6 Best Airplane Universal Phone Holders: Portable, Flexible, and Lightweight

Plane travel is boring, and more often than not, we find ourselves watching movies and TV shows to pass the time. However, holding a phone and looking down to watch a movie can strain your neck and hands, especially on longer flights. That’s where travel phone holders come into the picture. The best airplane universal cell phone holders fit into the tiny slit between a tray table and the seat and hold your phone at eye level.

Best Airplane Universal Phone Holders

The best part is that these universal phone holders can fit all types of phones. You can even tweak the viewing angles, as per your preference.

So if you often travel for work or plan to travel a lot this year, check out our top recommendations for universal in-flight airplane phone holder mounts.

1. CTUER Universal In-flight Airplane Phone Mount

in Flight Cell Phone Media Holder for Travel

The CTUER Universal In-flight Airplane Phone Holder Mount brings a lot of enticing features to the table. For one, it can be affixed in several angles, which allows users to clip it to the tray table or mount it seamlessly. At the same time, you can insert the CTUER Phone Mount’s hook directly into a closed tray table in front of you, thanks to the clip at the bottom.

As expected, this holder gives you ample options to view your content hands-free. Interestingly, it also allows you to pivot the holder to adjust the viewing angles. Add to that, the phone mount boasts a compact footprint and is superbly portable too. As such, it will conveniently fit into your pocket or laptop bag. It even folds easily, which is great.

The CTUER airplane phone holder is quite affordable and it comes highly recommended by a truckload of users. It works as advertised, can fit into small pockets, and offers varied viewing angles – what more could you ask for?

Why you should buy it: Small and portable

2. unitron world Airplane Phone Stand

unitron world Airplane Flight Portable Phone Mount

Another universal in-flight airplane phone holder mount is the one by unitron. Like its counterpart above, it inserts into the small slit between the seat and the table tray. This way, the phone mount holsters your device at eye level. What’s more, it allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows hands-free. It even comes with a 360-degree articulating hinge, so you should be able to prop up your phone however you deem fit.

At the same time, the phone mount offers a robust spring clamp that will hold your phone safely and securely. Plus, it’s big enough to house super-sized devices like the iPhone 14 Pro Max. The cherry on top is that it stays anchored to the tray. And if need be, you can also place it on the tray table, just like a normal phone stand.

The unitron world Airplane Phone Stand for Flights is quite popular on Amazon. In fact, per several reviews, the phone mount offers excellent build quality and it is quite easy to set up as well.

Why you should buy it: Extremely flexible and good build quality

3. iFLEX Adjustable Cell Phone Stand

The iFLEX Adjustable Cell Phone Stand is a tad different from the ones prefaced above. Instead of latching onto plane seats, it can only be placed on the tray table. It’s a little weighty, but, on the bright side, you’ll be able to customize the size as per your requirement. Once done, you can simply flatten it. Cool, right?

You should know that iFLEX’s offering does not swivel. You can’t affix it at an angle either. So, if you get a stiff neck when you’re traveling, you might want to look at some other options on the list.

Now, if you are smitten by the phone stand’s flexible design, then you might be able to mold it as per your preference. In fact, if you are willing to experiment, you can mold it and secure it over the seat (in front of you) to get your phone’s screen at eye level. We can’t guarantee that the phone stand will stay affixed, but it’s worth a shot.

The iFLEX Adjustable Cell Phone Stand is well-liked by its users for its durability and flexibility. And well, it’s quite sturdy too.

Why you should buy it: Highly flexible and easy to carry.

4. Perilogics Phone Holder Mount

Handsfree Phone Holder for Desk Tray

The Perilogics Phone Holder Mount is a lot similar to the ones above in the sense that it can effortlessly latch onto a closed tray table. However, what makes it stand out is that the spring clamp at the bottom can open up to 1.57-inches. Consequently, you can clamp the device to the edge of your work table as well.

The ability to clip it on desks is an added plus. And the option to swivel the phone clamp helps your case. As such, even if the seat in front of you is reclined, you will be able to angle the screen effortlessly.

The clamp is big enough to house ginormous phones like the iPhone Pro Max range. However, you will have to use the phone in landscape mode, as the holder gets lopsided when the phone is affixed in portrait orientation.

That said, you can also double it as a bedside phone holder when not traveling. The Perilogics phone holder mount is one of the most popular phone accessories on Amazon and has amassed over 9,000 user ratings. Buyers speak highly of the product’s versatility and portable form factor.

Alternatively, you can check out the Perilogics Handsfree Phone Holder.

5. Elitehood Metal Airplane Travel Phone Holder

The Elitehood travel phone holder is perhaps one of the most compact airplane phone holders. It folds into a small block, thereby making it a great travel accessory. It draws parallels to other phone mounts in the functionality department. You can clip it to the edge of your tray table. However, you won’t be able to hang it by the seat or tray table.

Seeing how it’s a desktop mount, you may have a little trouble watching movies with your phone affixed to the holder if the tray table is positioned a bit too low. That said, it comes with bells and whistles like padded ends, swivels, and 360-degree rotation.

However, the feature that makes it stand apart is its solid build. In fact, the Elitehood metal airplane travel phone holder is made of quality material, thereby making it extremely durable.

Why you should buy it: Compact and is the perfect desktop-only mount.

6. MiiKARE Universal Handsfree Phone Mount

MiiKARE Store Airplane Travel Essentials

The MiiKARE Travel Phone Holder is perhaps one of the most compact airplane phone holders. When folded, it resembles a small block, and that makes it immensely easy to carry. Add to that, it comes in a host of colors too. So, if you have say, the lilac Galaxy S23, then you can get the MiiKARE phone mount in the same hue.

At the same time, the phone mount is extremely flexible, and the head can mount in almost all directions. Again, you can clip it to tray tables (while closed).

If you are traveling as a family, and are looking for hands-free phone mounts in bulk, you can’t go wrong with the brand’s three-pack phone accessory bundle.

Why you should buy it: Comes in a pack of three, though at a higher price.

Travel Must-haves

These were some of the best airplane universal phone holders. Most of these are priced low and can hold a variety of phones. However, we’d urge you to take the phone holder for a spin before you take it on a flight. This would give you a comprehensive idea of the flexibility and functionality in general.

Last updated on 15 June, 2023

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