. The light doesn’t change color, though. Like the others in this list, it’s also a stick-on light. The company provides a simple USB cable to refuel the light when the charge goes out.

While this light works as intended, there are a few limitations. For one, the provided USB cord is short in length. This makes it a tad challenging to recharge the light. Secondly, the light is directional and only points down. This means you won’t see as much light next to the light in the area.

4. AMIR Motion Sensor Light

The AMIR light is the best-value automated closet light that you can buy. The company ships a pack of 6, and it’s a pretty good deal for the price. These little hockey-pucks lights have an adhesive back, which lets you stick them just about anywhere.

The lights are bright enough to let you see everything. However, if you are looking for flashlight-like brightness, these are not the ones for you. That said, quite a few users have commended the sensitivity of these lights.

If you are looking for affordable motion lights and have quite a few closet spaces to light up, these should be in your shopping bag. And hey, these are AAA battery-powered devices.

5. BHWMJDHY Rechargeable Closet Lights

The BHWMJDHY lights are a little more expensive than the counterparts above. But they bring a bright light to the table and a massive 2,500mAh battery. The latter ensures that you can light it without worrying about charging it frequently.

They are super easy to install and give out enough light. And to recharge, you simply need to plug an USB charging cable into it. The company claims that the lights can stay lit for 4 hours when fully charged.

The BHWMJDHY lights are versatile and are versatile. All you need is to find a place to stick them and be in the clear.

6. Lithonia Lighting FMMCL Closet Light

If you do not mind spending a few extra bucks, the Lithonia FMMCL light is one of your best options. It’s small and compact and can be perched about just about anywhere, including the top of your closet space.

The light is bright and should easily light up your closet space. Unlike the one above, installation is a tad challenging. Since it needs continuous power, you’ll have to install it like a typical electrical fixture.

That said, the sensitivity and the brightness work as advertised. It’s a popular product and has more than a thousand reviews to its credit.

Light Them Up

Apart from adding a ton of convenience to your life, motion sensor lights also conserve electricity since they switch off automatically after 15-20 seconds.

If you want the best of both worlds, getting a light with a dual switch would be to get a light. With it, you can keep the light on for as long as you want. And when your work is done, you can switch it back to auto mode.

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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