5 Best Rechargeable Under-Cabinet Lights

The under-cabinet lights are a great way to light up kitchen, garage, and pantry area. These lights provide a warm light and deliver the light directly where it’s needed the most. The best part is that rechargeable under cabinet lights are renter-friendly. You need to stick them via the adhesive tapes and recharge the built-in battery. No hard-wiring or drilling holes.

Best Rechargeable Under-Cabinet Lights

Such rechargeable lights are versatile. You can use them anywhere – small closet, garage cabinets, or stairwells. Plus, they are lightweight and you can easily remove them when you move out.

So if you are in the market looking for quality rechargeable under-cabinet lights, you have come to the right place. Without further ado, let’s get started, shall we? But before that,

1. Baseus Wireless Under Cabinet Light

The Baseus Wireless cabinet lights bring plenty of features to the table. It’s easy to set up and gives off a very bright light, and several users have backed this in their reviews. Secondly, the color temperature and brightness are adjustable. It features a touch panel. So, touch it to tweak the brightness or switch it on or off. The panel is right at the front, and you do not have to twist to access the buttons.

It bundles 3M adhesive strips to attach the magnetic metal mount to the surface. The setup process is easy and simple, and this feature has earned its share of reviews from its user base. At the same time, it features an 80-degree angle adjustment. So if you want the light pointed in a particular direction, you can do so.

The 1800mAh battery lasts a long time. Of course, it depends on how much you use the light. So, for example, if you use them throughout the day, you will need to recharge the batteries by evening. It is a USB rechargeable light and packs a long 1.5m charging cable. Plus, there’s the provision for USB-C charging. So, recharging this light doesn’t take long.

2. Ezvalo LED Light

The Ezvalo LED Light takes the under-cabinet light to the next level with motion and day/night sensors. The addition of the motion sensors makes them energy efficient and does not need frequent recharging sessions. Also, the day/night sensor ensures that the light comes on only when it is dark. The folks at Ezvalo claim that the 1500mAh battery lasts 2 months on Auto mode.

It is slim, compact, and the magnetic base makes it easy to attach to under cabinets. Plus, the build quality is not bad either.

While it’s not overly bright, it’s good enough to light the under-cabinet area in decent light. Plus, the motion detector works well, and several users have observed that it triggers as soon as it detects any movement.

The best part of this under-cabinet light is its detachable rechargeable battery unit. And this gives you the convenience of recharging it without displacing the whole light.

The Ezvalo light for under cabinets is popular on Amazon and has more than 3,000 user reviews. Users love it for its sensitive motion detection and easy-to-use nature.

3. Hiboitec LED Cabinet Light

Another rechargeable under-cabinet light is the one by Hiboitec. Like the one above, it’s also a motion sensor light and comes with three modes—G, On, and Off. On the G mode, the light can sense up to 100ft and stays on for 20 seconds after being triggered. The motion sensor’s sensitivity has earned its share of praise from several users. While the price is almost the same as the one above, you get two sets of lights, thus making it a better proposition.

It’s slim and sleek and can be installed on any surface using the metal mount. The company ships a 24-inch long USB cable to recharge these lights.

The light is brighter than the one above. However, quite a few users have complained that the battery runs out faster. On the upside, the recharge time is slightly shorter, at around 2 hours.

If you want to save money and do not mind the frequent recharging sessions, then the Hiboitec cabinet lights are a good place to start.

4. Asoko Under Cabinet Lights

The Asoko rechargeable under cabinet lights combines the best features of the above lights. First, it features three colors and is dimmable. Secondly, it also features motion sensors and lights up quickly when triggered. Second, they feature USB-C recharging, which is relatively faster.

The use of motion sensors makes these lights energy efficient. When triggered, they stay on for 25 seconds before turning off. And the buttons on the surface make it easy to adjust the brightness and the color temperature.

The Asoko light works as advertised and gives off a bright light. The magnetic base makes them highly versatile, and you can fix them inside closets, under the sink, or in closed cabinets. At the same time, the battery life is solid. And yes, you get three lights by paying just a few extra bucks.

5. Anbock Under Cabinet Light

Last but not least, we have the Anbock Under Cabinet lights. These lights bring the advantage of remote control to the table. And as you may have guessed, it allows you to control the light’s brightness and color temperature from a distance. These are small 7-inch long lights and give off a warm glow. Moreover, they come with a sleep timer.

So if you want them to turn off after some time, you can do so from the remote.

Like their counterparts above, these are rechargeable lights, and an 800mAh battery powers each light. Despite the small capacity, these lights stay on for a long time. Several users have appreciated this nifty feature. They recharge via micro USB. So when the charge runs out, you can pull the lights off the magnetic mount and stick them to the charger. Simple, right?

The Anbock lights give off enough light to cast a warm glow. However, if you want your under-cabinet lights to be the sole source of light in your garage or kitchen, they might not be the right pick for you.

Besides, they have a solid build, and users love the super easy installation process.

Let There be Light

These are some of the rechargeable lights that you can buy to light up the cabinet area of your kitchen, pantry, or garage. The rechargeable feature means you do not have to frequent stop at the grocery store for batteries. All you need to do is fix a schedule for the lights to recharge during the day, and that’s it.

So, which of these lights will you buy?

Last updated on 25 July, 2022

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