12 Superb Cable Management Accessories You Must Use

Cables, cables  everywhere. We need them but they can be so unsightly if improperly organized. While wireless power and data transfer methods are growing in popularity, many applications still require a wired connection. I mean how else are you going to power your 3 monitor setup?

Top Cable Management Accessories MainCable Clutter | “Cable Clutter” by Jaysin Trevino 
Cable Clutter | “Cable Clutter” by Jaysin Trevino is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While we need our cables, having a huge mess as a result is not required. There are a few DIY ‘hacks’ you can employ to help manage your cables but you may find it necessary to purchase some accessories to aid in your pursuit of an uncluttered desk.

The following 12 accessories are a good place to start and will stop you from feeling ill every time you look at your mismanaged desk.

1. Reusable Cable Ties

Reusable Cable Ties Amazon

Cable ties are a staple for cable management but traditional cable ties must be cut off after being fastened. These cable ties are reusable however, featuring a releasable latch. THis means that you can repurpose them whenever needed.

2. Multipurpose Cable Clips

Multipurpose Cable Clips

Multipurpose cable clips are particularly useful for keeping important cables in position. For example, you may have experience frustration at having your phone charging cable fall off of your desk even though you would rather it remain there for easy access. For peace of mind, consider working this accessory into your cable management arsenal.

3. Dotz Cord Identifiers

Dotz Cord Cable Identifiers

Dotz Cord Identifiers are great for differentiating between different cables. They are especially useful nearer to the end of cables that are plugged in to your surge protector. Since many cables look similar, these identifiers can help you to avoid having to trace a cable all the way back to its other end before having the confidence to unplug it.

4. Cordies

Cordies Cable Management

Cordies are another great solution for keeping your cable ends at bay and near to hand.

5. Wiremold C110 1-Channel CordMate Kit

Wiremold Cable Management Channel Kit

Cable trunking helps to hide your cables as they run along a wall. This offering by Wiremold is self-adhesive and can be painted, making it easy to conceal.

6. DigitGear 4 x Neoprene Cable Management Zipper Sleeve Organizer

Digit Gear Neoprene Zipper Organizer Cable Management

This DigitGear cable management solution can really help you cut down on tangled cables. This solution is great for keeping overhanging cables out of the way.

7. OmniMount OCM On-Wall Cable Management Covers

Omnimount Cable Management Covers

If you have unsightly cables running along your wall, these covers are a great way to conceal them. These covers aren’t difficult to install but they do require drilling into your wall for installation.

8. J Channel Cable Raceway

J Channel Cable Raceway Cable Management

The J Channel Cable Raceway is a really simple solution for concealing cables. The opening at the top of this device makes it easy to install and access cables. It comes with a self adhesive back, allowing for various mounting methods. You can mount this at the side of your desk, on walls or even on furniture.

9. Bluelounge Cable Box

Blue Louge Cable Management Box

Cable clutter can also be a problem on the floor, specifically as it relates to surge protectors and power strips. To hide unsightly cables on the ground , you can make use of the Bluelounge Cable Box.

Essentially, you can place one or more of your power strips or surge protectors inside of this box to hide the clutter, or you can employ multiple cable boxes to help organize your floors better.

10. Adjustable Cable Clips Clamps

Adjustable Cable Clip Maagement Clamps

These adjustable cable clip clamps are  a great for routing cables according to your preference.

11. Cable Tie Mounts

Cable Tie Mounts Cable Management

Cable Tie Mounts can be used in conjunction with conventional cable ties to route cables. Simply thread the cable tie through the loop of the mount, gather your cables together and fasten the cable tie.

12. TOPHOME Cord Organizer Holder Headset Headphone Earphone Wrap Winder/ Cord Manager Black Cable Winder

Tophome Cord Organizer Cable Management

This solution is excellent for headphones. Getting your headphones tangled up after fishing them out of your pockets is not uncommon and this is the perfect accessory for preventing this from happening.

Final Thoughts

This is by no means an exhaustive list. You may only need one of these solutions to improve your current cable management situation but have a look and see what works best for you. Also, if you have any suggestions, be sure to leave us a comment and let us know.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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