5 Best iPad Holders for Bed for Reading, Watching Movies, and More

Are you tired of holding your iPad awkwardly while trying to watch your favorite shows in bed? Here we have hand-picked the best iPad holders for bed, highlighting the features and factors to consider when making your purchase.

Best iPad Holders for Bed

These handy accessories let you prop up your tablet at the perfect angle, allowing you to relax and unwind without any distractions. Whether you’re into binge-watching, social media, or catching up on work, there’s an iPad stand for bed waiting to make your life easy. But before we begin,

Now, let’s find you the best iPad bed stand.

1. UGREEN Tablet Stand Holder

This is a lightweight and portable stand designed to hold tablets and smartphones at a comfortable viewing angle. It is made of premium ABS material, which makes it sturdy and durable. It has a rubberized surface that prevents the device from slipping and provides a secure grip. Further, its 5×5-inch footprint makes it super easy to carry in bags. The stand features a hinge that can rotate up to 100 degrees giving you the flexibility to choose the perfect angle for yourself.

Since it’s just a cradle to prop your device on, it can fit all devices, including all iPhones and iPads. The lower lip that holds the device in place can accommodate devices up to 0.55 inches in thickness. So, if you use a case on your iPad, you might want to measure the total thickness before purchasing this iPad stand for bed.

However, since this is supposed to be a small, lightweight stand, it can struggle to stay in position with heavier devices or with the devices being constantly interacted with. That’s why it’s not recommended to be used for bigger 12.9-inch iPads.

Multiple reviews online mention that this stand seems to lose its footing if you do a lot of screen taps and swipes on your iPad. So this hands-free iPad holder for bed is more suited to people who watch movies on iPad in bed.

  • Compatible iPads: All iPads except 12.9-inch iPad Pros.
  • Pros: Affordable, travel-friendly, adjustable angles.
  • Cons: Tends to be unstable when using the touchscreen, can’t adjust the height.

2. AICase Adjustable iPad Stand

If you’re looking for a little more flexibility from your iPad holder, this one features a 210-degree hinge and a telescopic arm that lets the stand adjust its height too. The stand can be extended or contracted to find the perfect viewing angle for your device, whether you’re using it in bed, on the couch, or at a desk. This stand can hold tablets and smartphones with screens ranging from 4.7 inches to 12.9 inches in size which covers all the iPads in the market currently.

This stand is made of high-quality metal alloys that allow it to be lightweight yet strong enough to handle heavier devices like iPad Pro 12.9 inches. There are convenient cutouts in the stand so that you can charge your device while mounted on it, and it offers the flexibility to hold the devices in both portrait and landscape orientation.

The hook where your device will rest is about 0.7 inches wide. So, your iPad, along with its case, should be able to fit easily, although rugged cases might be too thick to fit. Thanks to its adjustable height and angle, this is one of the most convenient iPad stands for bed. The only downside here is that it’s not as big as the photos seem to show, and it might be prone to toppling over if you do a log of sudden gestures or taps on your device while being mounted.

  • Compatible iPads: All iPads.
  • Pros: Adjustable height and angle, metal build.
  • Cons: Might topple over with too much pressure.

3. Lamicall Gooseneck Tablet Mount

If you’re looking for a more sturdy, permanent placement for your iPad holder, this gooseneck table mount from Lamicall provides you with a clampable base. This screw-on base is easy to mount on the edge of tables, headboards, kitchen counters, etc., and provides a secure hold for the entire stand. The mount is compatible with all devices from 4.7- to 11-inch screen size, which sadly means that this mount isn’t suited for iPad Pro 12.9 inches.

All other iPads, including the 11-inch iPad Pros, should fit easily here. The gooseneck design allows you to easily adjust this iPad stand to your desired viewing angle and height, whether you’re using it in bed, on the couch, or at a desk. This makes it one of the best iPad holders for reading in bed, watching movies, or browsing the web, as evident by the 20,000+ reviews on Amazon.

However, one downside to the gooseneck design is that it might bounce and wobble when you tap on the iPad. The company suggests looping the gooseneck arm into an ‘s’ shape to reduce this or using one hand to hold your tablet. Some users have also reported that the gooseneck part of the stand may become loose over time, affecting its stability. This is not a common issue, but it is worth keeping in mind.

  • Compatible iPads: All iPads except 12.9-inch iPad Pros.
  • Pros: Adjustable height and angle, clampable base.
  • Cons: Gooseneck arm might lose rigidity over time.

4. LISEN Tablet Pillow Stand

LISEN tablet pillow stand holder is a unique and comfortable stand designed to hold tablets and smartphones in a relaxed, hands-free position. It is made of high-quality polyester and has a soft, cushion-like design that allows you to prop your device on your lap or a nearby surface while you use it. Despite its tiny size, it has deep grooves that allow it to support devices up to 15 inches in size, meaning it can work for the entire iPad range.

It has a non-slip base and a padded holder that keeps your device secure and prevents it from sliding around. The stand is also lightweight and portable, making it easy to take wherever you go. As a bonus, you can even detach the padded part of this holder and use it as a neck pillow.

This iPad holder pillow can support devices at various angles between 15 to 90 degrees. There are convenient pockets on the side to hold your Apple Pencil, cables, etc. Because the stand is soft and cushion-like, it may not be as stable as other stands, particularly on uneven surfaces. But for its cute design and solid functionality, this one’s our pick for the best hands-free iPad holder for bed.

  • Compatible iPads: All iPads.
  • Pros: Cushion-like design, adjustable angles, convenient pockets.
  • Cons: Not meant for uneven surfaces.

5. Tablift Flexible iPad Holder

Tablift iPad holder for bed is a sturdy and adjustable stand designed specifically for use in bed. It is made of high-quality materials and has a unique design that allows you to use your iPad or tablet at the most comfortable angle, whether you’re sitting up, lying down, or somewhere in between. It is suitable for tablets with screens ranging from 7 to 13 inches in size, including all iPad models.

The high-quality gooseneck legs are flexible enough to adjust to any surface, and they fold up to a compact size to allow for easy storage. The four-legged design makes it one of the most stable iPad holders for the bed. So, you can easily tap or swipe on the screen without worrying about stability.

The only constraint with this iPad holder is that its clamps are only 10mm wide. Simply put, it means for most cases, you’ll have to use your iPad without a case here. Smaller iPads might have some slim cases that are less than 10mm thick, but for bigger or Pro iPads, you’ll have to ditch the case while using this iPad stand for bed.

  • Compatible iPads: All iPads (without case).
  • Pros: Stable design, perfect for various postures.
  • Cons: Can’t fit thicker iPads with cases.

Goodbye, Awkward Angles

These are the best iPad holders for bed, offering something for everyone: from adjustable stands to comfortable pillows. Be sure to check your device’s compatibility with the iPad holder, especially if you use a case. Remember, an iPad holder for the bed can be a convenient accessory whenever you want to use your device in comfort.

Last updated on 23 January, 2023

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