Inbox by Gmail vs BlueMail: Android Mail Apps Compared

Not too long ago, one had to be satisfied with only a few available email apps. But times have changed and now, we have diverse options to choose from. And among these, the ones that stand out starkly is the popular Inbox by Gmail and the BlueMail app for Android.

Inbox Vs Blue Mail

So, in this article today, we will be comparing both the mail apps (for Android) and see which comes out as the winner for the new-age user. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

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Inbox by Gmail is touted as the mailbox which not only helps to stay focused on the important emails but also increases the email productivity of its users by bundling off the emails according to topics, sender, etc. And since, it’s a Google app, rest assured that you will end up with a few add-ons which will make the job all the more seamless.

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Inbox Vs Blue Mail 5

On the other hand, BlueMail is a stellar mail app with loads of features. Along with increasing email productivity, this app also promises to ‘cluster’ (another name for bundle?) emails along with several other tons of enhanced features.

So, that was a brief overview, let’s have a quick roundup of the common area of both the apps.

Common Features

1. Services Supported

The importance of any mail app can be derived from the number of services it supports. While Inbox by Gmail supports only the in-house Gmail, BlueMail goes way ahead and supports whopping 15+ services like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office365. etc.

Inbox Vs Blue Mail 6

And the best thing about this app is that adding and switching between services is as easy as pie. All you have to do is tap on the header, choose the service and bam! You will be transported to your other mailbox in a jiffy.

2. Interface

The interface of any app defines its level of complexity. Thankfully, both Inbox and BlueMail have comparatively easy-to-navigate interfaces. Aforesaid, Inbox automatically bundles emails by their nature and that makes searching and navigation much easier.

Inbox Vs Blue Mail 11
Inbox Vs Blue Mail 7

Plus, what makes it an absolute darling is that all your trips and reservation information will be bundled together in cards and laid out in one single place.

BlueMail also has an equally polished interface albeit a bit differently. The clusters that we talked about earlier refers to the clustering of emails into expanding slot. Tap on it, and all the emails will be sorted in it. Plus, there’s also a switch at the header to show ‘People only’ mail, which, obviously will set aside all the promotional materials and will display emails from people only.

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3. Reminders

Humans are forgetful. We tend to forget things and reminders exist to help us find our way out of that zone. Both the apps have more or less the same reminder features. With just a swipe, it will pull up the ‘select date and time’ window to put them in.

Inbox Vs Blue Mail 12
Inbox Vs Blue Mail 1

The only difference is that Inbox has a dedicated location-based reminder as well, which sadly, BlueMail doesn’t have.

4. Security

When BlueMail was initially launched, much was speculated about its security and over the fact that BlueMail was using AWS host.

However, the developers have assured that they use industry standard encryption methods to secure and protect the user’s data.

Inbox, on the other hand, Inbox is well Google. And we all know the security measure of Google.

Un-Common Features

1. Notification Settings

Well, till now email notifications were strictly a one-liner in the notification shade, with the LED light blinking on some of the higher end devices. But BlueMail takes the experience to a whole different level.

Inbox Vs Blue Mail 4
Inbox Vs Blue Mail 3

Not only can you set different notification settings for the services that you have on it, you can also choose the color of the LED indicator and also decide on the email sound as well.

And yeah, why to leave the vibration patterns behind? In BlueMail you can even select the vibration pattern as per the service. Pretty impressive, correct?

2. Do Not Disturb

Surely, a mail related to work can play the perfect spoilsport during vacations or during the after-office hours. BlueMail features a unique Do not disturb mode which lets you choose the day and time when you wouldn’t want to be disturbed.

Inbox Vs Blue Mail 8

All you have to do is head over to notification settings and select the quiet days and hours as per your liking.

3. Info Cards

One of the impressive features of Inbox by Gmail is the card feature. All the travel information or purchase information will be presented to you in the form of helpful cards.

Inbox Vs Blue Mail 2

So if you have an Amazon order which has been shipped, it would show you the estimated day of delivery and the other knick-knacks associated with it.

4. Save to Inbox

The save to Inbox is a very nifty feature which helps to save or rather bookmark any posts, news article or pages. All you have to do is hit on Share, tap on the Inbox icon and hit Save. The page will be tucked neatly into the saved folder.

Inbox Vs Blue Mail 9

Though the Share feature is available in BlueMail, it instead fires of the link in the form of a mail.

Which One to Choose?

Comparing the features of both the mail apps, the BlueMail app seems more lucrative with its tons of features and customizable aspects. The fact that you can add several email services to it makes it even better. But in the hindsight, the Inbox by Gmail isn’t far behind. While it may not have ‘tons’ of features, but with its minimalistic approach to maintaining and prioritizing emails, it would definitely help in increasing the email productivity.

So, will you make the leap?

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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