The 3 Best IR Universal Remote Apps for Android Devices

AC, TV, Set-top box and even my camera, have an IR remote that I use on a daily basis. Now that I have recently acquired a phone with an IR blaster, I was looking out for apps using which I could use my Android as a universal remote.

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The advantage of using a phone as a universal remote is that it’s with you all the time and you don’t have to look for it under the sofa cushions and pillows. Also, it looks cool and sometimes, it’s all about the swag. So here’s a list of 3 of the best apps you can use on your Android IR blaster to control anything and everything with an IR sensor.

Note: These apps might not work on all Android devices with IR blaster. Your phone manufacturer needs to enable IR hardware to be used by third-party apps.

1. AnyMote – Smart Remote Control

AnyMote – Smart Remote Control is one of the best universal remote available for Android. The major reason behind this is the amazing interface the app provides. It’s so easy to find the device you wish to configure the remote for. On the home page, you will find all the devices you can connect to and it also includes DSLR cameras and Air Conditioners.

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Not only that, in the settings menu you can add automated tasks like mute the volume on the TV or Music System if you are getting an incoming call. You can also include IFTTT task in the app. The app has a lot of devices you can connect to and the chances to not finding one is minimal. But to help in such situations, you get the option to record your own remote.

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In the option, you can customize your remote, add buttons to it and then sync the frequency using your default remote. Additionally, you also get to control smart devices that are connected using Wi-Fi.

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2. ASmart Remote IR

The previous remote is a featured packed app, but it can be too complex for some users. ASmart Remote IR hosts top brands and devices and you can not only control TV and Set Top Box, but also DSLR cameras and ACs. For better management, you can create different rooms with sets of remotes and easily switch between them using the tabs at the top.

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Personally, I liked the interface of the app. The option of getting the display remote for Air Conditioner is a killer addition. The app is free though it has ads at the bottom, one can still live with those. The only downside is that there is no option to manually add a remote like we had in AnyMote.

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3. SURE Universal Remote

Just in case you need another alternative to explore, you can try SURE Universal Remote. The app works with both, IR and Wireless devices. One thing I liked about the app is the ease with which you can switch between the remotes. You get tabs of the devices in the sidebar and then you can easily switch between them.

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The app also works with Wi-Fi to IR transmitters that you can buy online for a few dollars if your phone doesn’t have a built-in IR blaster. The app is free with ads and you can go for the pro version to get an ad-free experience.

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Did you know you can get a mobile IR blaster (costs around $11.99) on your phone if it doesn’t have one?


These were the best apps for Android using which you can use your phone as a universal remote. If none of the apps work on your phone even if you have an IR blaster, please check with your phone manufacturer. It simply means they have not allowed third-party apps to use the hardware resource.

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